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Bicycle Justice

By Ags - 27 October 2010 36

This story is second hand from my partner.

Monday morning aprox 7:00am my partner was driving over commonwealth bridge heading towards the city in very light traffic. There was a broken down car in the left hand lane just past the Floriade traffic lights. It had its hazard lights on but was obstructing the bike lane.

My partner changed to the middle lane to give the bicycle enough room to get around the broken down car. Once our car had passed, a look in the rear vision mirror revealed the bicycle rider hitting the bonnet of the broken down car in disgust. (like we want to break down).

The force from hitting the broken down car through the rider off  balance and got the death wobbles. Another quick look in the mirror and the rider was face down on the pavement.  


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36 Responses to
Bicycle Justice
Ags 11:27 am 27 Oct 10

harrassing cyclists is not funny but this is!!!!

Ags 11:26 am 27 Oct 10

Through? My bad…..sorry

Sleaz274 11:11 am 27 Oct 10

Or it was the Fonz, and it worked for jukeboxes, so he was just trying to get the car started again. Falling off was most probably then due to the crosswind from getting near the bridge. His hair was fine. Ey!!!

Hahhahahahahahaha classic story though lol funny.

Bosworth 10:52 am 27 Oct 10

ABC129 said :

This is just douchebag justice. Has nothing to do with said muppet being a cyclist.

AngryHenry 10:51 am 27 Oct 10

Or the time some d*ckhead screamed at me out of the window of his vehicle and frightened the sh*t out of me while I was calmly riding along minding my own business.

Shame he didn’t want to slow down and let me catch up, I would have done more than bash on his bonnet.

It’s a two way street.

That cyclist was obviously a tool but don’t think for a second that it is limited to just those who ride bikes. That was one individual.

From my experience on Canberra roads there are more w@nkers behind the wheels of cars…

Br1anL 10:46 am 27 Oct 10

ROFL – stupid MOFO!!! He/she got what they deserved!!

aidan 10:37 am 27 Oct 10

Ha ha! Nice one. Arrogant bloody cyclists!

Like the time a friend of mine was forced into the gutter by a car driver who was annoyed at her (don’t know why). HA HA HA! Served her bloody right!

Or the time I was abused by drunken dickheads and when I mouted the pavement to avoid them they mounted the pavement too and chased me round the block. HA HA HA! Served me bloody right!

Or the time I was buzzed twice in the space of 15 minutes because I was wearing a high-vis shirt. HA HA HA! Served me bloody right!

capn_pugwash 10:34 am 27 Oct 10

love it! thanks for sharing

georgesgenitals 10:25 am 27 Oct 10

A heart-warming story of a tosser getting what they deserve.

Holden Caulfield 10:06 am 27 Oct 10

ABC129 said :

This is just douchebag justice. Has nothing to do with said muppet being a cyclist.

Agreed, but still amusing.

AngryHenry 10:05 am 27 Oct 10

ConanOfCooma said :

“Through”? Are you serious?

Sound painful don’t it? lol!

ConanOfCooma 9:59 am 27 Oct 10

“Through”? Are you serious?

Jungle Jim 9:59 am 27 Oct 10

Karma in it’s simplest form – I love it!

A (not so) similar story of cosmic justice happened to me last year when the police were doing vehicle checks out the front of the lodge at 4:45 in the afteroon. Traffic was well banked up around The House and one impatient woman decided to jump into the T2 lane, without knowing the cops were just around the bend. She managed to get back into the normal traffic lanes, but not before Mr Plod saw her and took her out of the line for a nice fine. I cruised past laughing. It was a good afternon. 🙂

ABC129 9:51 am 27 Oct 10

This is just douchebag justice. Has nothing to do with said muppet being a cyclist.

zig 9:47 am 27 Oct 10

haha lycra clad self-ownage! hehe.

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