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Animal Cruelty in Evatt

By scootergal 16 October 2009 25

I thought everyone should be aware that there is another case of dog poisoning in Evatt.  My Maltese shitzhu cross, Lilly was poisoned and taken from Sheehy St on Saturday afternoon.  She was dumped out at Hall, where a motorist saw a white car dropping her out and driving off.  Lilly was taken to the vet at Hall and spent the next few days recovering; she is now home with us and OK. 

I’d like to thank whomever has helped to keep her alive and nurse her back, as well as put a warning out to the person responsible.  This is apparently the third case of dog poisoning in this street (I am new to the area) and it seems the person responsible is known to have a grudge against dogs.  You will be caught in the act eventually, and the full force of the law will be dealt to you.

To all residents of Evatt, please be vigilant with your animals and do not leave them outside unattended.  The case has been brought to the attention of RSPCA and they are investigating.



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Animal Cruelty in Evatt
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Oldest to Newst 6:48 pm 18 Oct 09

Oh, I forgot, you should probably get on to eBay and do a search for “GPS GSM”. I have seen keyringed sized GPS trackers for “pets, the elderly and cars.” They are about the size of a car keyring fob. The batteries last 48 hours. The price was less than $200 for the keyring units I saw. They were specifically lablelled as for tracking pets, not cars. The problem being though putting a dog at risk as bait to this person. Though being able to prove to police with 100% certinty where a dog is, even if she claims not not have it would put this person either behind bars, or would make them very unbwelcome in the suburb.

I certinly would not urge any vigalante action, or any action without proof. It would be very sad for the wrong person to be targeted.

scootergal 4:04 pm 18 Oct 09

Thanks everyone for your comments. We know who it is but cannot prove it, and she has killed two dogs in this street before we moved here. we have only been here three weeks, and our dog doesn’t bark that much, she just doesn’t like dogs living next door to her.

While the rest of the street is ready to lynch her in the middle of the night, I have to live next door to her and I feel the best thing to do is to keep my dog inside and only allow her out when I am present so as to protect her…and us. 11:39 pm 17 Oct 09

Bronto said :

Well a hell of a lot of people annoy me and I certainly don’t go around poisoning them…why can’t people who have a problem with animals just ignore it and get on with life. Is life that bad for them that they have to torture not only a poor defenseless creature but also upset the owners. Karma will get them back…. and I hope they suffer.

Hi Bronto. I certinly agree with your argument here. But some barking dogs are not easy to ignore. Some bark almost non stop for hours on end day and night. Still, I agree that there are right and wrong ways to deal with that, and killing, or trying to kill the dog is not the right way. I figure if worse comes to worse, de-bark the dog in extreme cases. yes I know it effects the dog’s ability to communicate, which is why I mentioned “in extreme cases”.

busgirl 8:59 pm 17 Oct 09

…people who harm animals are not mentally stable…please be careful if you find out who did it…they’re not likely to care about harming you either…

deezagood 7:45 pm 17 Oct 09

This is so terribly sad – your poor pooch. The person who could do this to a defenceless is very, very sick … seriously, what mentaly stable person could do this to a little dog? They need immediate help, as killing animals is the first step towards crimes that are much, much worse.

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