The best developers in Canberra

Village Building Co. CEO Travis Doherty, one of Canberra’s most recommended developers. Photo: George Tsotsos.

As Canberra continues to advance from a sleepy bush city to the thriving epicentre of our nation’s capital, development is booming. The surge to place Canberra on the map has led to development not only of its suburbs, but also of its skyline.

From vertical living solutions to mixed-use creative precincts, local developments are growing far and wide. The race is on to ensure the growth needs of this generation and those to come are achieved.

Whether you are researching a property to reside in or invest in, chances are you are preparing to set aside a considerable amount of money. Given the sheer value of property, let alone entire developments, it would be easy to assume that everyone in the game was worthy. After all, a lot of capital – and even more expertise – is required to deliver a project and ensure its success.

However, anyone that has bought off the plan will know that that it is serious business. They will also know that the quality bell curve is expansive, with vast differences separating the best from the rest.

With property being the largest purchase decision many of us will make, finding the right developer is vital. But how can this be determined when you really only know what you’ve paid for once it is built?

Fortunately, we have rounded up some of the best developers in Canberra, along with some cues on what to look out for. Read on below.

What makes a great developer?

The best property developers are realty visionaries, leading the charge to improve the way we live. Whether it be village like communities, or mixed-use precincts, great developers execute excellence from the ground up. Securing an investment with a leading developer ensures world-class facilities and enduring quality that stands the test of time. Here are some helpful cues to consider when seeking a developer:

  • Credentials. Development of any nature requires years of extensive design, construction, and building expertise. It requires a multifaceted team of talent and a great deal of vision. With a development licensing scheme underway for the ACT there will soon be a regulatory means to establish developer credentials. Until then, there are additional ways to assess the calibre of developers. Firstly, review their portfolio and be sure to pay past developments a visit. Next check for industry memberships. The best developers are affiliated with bodies like the Property Council of Australia and Master Builders ACT.
  • Reputation. When your investment rests on a finished product that may be years away, assessing the quality of output can be challenging. This is why assessing a developer’s reputation is so important. The best developers have a reputation that precedes them. As such, request to speak with current investors; obtain testimonials; and check for any public grievances. Great developers will also be widely commended within the industry, as recipients of awards and recognition.
  • Transparent. As many developments require off the plan purchasing the need for transparency is so important. Blueprints, models, and display suites only go so far when it comes to providing the real detail. The best property developers are an open book, being completely transparent throughout the entire process. They welcome questions, invite progress meetings and are quick to attend to any issues that arise.
  • End to end quality. In some cases, developers contract the entire construction or elements of it to other companies. Ensuring contractors execute the vision with the same standards held by developers is crucial. Hence, be sure to clarify who is really building your investment. If other companies are involved, then conduct some research on them also.
  • After care. With all the best intentions sometimes building works do not go as planned. While its assuring to know that new builds in Canberra carry a statutory warranty, pursuing claims can be challenging. As such be sure to understand how each developer approaches issues post build. Ask who should be notified, the process and respective time frames. The best builders have clear processes for post build care providing peace of mind on your investment.

The best developers in Canberra

RiotACT’s editorial team has combed through 20 years of on-site comments to compile a list of the most recommended businesses according to you.

To be listed in our Best of Canberra series, each business needs to have consistently received positive feedback on RiotACT and Facebook as well as maintaining a minimum average of 4/5 stars on Google.

Village Building Co.

Village Building Co.

Founded locally in 1988, Village Building Co. have delivered over 18,000 dwellings and counting. As impressive as this number sounds there is much more to this team than meets the eye.

As their name reflects, Village Building Co. is all about creating communities. These communities are modern day villages, epicentres of life where people live, work, and play. Above all, Village Building Co. believe all Australians should be able to fulfil their home ownership dream in a community they are proud of, and at a price they can afford.

This focus on value existed over thirty years ago and remains today. Village Building Co. began servicing lower levels of the market with considered housing making it possible for many to acquire property. Their belief that affordable housing is a cornerstone of an equitable society is a worthy value proposition.

