Backyard Pizza Shop in Kingston?

ant 5 January 2008 29

I heard, from someone new to Canberra, that there is apparently a family-run Garage pizza shop being run in Kingston. From what she said, it appears to be in Dawes St. Apparently the whole family is involved in making, cooking and selling the pizzas. as to name, hours etc, she was hazy, she’d just stumbled on it while walking home from the shops.

Has anyone got any more info about this? I’m always on the trail of pizza with proper pizza dough bases… haven’t found any in Canberra so far! This could be the holy grail of pizzas.

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29 Responses to Backyard Pizza Shop in Kingston?
Gungahlin Al Gungahlin Al 9:37 am 29 Jul 08

Caf I have to disagree – it doesn’t even go close on the quality stakes. You could forgive the quantity issue if it did. The simple reality is that $15 barely feeds a single adult at Firestone.
Divine Pita were producing pizza somewhat better in quality than the “family feed barns” as you put it, but alas they slipped in quality and soon folded…
Thanks Jack – but anything a little further north??

Jack Dorf Jack Dorf 8:48 pm 28 Jul 08

Italian Kitchen @ Kaleen cheap, fast & reliably consistent.
Deli Planet @ Fyshwick Markets – Nothing beats their Saturday morning breakfast pizzas!

caf caf 7:22 pm 28 Jul 08

I have to disagree. I quite liked the pizza at Firestone (though it’s not as good as Pizza Arte) – the dessert pizzas are fantastic.

It’s not a family feed barn though – its a “quality over quantity” establishment.

Gungahlin Al Gungahlin Al 6:54 pm 28 Jul 08

Meant to say – on the northside.

Gungahlin Al Gungahlin Al 6:54 pm 28 Jul 08

Don’t go to Firestone Pizza in Dickson!

(Thought I’d resurrect an old thread rather than create *yet another* best of story)

Woefully tiny pizzas, even less fillings than bloody Dominos and Pizza Hut (if you can believe that!) and the pleasure of parting with $15ish each…

2 pizzas and $30 between 2 adults and 2 little kids left us raiding the fridge for more to eat.

Surely there must be somewhere around that makes decent pizza??

ant ant 10:14 pm 24 Jan 08

Well! I finally sampled Pizza Arte, the backyard pizza outfit in Kingston. Tell you what, they’re nice and friendly. On the phone, in person, very positive and nice. They seem really happy doing what they’re doing.

We got a margherita, and a picante. Margherita is the test of a pizza place, shows any weaknesses.

Well, the Margherita was not great. The crust was lovely, it reminded me of a soft buttered crumpet, soft and puffy and airy. But they were too light with the cheese (many bits without cheese) and the basil (too few bits). The tomato sauce is also a non event. It was kind-of like a nice breakfast buttered toast.

The Picante though was brilliant. again that very nice crust, and the stronger flavours and more moisture combined with the crust to really deliver. Yum.

They have a sign up saying that if you want a proper Italian thin crust, you have to order it ahead. We’ll do that, as that is what I was after. That said, the crusts we got were exceptional, very nice indeed. Buttered crumpet.

Next time we’ll go for the Pomodoro, which looks like a pumped-up Margherita with garlic, and I might try one of the hotter styles, with jalapenos.

We’ll definitely be getting a lot more of their pizzas (just not the Margherita).

Their menu:

ant ant 12:38 am 11 Jan 08

dan! Friend! Greek wood fired lamb, omigod I haven’t had that in decades. Food of the gods. Someone has to stand over it and ladle the juice over though, you know this?! But the result is so special.

I copied down the recipe for that patate pizza btw and tonight at mother nature’s got a bag of coarse semolina and a bag of continental flour. I never realised that stuff was fine semolina… I should be making my pasta from that, as it’s lower GI than normal flour.

One day I’ll achieve the perfect pizza base, it’s coming.

