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Jules and Ty from Shoelace Creative posing for a photo

Shoelace Creative, one of the best web designer companies in Canberra. Photo: Shoelace Creative.

With a glamorous façade of Mad Men like musings, anyone would think marketing was child’s play. If you have attempted, let alone succeeded, in executing an effective marketing strategy you will know all too well that this is a fallacy.

Marketing plans are more than a mix of product, price, promotion, and place. They are essential business strategies on which hinges the ultimate success or failure of a product, service, or brand.

Great marketing strategies tackle real business problems head on. The best marketing strategies deliver measurable outcomes on time, and on budget. They bring in clients, lift revenue, and foster healthy business growth.

But where does one start when even the savviest entrepreneur falters at segmentation analysis? How does traditional differ from digital media? What is a DPS? And how about measurement? Look further and you will find CPMs, CPAs, CPLs, and the list goes on! Learning how to master each requires more than a glossary of terms. It takes years of expertise and insider know-how.

Enter Canberra’s marketing agencies. Marketing agencies work with businesses to create plans that attract ideal customers – and convert them. They are media aficionados of varied disciplines orchestrated together to create, test, implement and review any – or all aspects of a marketing plan.

They know their stuff and finding the right one is crucial. Selecting the wrong marketing agency is an expensive business mistake. Not just in dollars and time mind you, but also in learning. With so much at stake we have had rounded up the best marketing agencies that Canberra has to offer, do read on below.

What makes a great marketing agency?

While it’s easy to be impressed by cool corporate culture and trendy offices, what you should really focus on when selecting an agency is how they will work for you. The best marketing agencies forge strategic business partnerships that keep customers coming and business growing. So, what is the secret sauce? Here are some things to keep in mind when selecting a marketing agency:

  • Industry fluent. Knowledge is perhaps one of the greatest assets of marketing agencies, separating the top ten percent from the rest. Leading agencies know their industry – and yours – inside out. They are experts in all facets of marketing, be it strategy, creative, or media and may perhaps be specialists in an area or two. The best agencies also understand your industry. They are familiar with key indicators and drivers for your category; and have a firm grasp of consumer need. Hiring an agency with experience in your industry will minimise the learning curve hence lifting the return on your budget.
  • Focus on growth. Some marketing agencies may lose sight of the bigger picture placing a heavy emphasis on things like design, engagement, or leads. The best marketing agencies however know why they have a seat at the table. They understand that the fundamental goal of marketing is to attract consumers, drive business growth, and raise revenue. As such, they look beyond marketing tactics and prioritise your business goals as they would their own.
  • Lateral thinkers. Great agencies love nothing more than solving a problem and breaking the mould. They will be lateral thinkers looking for innovative ways to gain cut through, with both consumers and their marketing budget. The best focus on your business needs while adopting a design thinking approach. That is, devising solutions with the consumer in mind and linking back to revenue growth accordingly.
  • Speak your language. Effective communication is a foundation for any healthy business relationship. So, when it comes to selecting a marketing agency look for one with a complimentary communication style. An agency that communicates clearly from top to down, takes out buzzwords, and speaks in real terms will help build fluid rapport. The best agencies ask the right questions and really listen to what you have to say.
  • Transparent. In the age of smoke and mirrors transparency within marketing has become ever more important. The best agencies are an open book, providing their clients with full transparency over costs, estimates, commissions, and of course data. Every successful business knows that data is a precious commodity, so elect to work with an agency that considers their data yours.

The best marketing agencies in Canberra

Riotact’s editorial team has combed through 20 years of on-site comments to compile a list of the most recommended businesses according to you.

To be listed in our Best of Canberra series, each business needs to have consistently received positive feedback on Riotact and Facebook as well as maintaining a minimum average of 4/5 stars on Google.

Region Media

While not a digital marketing agency, Region Media has one of the largest and fastest-growing digital and social audiences in Canberra and the surrounding region. Co-founded by ex-Allhomes CEO Tim White, and UberGlobal founder Michael McGoogan, Region Media serves residents of Canberra and its surrounds by facilitating important conversations through trusted, balanced, journalism and offers an unparalleled platform to access an audience of 510,000+ monthly unique users.

Headlined by long-standing Canberra news site, Riotact, Region Media also publishes About Regional in South East NSW, and Riotact China, Canberra's most trusted local Chinese news platform. Each publication delivers local news with a focus on issues that affect Canberra’s community.

Region Media offer a multifaceted digital approach hinging on a carefully constructed strategy of display, search, content and of course amplification. Anyone and everyone considering marketing to locals should speak to Region Media first or in partnership with their chosen marketing agency.

Give us a call on 02 6188 7123 or email get in touch to see how a partnership with Region Media can help your business.

