Belco Maccas closed by AFP

bonfire 7 January 2008 14

From the omnibus this morning at 9AM, I noted that the AFP had closed the Belconnen Golden Arches. They had a patrol car parked across the carpark/drive thru entrance/exit.

I am not sure why.

Does this mean all the kids at Lake Ginninderra College will miss lunch ?

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14 Responses to Belco Maccas closed by AFP
caf caf 11:38 am 27 Mar 07

I don’t think they could actually stop you from taking a photo.

bonfire bonfire 11:28 am 27 Mar 07

according to the weekend ct there was an armed robbery at 6AM.

i cant imagine takings were high at that time of day.

GnT GnT 7:26 pm 24 Mar 07

Well with two little kiddies strapped into their seats in the car, drive thru is the easiest way to grab a coffee.

boomacat boomacat 12:36 am 24 Mar 07

Yes I agree about time they caught that bloody Hamburglar, he’s been on the run for donkey’s years now.

Sammy Sammy 8:53 pm 23 Mar 07

just got home after buying a coffee there at about midday

You went to McDonalds specifically for a coffee? The espresso at McCafe is typically not too bad, but I wouldn’t go there specifically for it.

papadoc papadoc 7:14 pm 23 Mar 07

I drove past there at about 6:30am and there was about 6 or 7 patrol cars and about 15 coppers standing out the front. i was gonna stop and take a few photos for you guys, but they told me I couldn’t.

bonfire bonfire 4:51 pm 23 Mar 07

people who drive thru mcD’s for a coffee get what they deserve.

louise louise 3:09 pm 23 Mar 07

I am more amazed at the willingness to buy McCoffee.

GnT GnT 1:22 pm 23 Mar 07

Funny, I just got home after buying a coffee there at about midday. No sign of anything unusual then.

neanderthalsis neanderthalsis 12:04 pm 23 Mar 07

It’s all part of the plan to rid the world of the “axis of evil” (McDonalds, KFC, Coca Cola)

GnT GnT 11:56 am 23 Mar 07

Someone must have proved that selling Macca’s burgers to kids is child abuse 🙂

paperboy paperboy 11:54 am 23 Mar 07

There may have been another armed robbery. Two cops were talking to the staff of CISAC at opening time this morning.

andy andy 11:52 am 23 Mar 07

hahah.. funny 😛
maybe a B&E or similar ?
maybe it was ther bowling alley, not the maccas ?

Ari Ari 10:42 am 23 Mar 07

Somebody must have seen the Hamburglar and called 000.

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