Village Building Co. specialise in the development of land, house and land, apartments, and mixed-use properties. Their established communities are predominantly within Canberra and the nations eastern capital cities and surrounding areas.

Importantly, Village Building Co. have an extensive track record in land development, managing everything from acquisition, to planning, and final delivery products that respond to market demand. Their extensive portfolio of house and apartment developments boast excellent quality yet represent value for money right across the market.

With a reputation that is second to none, you can rest assured that your investment with Village Building Co. is one that is for the betterment of the community.

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Argyle Corner, 92 Hoskins Street
Mitchell ACT 2911


Founded in 2007 by Nick Georgalis, Geocon has grown to become Canberra’s leading vertically integrated property development and hotel management company. With a speciality in high-rise structures, Geocon is widely regarded as an industry leader shaping Canberra’s skyline.

Geocon’s hallmark is the delivery of architecturally stunning multi-level buildings that push new standards of contemporary living in the region.

As a local business they capitalise on their grass roots market knowledge to strategically acquire and develop vertical precincts that propel Canberra forward.

Evidence of this in action can be found throughout the region from Republic in Belconnen to Metropol in Canberra.

A key differentiator of Geocon’s offering is their integration of both development and construction. This integration has set Geocon aside as the developer of choice for buyers by delivering competitive options with high finishes and quality inclusions.

Geocon is also a massive supporter of the Canberra community, forging longstanding partnerships with local community groups such as Menslink.

As Ellen Sessini wrote on Google, “Extremely customer focused service. Nothing was too much to ask, and the focus was very much so on what was most convenient and best for me.”

Level 4 16-18 Mort Street
Canberra ACT 2601


Founded by John Hindmarsh over four decades ago, Hindmarsh offers the highest standards of development in Canberra and around Australia. Positioned in the premium sector of the industry, their speciality resides in delivering complex construction projects.

Hindmarsh have successfully delivered numerous landmark projects around the country. Their portfolio includes many high profile and challenging developments and spans multiple sectors. Evidence of this is seen across commercial and residential, retail and industrial, sporting and health, government, education, and tourism sectors.

Their reputation within residential is particularly strong, known for delivering outstanding quality and design. Every detail is considered important and this focus on craftsmanship goes into each aspect of their builds, from the inside and out.

Design integrity aside, Hindmarsh also place emphasis on ecologically sustainable development. As members of the Green Building Council of Australia, they have demonstrated standards of excellence executing 5 and 6 star rated energy efficient commercial developments.

From humble beginnings the company has witnessed steady expansion across the country. Their vision hinges on creating leading communities, sustainable buildings, and the social infrastructure of the future. Delivering projects in excess of $5 billion in value and over 4,000 apartments constructed to date, look to Hindmarsh for world class development solutions.

Amalgamated Property Group

Established in 2002, Amalgamated Property Group have built a solid reputation developing residential and commercial property locally and nationally. Led by principal Graham Potts, their highly experienced leadership team have successfully developed $3 billion plus in property.

Amalgamated Property Group have a heavy emphasis on people; that is the human face that occupies their finished developments. So much so that people are core value – from those they encounter in business to the people in the broader community. They pride themselves on their level of care, working closely with these communities to achieve optimum outcomes.

Amalgamated Property Group are entrenched in all aspects of their development projects. From site identification, to commercial assessment, registration and ultimately settlement. This tight management ensures the highest of standards, and a delivery over and above the expectations of occupants.

This quality has been demonstrated across both residential and commercial projects alike. With a steadfast focus on delivering enduring quality and impeccable design, their residential developments stretch from Parkes to Woden, collecting industry recognition along the way. Commercially, they are all about devising better workplaces with a focus greener, healthier, spaces.

With over a centuries combined development experience, you can rest assured that Amalgamated Property Group will strive to satisfy your personal needs.

Igor Srbinovski shared this review on Google, Absolute professionals. They go above & beyond expectations. Would & do recommend their properties to everyone.”