Collective Club

Collective Club knows how tough operating a small business in the nation's capital can be, especially when it comes to branding.

Powered by Canberra real estate and development experts, The Property Collective, Collective Club brings together decades of experience in business to offer a new kind of service for marketing and brand optimisation.

Collective Club specialises in broad spectrum marketing for all businesses related to the property industry - that includes builders and landscapers, mortgage brokers, solicitors and conveyancers, stylists and designers, maintenance and inspections, architects, developers and more.

"We have a wealth of knowledge that translates to actual dollars and a positive experience worth every cent," the team says.

"Being a small business doesn't mean you don't need to make a big impression when it comes to your brand and marketing."

With services in tailored branding, campaign strategy/planning, website design, social media and search engine optimisation (SEO) management, content creation and more, Collective Club has already attracted a loyal client base, including Canberra real estate agents Odi and Jacob.

Shoelace Creative

Shoelace Creative’s end-to-end services stand out and produce real results. This independent, boutique agency of experts delivers innovative, impactful work that achieves business growth. Shoelace Creative specialises in no-fuss, rapid delivery times, driving meaningful metrics. Expertise includes brand and marketing strategies, creative concepts, campaigns, videography, photography, and animation. The energetic team collaborates and always goes the extra mile.

On Google, Little Wolf wrote, "Attention to detail, communication, exceptional quality product and timeliness are all things Shoelace Creative are incredible at. Although it really is the bright, positive, personable energy on the day that makes them special. Shoelace Creative care about their clients and the content being created which is what makes them such a must have."

Synapse Worldwide

Synapse has been helping businesses turn clicks into customers since 2005. Based in Canberra but servicing clients nationally and internationally, Synapse is an expert at digital marketing, web design, web development and search engine optimisation (SEO). The team works shoulder-to-shoulder with business owners to generate more traffic, better SEO rankings, more clicks and improved lead conversion.

With Synapse, businesses get results through increased revenue, higher profits and greater market share. Some of their clients have doubled their revenue in a little over 4 years. They work with businesses of all sizes and across many industries, including retail, home improvement, trades, training and professional services to name a few. Their portfolio has many well-known local Canberra businesses.

On Facebook, Benjamin Byatt wrote "I've been using Synapse for several years now and wish I found a long time ago. Sam & the team are an absolute delight to deal with and certainly know their stuff! Synapse has made a significant impact on our business/marketing and sales since using them. We use Synapse for our digital advertising, website monitoring (include re-building a brand-new website), social media, graphic design and much more!! I highly recommend the team, your business will thank you for it".


FIBER, formerly known as Exalted Digital is a highly regarded and local digital marketing agency with a core specialisation in search, social, web design and development.

FIBER’s approach is bespoke. Their agile team has trusted methodologies and odd-ball techniques to find their clients’ unique digital personalities to stand out from the crowd. And, their platform-specific expertise gets your business found. With FIBER, your brand is nurtured to flourish in the digital realm.

Ric Hambrook shared his great experience with FIBER on Google, “Kevin has a passion for helping businesses reach their clients online and building their online profiles. We have been going from strength to strength online. We highly recommend [FIBER].”

Agency 9

Agency 9 is a boutique marketing agency based locally in Griffith and founded in 2013. They specialise in public relations, social media and activations, designed to attract attention and drive conversation amongst your target audience.

Agency 9 are known for achieving big things for their clients. They work with each to craft a story and devise and implement campaigns through the channels your audience consumes. For distinctive and attention-grabbing campaigns look to Agency 9.

Duncan Brede, Dealer Principal of National Capital Motors Group shared this review of Agency 9, "It doesn’t matter what challenges I throw at them, or what the project is, Agency 9 provides solutions and outcomes. We have a good relationship, one that I really value and trust. I trust Agency 9 that they work in our best interests. They treat every dollar or every project as if it’s their own, we’ve been really happy and I’d happily refer them to anyone".


With close to twenty years in business, CRE8IVE have forged a formidable reputation as one of Canberra’s leading communication and creative agencies. Their steadfast focus is on driving business growth; bring more than simply great ideas to the table.

Services include communications, digital, brand, and creative strategy and development. Their team of talented specialists work with businesses to define their identity and build their brand story. To make a lasting impression on your core consumer look to CRE8IVE.

Sean Davey shared this wonderful review of CRE8IVE on Facebook, Intelligent, forward thinking and friendly people, CRE8IVE is the agency to choose.”

Threesides Marketing

Founded locally in a small backyard office over a decade ago, Threesides Marketing have grown to be a powerhouse in marketing communications. They offer their expertise to businesses functioning as the marketing department, or trusted advisors.

With a sound skill set in planning, strategy, and implementation, their wheelhouse extends to a specialisation in digital and design. Digitally, Threesides offer search and social services along with web development and analytics. Moreover, look to Threesides for branding, graphics, and website design.

