ACT to get on the Ice bandwagon

johnboy 16 November 2006 16

The ABC informs us that the ACT Legislative Assembly is not going to be left behind in the national bedwetting over crystal meth (aka Ice).

In a rare burst to public prominence, Karin Macdonald has launched a committee hearing into the drug and its effects on the community.

“I’d like to, as well as hearing from the experts, also hear from people within the community who may have somebody that they know, a loved one, a friend who has been affected by ice to come forward and talk to us about their anecdotal experiences”

Somehow I don’t think she wants to hear “I tried it with friends and it kept me awake and alert as we chatted through the night, and then I went home, had a good sleep and went to work on Monday”.

Until they end dug prohibition we’ll only ever hear the horror stories, but that seems to suit the powers that be.

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16 Responses to ACT to get on the Ice bandwagon
vg vg 6:26 pm 19 Nov 06

Any ‘nickname’ for a drug generally isn’t made up by the media, rather found in the community it is used in. I’m sure ‘ice’ is a term it’s users adopted, much like Horse, H, Scag, Hammer, Horse or Vitamin H for heroin.

Meconium Meconium 1:56 am 19 Nov 06

VG, personal experience and drug evils aside, I just don’t think the media should be using the confusing and inaccurate name “ice” when it’s really crystal meth. People (like the poster after me) don’t realise meth and ice are one and the same.

I also believe the name ‘ice’ is used by the media because it sounds scary, and is designed to get an emotive response from the reader. If they started calling heroin ‘junk’ or ‘hammer’ wouldn’t you agree that would be provocative?

My comment was only about what the media call the drug. Your response successfully made you look like a hero and me like a pedestrian too, by the way.

smokey2 smokey2 1:02 pm 17 Nov 06

Is this sort of like a wine tasting with free samples.

andy andy 12:56 pm 17 Nov 06

I want to tell her about my experiences.

FC FC 10:17 am 17 Nov 06

excuse the spelling.
was meant to read “drug induced psychosis or even..”

FC FC 10:15 am 17 Nov 06

violent drunks cause more problems(number wise)
But the drug induced physcosis or event just the ice addicts going psycho is far more severe,

bonfire bonfire 10:01 am 17 Nov 06

the last time this dozy backbencher raised a peep was when her boosters landed on riotact proposing her as a replacement for some labor hack leadership position in the assembly.

fnaah fnaah 9:46 am 17 Nov 06

VG, do you work in law enforcement, or public health? Either way, how do the numbers of injuries caused by violent meth takers stack up with those caused by violent drunks? (That’s not a rhetorical question, by the way, I am actually curious.)

barking toad barking toad 9:14 am 17 Nov 06

You’ve got it in one Thumper.

While not suggesting that ice/meth is not a huge problem, the need for the ACT study is driven by the “other states have done it so the ACT should too” syndrome.

snahon snahon 9:14 am 17 Nov 06

Why limit it to this particular drug ? After all, many other illegal drugs can have severe side effects….

Thumper Thumper 9:10 am 17 Nov 06

I’m just at a loss as to why the ACT feel they have a need to conduct such a hearing.

Surely they could just quote previous studies and committees?

Or are they suffering from relevance deprivation?

vg vg 7:13 am 17 Nov 06

‘Demonises the drug’??? Its illgeal and dangerous for god’s sake!

Next time you have to put your own life at risk to deal with the violent end result of the use of this drug (at 5 or 6 in the morning when you’re just about to go home) give me a yell. You’ll probably be safely tucked up in bed.

Yes, it’s all fun and games with drugs like this. ‘Human Traffic’ wasn’t a documentary

el el 10:03 pm 16 Nov 06

OK, I thought ‘ice’ was a different variant of methamphetamine.

Meconium Meconium 8:03 pm 16 Nov 06

My 2c I agree we should refer to the drug as crystal meth rather than the scary media name “ice” because that’s all it is… methamphetamine in very pure crystal form. The name Ice is preferred by the media because it demonises the drug and its users, and it fits easier into a headline. Crystal meth is the same drug as Meth… it should have the same name imho

simbo simbo 6:31 pm 16 Nov 06

From her bio on Australian woman biographal (the first thing that pops up when googling her), it appears she used to work with handicapped children in primary schools.

She’s now a labour MLA for Brindabella in the ACT assembley.

There’s a joke there for someone who wants to make it…

Ari Ari 4:31 pm 16 Nov 06

Who the hell is Karin Macdonald?

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