The best managed information technology (I.T.) support services in Canberra


SOLVit Network Support, one of Canberra’s most recommended managed information technology (I.T.) support services in Canberra. Photo: Thomas Lucraft.

The world of business moves swiftly. Before you knew it, your kitchen-table operation evolved into a 10+ team working in an office bursting at the seams.

The sweet smell of success brings with it many benefits. The realisation of dreams, a steady income once more, and the assurance of being on the road to something big. It also presents some challenges! People problems, competitive pressure, and weak cash flow just to name a few.

Given you have landed here, you will know all to well that tech challenges could be added to the list. Chances are that your tech setup has run its course and you’re in need of solutions – and perhaps a helping hand. Whether you are a baker in Braddon or a builder in Barton, you would have realised that as your business has grown, so too has its technological need.

Businesses both large and small experience equal frustrations when it comes to information technology. Increased complexity, rising costs, cumbersome procurement, and never-ending upgrades can be a drain on resourcing and time.

And with so many businesses heavily reliant on functioning technology, managed information technology services and IT support has quickly opened to all corners of the market. Many businesses are reaping the benefits, augmenting their existing infrastructure by partnering with a service to manage their IT needs.

Managed IT services are a great solution for businesses who need efficient technology, without the resources to do so in-house. These services effectively take on the responsibility of your network, servers, hardware, software, apps and of course security. Finding the right partner for your managed IT services is a crucial task. Fortunately, we’ve found some of the best local managed IT services and IT support crews in the Canberra region. Read on below.

What makes a great managed information technology (I.T.) support service?

Great managed IT support services are the lifeblood of any business. They understand needs and devise information technology solutions accordingly. The best are in it for the long haul, proactively scaling technology and equipping the business for growth. Here are our tips on evaluating your managed IT and IT support service:

  • Credentials. For any businesses, technology is a vital aspect ensuring the smooth operations for both staff and customers. That is why choosing a properly qualified and highly experienced service is so important. Certifications are the currency within the IT industry so consider your business systems and seek out a service with the skill set and certifications to match. Casting a net to those who manage businesses in a similar category or industry as yours can also prove fruitful. Additionally, consider the vendors they work with – are they reputable, compliant, and do they hold the right ISO certifications. Finally, assess their track record and reputation through past customer reviews and of course professional recommendations.
  • Partnership approach. IT services who adopt a partnership approach means that they work with you, rather than for you and only when needed. This is all about proactivity, taking the initiative to enhance your business systems and mitigate issues before they occur. This not only saves time; it improves the bottom line as costly mistakes are avoided. Moreover, an information technology partner will work with you as your business grows, delivering solutions that allow you to transition to the next stage and beyond effectively.
  • Efficient processes. Great managed IT and IT support services thrive on efficiency. If your provider cannot clearly articulate their service level agreements or SLA’s it is best to move on. Look for providers with swift service response times, dedicated processes of whom to contact, for what, and when. Similarly, consider their approach to security monitoring and testing. Finally, understand how they manage things like disaster recovery to give you the confidence that your business will continue to operate under extenuating circumstances.
  • Metrics that matter. Great managed IT and IT support services will be able to provide clear benchmarks on which to assess their performance. Standard metrics like ticket handling time, first contact resolution, tickets per technician, and cost per ticket should be a given. For more depth, look for providers who provide metrics on additional items like security testing and assessment, backups, and systems upgrades.
  • Always available. If you are looking to contract your technology needs to a third party, then ensure they are readily available whenever you may need them. Great service providers offer round the clock support spanning each, and every day, of the year. They are conveniently located and offer on-site maintenance and support.

The best managed information technology (I.T.) support services in Canberra

RiotACT’s editorial team has combed through 20 years of on-site comments to compile a list of the most recommended businesses according to you.

To be listed in our Best of Canberra series, each business needs to have consistently received positive feedback on RiotACT and Facebook as well as maintaining a minimum average of 4/5 stars on Google.



Founded by Anthony Miller in 2007, Wot-Link, Wireless Online Technology, has been servicing and supporting business in Canberra and surrounds for over a decade. Wot-Link understands that time is a business leader’s most precious resource and have developed their product offering accordingly.

Specialising in cloud-based systems, their solutions allow you to maximise your IT investment and improve its performance, ensuring you can focus on running your business itself.

Their team of highly qualified IT specialists bring decades of knowledge and a wealth of experience advising and implementing IT solutions for some of Australia’s leading organisations.

Using this expertise, they have developed a personalised, world-class, and low-cost IT solution for small to medium sized businesses, industry associations, and professional services organisation.