Torrien Lau shared this fabulous review of Threesides Marketing on Google, They work to understand your needs, help you to understand the approach and deliver exactly what's best for the business. Oh, and they are good people too!!!”

The Mark Agency

Established in 2006, The Mark Agency is a full-service agency specialising in the integration of traditional and new media. Their mantra is growth unleashed, founded on marketing principles that solve business challenges.

The Mark Agency has a team of in-house strategic, creative, and technical experts offering an expansive range of marketing services. From strategy and consulting, to creative and design, and digital and technology look to The Mark Agency for all your needs under the one roof.

Damian Stocks shared had this to say about The Mark Agency on Google, Great team over at TMA, highly recommended!”


With close to fifteen years in business, locally founded SUPERCURIOUS are known for delivering interwoven strategy, creative, and media that builds brands. They are all about making an impact – whether through branding to audiences, or commercially to businesses via growth.

Their team of marketing specialists offer an array of services anchored in branding and creative, from corporate communication all the way through to content creation and more. SUPERCURIOUS also offers media planning and relations, rounding out the mix.

If you’re looking for more information on marketing agencies in Canberra, you might like our articles on the best web designers, the best billboards and digital signage and the best signwriters Canberra has to offer. Or, if you’re looking for helpful information on improving your business, you might like to read our article on the best managed information technology support services and the best business advisors in Canberra.

Your experience with marketing agencies in Canberra

Thanks to our commenters who have provided insightful feedback. If you believe we have got it wrong, please let us know.

Have you had experience with any of the marketing agencies listed above? If so, share your feedback in the comments below.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does a marketing agency do?

In a nutshell, marketing agencies leverage varied marketing strategies across media platforms to attract your ideal customer and convert them. Marketing agencies typically offer a range of services linked to their core proposition – be it full service, multi-disciplinary, or specialised.

Why should I hire a marketing agency?

New marketing products, technologies, audiences, and channels are coming to life at lightning pace. It can be challenging – if not overwhelming, for business owners to stay on top of, let alone master each aspect of their marketing plan. Hiring a team of qualified and experienced marketing professionals to create, manage, and review your marketing strategy allows businesses owners to focus on other areas, and run the show.

How do marketing agencies charge for their services?

As clients and their needs are all vastly different, there generally is not a one size fits all approach to marketing charges. Agencies typically assess and tailor fees based on individual client needs, and whether the services required are ongoing or project based. For project-based work a charge is generally determined once the full scope of work is known. Ongoing work is typically charged by hour or by retainer. Additional structures can include performance-based charges or fees tied to total media spends.

What are media platforms?

Media platforms or channels are avenues to access your ideal customer. Traditionally, this included online (display, programmatic and email) and offline via broadcast (television and radio), print (newspapers and magazines), and outdoor (billboards). Today however the media landscape has expanded, particularly online which now offers digital products for social, search, video, audio, and content marketing, across all manner of publishers and on most consumer devices.

What is the difference between traditional and digital marketing?

The main difference between traditional and digital marketing is the medium through which the consumer encounters the marketing message. Traditional marketing utilised mediums like print, broadcast, and outdoor, while digital marketing leverages the full arsenal of digital mediums such as websites, social, search, apps, video, audio, and content products. Additionally, digital marketing tends to offer greater audience targeting capability, greater consumer engagement, and deeper performance analysis delivered more swiftly than traditional media.

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We have been using Agency 9 to help grow our brand in Canberra. After being let down so many times in this space, we have finally found our home. They understand the urgency and are as passionate about business as I am. A truly rare find in the marketplace today. Can’t recommend them more highly!

Chris Latham6:25 pm 08 Jun 21

Agency 9 did an outstanding job on the PR and Communications for the Vietnam Requiem. I can’t recommend them highly enough. Super smart and a fresh approach – we are going to be using them for the lifetime of the project. I cannot give a higher recommendation. Chris Latham, Director of the Flowers of War, Artist in Residence at the Australian War Memorial.

Parametric Systems4:26 pm 29 May 21

Since 2017 I have been working with Chris and George at to digitally market my software around the world. The rankings they have achieved are very high. I am well pleased with their service and the results. I highly recommend them.

Hayden Fitzgerald10:56 am 19 Mar 20

Last year I worked with the team over at Futuretheory and was really happy with their work. Their attention to detail as well as customer service was unreal for a mid-sized agency and more importantly, their services didn’t break the bank . Additionally, their team is pretty well versed in all areas of digital marketing/branding so they will be able to help you with anything from broad strategy, to multimedia content, to graphic design and even large web development projects.

