ACT Liberal President Nominations in.

S4anta 31 August 2007 13

ABC has a reportconfirming that three people have put their hats in for the Prez of the ACT Liberals.

Nominess are:
Robert Gunning;
Winnifred Rosser; and
Andrew Sarri.

I believe at least one these individuals is known the the hive here. Liberal leader in the ACT Bill Stefaniak seems positively tickeld pink with the caliber of the nominees it seems. Personally, the less said about mr Sarri the better.

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13 Responses to ACT Liberal President Nominations in.
Thumper Thumper 11:00 am 06 Sep 07

Winifred, what a delightfully old fashioned name…

jemmy jemmy 10:35 am 06 Sep 07

Well, in a mild surprise, Rosser got the nod. I wonder if she was the least obnoxious or carried the least baggage compared to the other two. Certainly the Libs need to focus on the main game, which is to stop infighting and nail Stanhope, and perhaps Rosser was seen as best candidate for that particular task.

What it says about Stefaniak’s long-term future, I don’t know, since he very publicly supported Sarri. It’s odd for the head of the parliamentary team to publicly support a losing candidate for head of the party. Either he didn’t do the numbers properly beforehand, or he’s been very publicly rebuffed.

Dagget Dagget 11:07 am 05 Sep 07

I have worked for the Sarri’s at various times over the years( Andrew and Tony ) as a musician at Sails ( now the Lighthouse ) …. never really had an issue with them until they started to use mild standover tactics to not pay us after completion of gig’s … We always eneded up getting paid though 🙂

mojo filter mojo filter 10:40 am 03 Sep 07

hotlips seems well informed on the state of local liberal politics but is not aware that Robert Gunning is the person anointed by Richard Mulcahy to replace Gary Kent. Is that a case of only telling half the story? Hang on, it can’t be, she says Gunning is his “own man”. But that would make that part of the story a lie …… I think I’m getting confused.

Ant Pant Ant Pant 9:16 am 03 Sep 07

So what you’re essentially all saying is that there is a high powered political job up for grabs, and some people are doing some stuff to each try and make it go their way…OH MY GOD, quick someone call the Canberra Times! Of course, it couldn’t possibly be that this is actually just how politics works…it must be an evil Liberal conspiracy to take over the world…personally, I think that since no-one except Liberal Party members gets to vote for these people, and no-one except the Liberal Party head-honcho types have to have anything to do with them – who the f*&k cares? Haven’t we all got better things to do than slander people we don’t actually know for *allegedly* doing things we don’t actually know anything about? (mysterious allusions from some authors here don’t count!)

jr jr 6:10 pm 02 Sep 07


hotlips hotlips 4:16 pm 02 Sep 07

As an ex-Lib member and ex-Assembly staffer I know most of these characters seeking the Presidency. And they are ‘characters’!

Sarri is being supported by an increasingly desperate Bill Stefaniak and also the De Domenico/Finlay faction. The De Domenico’s (Justin and Louise) and Finlay’s (Lorraine and Ben) are Groupie warriors who have brought political ‘luggage’ from the Sutherland Shire and Western Australia respectively.

Justin De Domenico is the son of former MLA Tony. Tony left the Assembly and Canberra in a hurry after a sexual harassment case against him. Justin was Zed Seselja office manager but left Zed’s office due to his political meddling.

The De Domenico/Finlay faction have for a few years tried to take control of the ACT Young Liberals and the Central Electorate Branch but have always come away bloodied noses.

Justin is now office manager for Gary Nairn MP while Louise is office manager for Gary Humphries. Both seem to be using their Member’s office to further their factional bases. Justin De Domenico has formed an alliance with Andrew Constance (Member for Bega) to spread the influence of the Group within Eden-Monaro.

Rosser, who has a very short fuse, is being backed by Brendan Smyth. Smyth has still not got over being sacked as Liberal leader and is trying to take control of the party in a bid to capture back the leadership.

Gunning is being backed by retiring President Gary Kent and MLA, Richard Mulcahy. Gunning is favourite and appears to be his ‘own man’.

Stefaniak’s support of Sarri is interesting considering the business and political ‘baggage’ surrounding him (Sarri).

Should be another interesting AGM.

chester chester 5:19 pm 31 Aug 07

“Remember that picture with the guys who got Belco tattooed on them? One of them was Mr. Sarri’s son.”

Hey, maybe it was just perfectly normal teenage rebelliousness.

OK. You’re right. It was Belco. The family’s clearly completely dysfunctional.

“Does one need a criminal history check for this position?


Oh. My. God.

I think I’m a closet Liberal.

Joke Libs joke, really. I’m sure we can learn to like each other.

Ralph Ralph 5:05 pm 31 Aug 07

Does one need a criminal history check for this position?


sandwich sandwich 4:56 pm 31 Aug 07

geez, sounds like someone feels a little threatened here…..

TAD TAD 4:47 pm 31 Aug 07

Sorry to ask a completely off topic question.

Does one need a criminal history check for this position?

eh_steve eh_steve 3:32 pm 31 Aug 07

Remember that picture with the guys who got Belco tattooed on them? One of them was Mr. Sarri’s son. Sarri also ran as an independent two elections ago, and got absolutely caned.

chester chester 2:38 pm 31 Aug 07

“Personally, the less said about mr Sarri the better.”

Oh dear that’s not very encouraging. Do tell. I’m on the hunt for a Lib with spunk at the moment. Guess I’ll scratch Andrew, whoever he is.

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