Peet Limited

With a legacy of over 120 year, Peet Limited have build a reputation for creating connected communities full of opportunity right around Australia. They consider themselves the first choice for buyers of all ages who are seeking a modern, vibrant lifestyle. They also appeal to partners and investors who have come to rely on their skill and expertise.

Peet offers an impressive of experience in residential, medium-density and commercial developments. They believe that living is all about choice, and their projects allow you to choose to live your life your way. From land, to completed homes, retirement homes, apartments, or townhomes they offer great solutions for buyers and investors alike.

A hallmark of Peet’s offering are their masterplanned communities. These communities offer wide open spaces, connected footpaths, retail and commercial precincts, and shared facilities.  More than just developments, they foster strong community ties within well maintained neighbourhoods.

Peet’s expertise and commitment to excellence have set them aside as a local and national leader in the property industry. They have worked hard to cement their reputation amongst the industry at large, resulting in coveted industry recognition and awards.

Peet’s culture of innovation and market-leading practices are embedded within their heritage setting proving confidence to all who invest with them.

Molonglo Group

Developer and creative powerhouse; the Molonglo Group; was founded locally in Canberra in 1964. While their early days were entrenching in retail this has since flourished to include property acquisition, development, and management. With services spanning several sectors Molonglo caters to residential, commercial, retail, and industrial buildings and precincts.

Molonglo Group hang their hat on delivering the highest standards of architectural integrity. Their ethos fuses artisanal design with practicality, a seamless blend of both form and function. They are all about creating spaces that appeal to the senses of their inhabitants. Renowned for delivering aesthetically beautiful developments, it is this drive that sets Molonglo Group apart.

As the recipient of numerous architecture awards and countless industry accolades the Molonglo Group have successfully developed some of the leading innovative and creative hubs in Canberra. From the Dairy Road to NewActon precincts their creative flair and community fostering credentials are hard to beat.

From their beginnings in Canberra Molonglo Group now boasts a global presence with offices in Greece and the United Kingdom. If you are seeking a developer with a speciality in urban design and architecture look no further than the Molonglo Group for beautifully finished products.

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Your experience with property developers in Canberra

Thanks to our commenters who have provided insightful feedback. If you believe we have got it wrong, please let us know.

Have you had experience with any of the property developers listed above? If so, share your feedback in the comments below.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between a builder and a developer?
A developer purchases land and dwellings, both residential and commercial, and enhances the use of this land to increase its real estate value. This can involve a range of activities from sourcing land and subdividing to acquiring approval and the building of new dwellings. Developers are also often responsible for the marketing and sale of new properties, be it to builders or future residents. A builder however generally acquires a parcel of land which has already been primed by a developer on which to build.
What does it mean to buy off the plan?
Buying off the plan is a way to secure a property from a developer before the build has been completed, or even before construction has begun. Off the plan properties often include units, apartments, townhouses and in some cases homes. Buyers are supplied with blueprints, artist impressions, models, and event display suites upon which to base their decision. To secure a property, buyers are generally required to pay a deposit with the balance split into progress payments or a lump sum upon possession.
What are benefits of buying off the plan?
Buying off the plan can be a more flexible and affordable means to secure a property and it does have some benefits. Financially, an off the plan purchase can include government grants, stamp duty concessions, and development incentives. It also allows for additional time to save and opens the door to potential capital growth should home values rise during the build period. Flexibly often comes in the opportunity to customise the property, often through fixtures, fittings, and colours.
What are the benefits of selling to a property developer?
Selling your property to a developer is a great way to release equity and does have some benefits. If you own an attractive parcel of land it may be easier to sell in a slow market, and you may possibly attain a higher sale price than market value. Selling directly may also eliminate the need to invest in redecorating or renovating and can also remove intermediaries and their commissions.
What is leasehold land?
Leasehold is a system of land tenure whereby you buy the right to use land under a lease term of 99 years. In Canberra, most land is purchased under a leasehold agreement which varies from the freehold system in surrounding NSW. Provided that the land is not required by the government, a new residential lease will be granted at the end of the 99 year period, to the person holding the existing lease.

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