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Another “teenagers in high speed car chase” incident

By shanefos - 26 November 2007 20

Four teenagers have been arrested after a 45-minute car chase through Canberra’s southern suburbs.

Road spikes were needed to end the chase after a stolen Toyota Tarago reached speeds up to 120 kilometres an hour, police said.

The Age has this report.

Guess they’ll be free to steal more cars after a good talking to.

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20 Responses to
Another “teenagers in high speed car chase” incident
Snahons_scv6_berlina 9:57 am 27 Nov 07

Clearly these kids won’t rise above your average dumb ass crim if all they’ve aimed for is a tarago.

VYBerlinaV8 9:28 am 27 Nov 07

I suspect, though, that having quick cars (ie big, tuned V8s, or even tweaked turbos) as pursuit cars may make people reconsider running from the cops, given that they would drive quick cars and have reasonably good levels of driver training.

Thumper 9:18 am 27 Nov 07

Just for once i’d like to see this little f*ckers get some pokey time.

The current softly sofly approach obviously doesn’t work.

shanefos 9:11 am 27 Nov 07

I saw an ad on the telly over the weekend for a “High Speed Pursuit” remote control set – complete with black V8 Ford or Holden (forgive my ignorance here) and “authentic police V8 Ford highway patrol car”.
So, nothing like encouraging those groups of kiddies that like to steal Tarago’s…

VYBerlinaV8 8:52 am 27 Nov 07

Do the cops use V8s any more? I’ve seen an XR6 Turbo, but not sure about any V8s these days (except perhaps highway patrol). That said, trying to outrun the cops is a pretty dumb thing to do (especially in a Tarago).

sepi 8:10 am 27 Nov 07

Remeber the last big police car chase – the ATM granny robber who was eventually boxed in in Ainslie, damaging a few police cars?

Yesterday he got a:

Suspended sentence.

He should at least have to pay for the damaged cars.

Felix the Cat 6:53 am 27 Nov 07

Even if the Tarago was capable of 180km/h what made these kids think they could outrun experienced police drivers in much more powerful/better vehicles? I think neanderthalsis is being a bit kind crediting them with a combined IQ of 120 – take off 100 and you would be closer I reckon.

bd84 12:10 am 27 Nov 07

Nothing makes Canberra like a high speed chase on a friday or saturday night involving 13/14yr old kids in a stolen car.

Always good for some viewing though, think one cop got confused at one point speeding down the street near here, sped east in the 60 zone about 100kph then back less than a minute later even faster. Any luck one day one of the fools they chase will write themselves off.. but then again we’d see all the do-gooder morons come out and have a whinge, think they could take them out at the same time?

Doctor Evil 10:33 pm 26 Nov 07

Stealing a Toyota Tarago?

What the hell is wrong with kids these days?

el ......VNBerlinaV8 8:46 pm 26 Nov 07

The more recent Taragos will push around 180km/h, allegedley.

Pandy 6:49 pm 26 Nov 07

Spike ’em thru the head. Society does not need these people.

threeze 5:14 pm 26 Nov 07

Jesus. I feel conflicted about this. One one hand you have little shits stealing cars (which is very, very bad) but on the other hand, to have the balls to get a Tarago up to 120? I almost salute that effort (I just wish they had done it on a track and not on a road and not in someone else’s vehicle).

neanderthalsis 4:18 pm 26 Nov 07

Honestly, if you were going to steal a car you would not steal a bongobus tarago. I think the combined IQs of these prepubescent reprobates is 120.

Deano 3:43 pm 26 Nov 07

Three of them were pushing.

Traitorsgate 3:39 pm 26 Nov 07

Didn’t think a Tarago was capable of 120kph.

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