This solution, Hyperlink Your Office (HYO) is a cloud-based solution that provides the right tools, seamlessly delivered and securely backed-up. Using its scale, WOT-link were the first to develop a fixed price packaged subscription giving clients reassurance that IT costs won’t blow out and IT budgets can be planned with confidence. Covering a range of applications from office, emails, documents, video conferencing, data migration, and file management, each package also comes with business hour helpdesk support and 24/7 online support.

With scalable solutions from a few users to a several hundred, Wot-Link’s offering suits organisations of all sizes, both for now and for future growth. For IT capabilities equivalent to those of larger organisations, configured specifically for your business needs look to WOT-Link.

Darren Laudenbach offered his thoughts on Wot-Link via Google, Awesome service – truly “grief-free IT” solutions. When you don’t even notice your IT (because it’s always working) it’s got to be good!”

Mitchell Business Centre, 17/160 Lysaght Street
Mitchell ACT 2911
SOLVit Network Support

SOLVit Network Support

SOLVit Network Support are small business Information Technology (IT) experts. The team is experienced at identifying IT requirements quickly and designing strategies to address them, with minimal disruption as a top priority. SOLVit has been helping business for more than a decade with reliable, flexible and cost-effective IT solutions and services that add real value to business.

With a dedicated IT help desk, SOLVit provides onsite, phone or remote support, enabling clients to make smarter business IT and systems choices. Clients enjoy peace of mind, knowing that SOLVit is only a phone call away.

SOLVit’s support and proactive maintenance services ensure equipment and systems are up-to-date and effective. This minimises emergency calls and unnecessary downtime. SOLVit also offers repair services, Cloud services and backup services.

On Riotact, Frances Wilson wrote, “In a time when business relies so heavily on technology to run, it is incredibly stressful when things go wrong… We have been so lucky to find Solvit Network Support. They specialise in small business and never push us aside for the bigger customer. We utilise their managed support and back-up services which provide the peace of mind that only good security and back-up can…”

Level 1, 40 Marcus Clarke Street
Canberra ACT 2601

Circuit Networks

As a locally owned and operated small business, Circuit Networks wheelhouse is providing IT support to other likeminded small business in the ACT. They specialise in providing fast, efficient, and cost-effective support.

For small businesses they offer consulting, network maintenance, data backup, cloud services and email solutions. They can also assist with strategic planning , security systems and the set up of new equipment. Ancillary services include hardware repairs along with web design and SEO.

Jane QBN shared her experience with Circuit Networks on RiotACT, You should definitely check out circuit networks, the owner is a lovely guy and small to medium sized businesses like yours pretty much his specialty.”


Founded in Canberra in 2009, Netier has evolved to be one of the region’s leading IT strategy, consulting, and solutions providers for medium sized businesses.

Netier offer a range of IT solutions, from full-service managed IT through to security, cloud, and procurement, along with consulting and systems development. Known for excellence in service, all hours support and exceptional technical advice, Netier are a great choice for businesses wishing to leverage their IT capabilities for business growth.

Phil Phung shared his thoughts on Netier via Facebook, “Netier – fantastic ICT solutions for the SMB’s in the ACT.”

Empreus IT Support

Locally based Empreus IT Support are known for providing professional and reliable IT support and managed services throughout the Canberra region. They offer cost effective IT solutions that meet the evolving work environment of businesses today.

The team provides a full range of IT support services from installations, networking, and backup, through to IT security and cloud migration. They also offer managed IT services allowing you to outsource your entire IT department in their more than capable hands.

Vanessa Crowe shared this glowing review on Google, Highly recommend Darko who has set up our IT in our store beautifully. He resolved quite a few issues we were having with our computers. Always very professional, reliable and dependable. We are very happy with Empreus IT.”

If you’re looking for more information on small business services in Canberra, you might like our article on the best business advisors, the best management consulting firms, or the best marketing agencies Canberra has to offer.

Your experience with managed information technology (I.T.) support services in Canberra

Thanks to our commenters who have provided insightful feedback. If you believe we have got it wrong, please let us know.