Danman Danman 5:22 pm 10 Jan 08

funnily enough my wife has give me authority to build a wood fired oven in our back yard…

Just have to dig out and lay a slab for our shed first then I can do greek style lamb woood fired… yumm

Bockie Bockie 1:13 pm 10 Jan 08

Why not build yourself a Pizza Oven ( and then the best pizzas in town will be at your place!

caf caf 11:01 am 10 Jan 08

Get a pizza stone to cook it on too, makes a huge difference. Also try using 1/4 coarse semolina, 1/4 continental flour, 1/2 plain flour in the dough.

ant ant 9:40 pm 09 Jan 08

Yeah, I do make my own! But I’d like to find a proper one. We have a garden full of those kipflers, I threw a few out decades ago as they were sprouting, and they went mad and multiplied. free spuds.
That Delicateating place in O’Conner did a bloody good Patate pizza, I have made a few, but as usual they just didn’t sparkle. I’ll note down your recipe Danman! don’t need a bread machine, I have a little wire implement that mixes up the dough very quickly. and I have a bottle for rolling it out. A blue one.

I rang Pizza Arte today to see if they were opening, got a gentleman with an Italian accent who apologised that they weren’t opening until Wednesday next week. Nice bloke. I can’t wait to buy some pizzas off them! I’ll be sitting in the gutter outside waiting.
(the place and phone number are obviously their home and home phone! Good on them).

Danman Danman 9:10 am 09 Jan 08

Make your own pizzas at home….

Use a bread maker to make the dough, roll it out, then chuck some blanched sliced kipfler potatoes on it with some garlic infused extra virgin olive oil, cracked pepper, sea salt, and fresh rosemary. A sprinkle of (FRESH) shaved parmesan if you wish…hot oven (230 deg cel) for 10 to 15.

Has to be done.

ant ant 9:09 pm 08 Jan 08

I had a Margherita at La Rustica before Christmas, and it was dry, tasteless and the base had those incriminating lines of pin pricks in it….

One day I will go to Italy and learn to make the damn things properly myself.

popgoescanberra popgoescanberra 9:06 pm 08 Jan 08

Go to Naples for the best margherita! Only $7 or so for a big one, at a restaurant….why can’t we do’em so cheap…I suppose economies of scale…they make a lot more.

ant ant 9:09 pm 07 Jan 08

I’ve never really been into the gourmet pizza thing. First, I want a really good Margherita, which shows if the dough is good, or not. Never had a good one in Canberra.

Then I like a hot spicey one. And that’s about it!

waiting for Pizza Arte to open so I can try them out.

bunnycoat bunnycoat 2:57 pm 07 Jan 08

My big issue with pizzas in Canberra is how EXPENSIVE they are – in Melbourne (excepting the chain restaurants) they are generally half the price and twice as good as any in Canberra.

dalryk dalryk 12:30 pm 07 Jan 08

I’ve tried Pizza Arte a couple of times and I have to say that I’m not overly impressed. The Pizza’s were nice enough, but very expensive. And they’re competing against 4 or 5 other places in Kingston which all offer take-away gourmet pizza, so I can afford to be choosy.

Personally my preference goes to La Rustica pizzas as best quality and value, with La Cappana around the corner coming a close second.

Pizza Arte is OK, but not fantastic.

astrojax astrojax 8:54 pm 06 Jan 08

please jas, don’t mention that place in same virtual breath as pizza arte – an artist may be smote with angst at the name…

funny old word, pizza, when you look at it. but arte, yum!

The Jas The Jas 3:22 pm 06 Jan 08

Pizza Arte it is, it’s fantastic, I used to live just around the corner, you will never see Pizza Hut etc in the same way after a Pizza Arte pizza!

You You 10:04 am 06 Jan 08

The Kingston pizza place is actually marked on Google Earth. It’s called “Pizza Arte” and is at 13 Leichhardt St. Phone: (02) 6239 6777

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