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Amber gets 15 months periodic detention

By johnboy - 18 May 2007 48

The ABC has the interesting news that Magistrate has seen fit to sentence Amber Westin to 15 months of periodic detention for her fatallity inducing crimes.

She’s also barred from getting a driver’s licence for 10 years which is of small importance as she didn’t have one when she killed Heather Freeman. (That she was at the time running a red light to get away from police and was supposed to be in court at that moment is obviously of little matter)

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48 Responses to
Amber gets 15 months periodic detention
Very Good 9:22 am 19 May 07

PD is pretty easy time but if she misses she is ****ed. In the old days you could miss it all the time with no real consequences – you had to be breached, had to go back to Court and they would make the call. Now if you breach the Sentence Admin Board slot you straight away. Fulltime detention, no second chances.
With her history I reckon CM Cahill just gave her enough rope to hang herself without sentencing her to fulltime detention, knowing that any fulltime jail would have been overruled by the softhead Crispin/Higgins.

gurunik 11:38 pm 18 May 07

30 days of detention in total….
i’ve had worse from my girlfriend when i say the wrong thing at the wrong time….
i think i might just get back on the bongs, at least i’ll have an excuse.

auntiesocial 11:23 pm 18 May 07

My money is on a no-show by the fourth weekend.

nyssa76 11:03 pm 18 May 07

Or the fact when she was “supposed” to be repentant she breached her bail conditions not once, but twice.

At least we now know that there is precedent if we all do the same thing…

MRB 10:47 pm 18 May 07

I’d almost agree with you bigred, except for the fact that when she was previously living her pathetic and sorry life she killed someone. Not something the community should have to put up with.

bigred 9:14 pm 18 May 07

I am on the magistrates side here. The justice system is about punishing, deterring and rehabilitating. He couldn’t order capital punishment, locking her up would give her an easier life than she currently has so next best thing is to sentence her to continuing her pathetic and sorry life.
Let’s hope the communities’ desire for revenge is satisfied by the inevitable death by some crap she puts in her body rather than taking herself and someone else out at an intersection.

VYBerlinaV8 now_with 8:33 pm 18 May 07

Further evidence that the ACT court system is utterly useless. If there are any local politicians or people in real authority reading this, PLEASE use your influence to do something about this.

lumnock 8:04 pm 18 May 07

I really pity her. She’s trash that comes from a family of trash. I hope her children are spared the family heritage. A part of me wishes we had the death penalty though, so we could wash these social dregs down the drain.

LIC 7:07 pm 18 May 07

Pissweak, but hardly surprising!!!

futto 6:42 pm 18 May 07

lol Smack. Thats so true!

nyssa76 6:36 pm 18 May 07

So i can take that as proof that I can drive around like a lunatic and randomly kill people and get a few weeks total jail time. Nice one probably make a good video I can put on youtube.

How about I film you whilst you do it?

Then we can both get off with a slap on the wrist…seeing as I have 2 more kids than Amber to look after, they’ll let me walk.

smack 6:33 pm 18 May 07

Weekend detention must be real tough when you don’t have a job!

I-filed 5:57 pm 18 May 07

Is that the same magistrate who decided Anu Singh’s ‘sentence’?

shauno 5:43 pm 18 May 07

So i can take that as proof that I can drive around like a lunatic and randomly kill people and get a few weeks total jail time. Nice one probably make a good video I can put on youtube.

el 4:42 pm 18 May 07

Pathetic. But not surprising.

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