Have you had experience with any of the managed IT support services listed above? If so, share your feedback in the comments below.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does a tech support service do?
Generally, tech support services assist with troubleshooting IT issues. This approach, sometimes referred to as the ‘break-fix’ method, ensures support is available when a problem arises. reactive approach is often well suited to businesses that are not overly technical in nature, and those with systems that do not require regular upgrades or specialised skill sets to maintain.
What are managed IT services?
Managed IT services offer small to medium businesses the ability to outsource the day to day management of their technology and IT needs. Managed IT services are also referred to as Managed Service Providers or MSP’s.
What does a managed service provider do?
A managed service provider delivers third party technology infrastructure and support. Services often include network or application infrastructure, security, and cloud. Support is typically delivered at a client’s premises or remotely as required.
Are there different types of managed IT services?
Yes, there most certainly is. You will find that many providers will specialise in the service types that are most suited to the needs of their core clientele. Common managed service specialisations include networks and infrastructure; security; cloud; communications; software; wireless; print and support services.
What is the difference between an MSP and TSP?
Total Solutions Providers, or sometimes known as Technology Success Providers (TSP), work with businesses to drive success by understanding and harnessing the business impacts of technology. TSP services generally offer the same services as MSP’s however with more strategic capabilities. They offer additional layers delivering technology strategy, standards, alignment and effectively greater business value.

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15 Responses to The best managed information technology (I.T.) support services in Canberra
tnot72747 tnot72747 11:11 pm 18 Mar 21

White Knight IT will integrate your network into their security operations centre on top of all the usual IT support stuff, and the security monitoring comes at no extra cost!

Nicholas Lucey Nicholas Lucey 5:54 pm 20 Nov 20

Damian from Solvit has been an incredible help to me and my business. We are mostly Microsoft 365 and the support you get through Damian is 1000000 x better than trying to deal with someone on the chat in another country. Damian is super switched on, really efficient and always has the solution to help when needed. Recently Damian has helped with setting up Sharepoint sites, systems to collaborate with remote workers and email problems.

I couldn’t recommend Damian from Solvit enough. if you are having any IT problems, call SolvIt and just get them fixed and get on with your business!

Frances Wilson Frances Wilson 3:43 am 19 Nov 20

In a time when business relies so heavily on technology to run, it is incredibly stressful when things go wrong. Often it is just user error, however, we are not all technically savvy so it is amazing to get really good IT support with being made to feel like a fool for the little things you don’t know. We have been so lucky to find Solvit Network Support. They specialise in small business and never push us aside for the bigger customer. We utilise their managed support and back-up services which provide the peace of mind that only good security and back-up can. It runs in the background so doesn’t rely on us remembering to do a back-up which most people in business are too busy to remember. We know we will be up and running and looked after even if we suffer a security breach.

Andrew Wilson Andrew Wilson 3:29 am 19 Nov 20

It’s always been a challenge for us to find good IT support for our business in Canberra. We found that only the big end of town was looked after properly and us small business owners came a very poor second. We were fortunate to find SOLVIT network support who have been amazing. With their very affordable managed support services we know that we are secure and have technical support at our finger tips. Highly recommend Damien and his team at SOLVIT.

what_the what_the 1:05 am 09 Nov 12

Definitely circuit networks, does an excellent job and is suited to your business size.

zllauh zllauh 9:05 pm 08 Nov 12

In my previous employment at an insurance company in canberra, The IT Contract was with a Sydney company, They had a tie up with a local it support company in canberra – who would visit our office on a monthly basis and on call to provide onsite it support. They were very easy to deal with, friendly and always provided honest advise. Would recommend you dealing with a local company and not an individual this is so that as time progresses, you don’t have to start all over again to find some one.

alphageeks alphageeks 5:13 pm 02 Jul 12

We would be more than happy to assist you any I.T requirements
over 25 years industry experience.

Cheryl Cheryl 12:40 pm 23 May 12

HI We are a small IT Support organisation in Canberra. We have been looking after small to medium business’ since 1998. We would love to meet up with you and have a chat about what we can do to assist you. We can also give you client references. We provide service either on site or remotely as required. Do not hesitate to contact us at

connno connno 1:52 pm 21 May 12

All IT Solutions, fantastic.

echoztrip echoztrip 3:28 pm 20 May 12


Duffbowl Duffbowl 9:54 pm 19 May 12

milkman said :

Try GreenLight IT.

+1 for GreenLight IT. I’ve dealt with their staff on a number of occasions, and always been pretty happy.

Brindabella Brindabella 6:58 pm 19 May 12

JaneQBN said :

You should definitely check out, the owner is a lovely guy and small to medium sized businesses like yours pretty much his specialty 🙂

+1. Shannon and the team will sort it for you.

milkman milkman 6:07 pm 19 May 12

Try GreenLight IT.

JaneQBN JaneQBN 5:55 pm 19 May 12

You should definitely check out, the owner is a lovely guy and small to medium sized businesses like yours pretty much his specialty 🙂

arescarti42 arescarti42 3:28 pm 19 May 12

Depending on what you’ve got in mind, I might be able to help. I’m a local computer geek/student with a lot of experience in general IT issues. I’d be happy to provide assistance on a casual/part time basis, plus I work for el-cheapo student rates.

If that sounds like something you might be interested in, you can contact me at

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