Can’t recommend these dudes highly enough, check them out:

emmersion is your one-stop-shop for branding, customer experience and digital solutions; they will take your brand, platform, and the business you’ve worked so hard to build, out into the world through digital marketing. Check more on

Kapil Bhadra12:12 am 16 Oct 19

Exalted Digital is your one-stop-shop for digital solutions, we take your brand, platform, and the business you’ve worked so hard to build, out into the world through digital marketing. Check more on

Would recommend Baha agency. they are both marketing and advertising.

Mude is a creative agency started up by some local experts in filmmaking, photography and music production as well as web and graphic design.

You can find out more about Mude at:

There are plenty of advertising agencies that you can go to in Canberra:
Zoo Advertising
nFlame Creative
Decoy marketing
If your looking just to get your brand out for awareness, then I often see plenty of transit advertising in Canberra, such as taxi-wrap advertising or bus ads. Here’s the website for the taxi advertisement fellows in Canberra:

All the best with your marketing.

If you are only after radio and press ads, another option to consider would be to contact the radio station directly and have them copywrite and produce the script for you. They will also put a schedule together for you and book it accordingly. Then for the press ads, look for a graphic designer to do the layout, and book the space yourself with the relevant publications. You’ll cut out a layer of account management, that, in most cases, will be included in the cost associated with using an agency.

That is of course, assuming you have the time. Keep in mind, for the work that you don’t do yourself, you will have to pay for someone else to do. An obvious statement in itself, but you can reduce the time (and therefore cost) the agency spends on your job by providing a brief with the information that you want to include that is clear and outlines exactly what you want to achieve.

Advertising isn’t rocket science, especially in a small market like Canberra, where there are limited publications and stations to convey your message. I say do some research and if you feel confident – give it a go yourself, otherwise, look to using an agency like Coordinate or nFlame that has a smaller team that won’t fob you off to a Junior Account Manager because they are too busy looking after the Department of Super Important Report.

nFlame_Creative12:32 pm 29 Sep 11

Hi James,

I just stumbled across your request online.
I am not sure if you have already found a solution but please allow me to throw my hat in the ring as I think we can help you out.

I run a design and marketing agency in Canberra called nFlame Creative. We pride ourselves on the fact that we help local businesses find a voice in the community. We are a full service agency and offer our brands cost effective exposure on TV, radio, print, web, cinemas, direct mail, E-marketing, and heaps more…

We are effectively a one-stop-shop, and as we are one of the smaller operations in town, our fees are quite competitive. As an agency client you are typically rewarded with the best available advertising rates, a consistent management of your brand across all media outlets, and (perhaps) best of all, the freedom to focus on actually running your business.

If it sounds like what you are looking for, please feel free to give us a call.

We also offer a FREE 30 minute introduction to any local business who is not yet sure they need or want agency representation.

Please visit our website and give us a call when you are ready.




nFlame Creative
(02) 6249 8694

Hi James,

I have been doing marketing jobs at a few larger places for a while now and also helped out a few friends in small business. I think I have used pretty much most agencies in Canberra. They all have strengths and weaknesses.

My take is that there are design like agencies and the better ones are swell and couch. You will get good design work but don’t expect any big thinking for your brand or advertising.

For that you would be looking at places like cre8tive, Coordinate, or Zoo. cre8ive are more digital so you might get a flashy website but not much else. coordinate are a small agency and so you might save some money but you might not get any big thinking. Zoo are the biggest in town and probably the most creative but you will pay top dollar. It depends on how important it is to you. Spending more in the beginning might pay off, in my experience

I just helped a friend who runs a local small business and they really wanted to get their web stuff together. I put them on to a new place called Push agency who are run by some pretty experienced people. They are more like a consultancy and they work with a lot of agencies, from what I can see.

They ended up organising all the branding and design stuff and did a brilliant job with the web stuff.

So, I would probably be suggesting them to anyone that asked – mainly because the seem to have relationships with all the agencies in town and really know the web stuff – which is quickly becoming the most important part of my work with my employee

hope that helps

WonderfulWorld6:21 pm 29 May 10

Depending on your business, maybe try

Thanks, I should have provided a bit more detail about what I’m looking for. I need someone to design radio and printed ads and then book them into a range of stations and publications. Don’t need any branding/corporate stationary type stuff.

Thanks again

If you’re just after logo creation, business cards, letterhead design ect steer away from advertising agencies in general and go for a design studio like Swell, or Quantum ideas bureau, Hi Res, WYSdesign , generally they charge you flat hourly fee with no hidden “concept delivery fees”, however if you’re after a one stop shop Media buying/planning/branding/website/TV/radio ads go to Cre8ive or ZOO, crea8ive do great digital work and ZOO do good tv and press however they are far from the cheapest you get what you pay for.

Try Fresh Creative

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