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Bold, bad tempered Stanhopian prediction of permanent Labor Government in the ACT

By johnboy - 10 July 2009 25

The Chiefly Stanhope was on 666 this morning placating the nutters and wierdos who call in.

When an SMS was put to him asking about the Redpath affair he got a little bit weird making strange accusations about the grubby little party hacks who try and pollute public forums with their lines (you know who you are).

Eventually though he was willing to offer a judgment on Katy Gallagher’s leadership ambitions:

    Samantha Maiden: And what about Katy Gallagher, leadership material?

    Jon Stanhope: Absolutely, Katy Gallagher I have absolutely no doubt will be the Chief Minister of the ACT one day and I would imagine she would be Chief Minister for three or four terms.

So, if Mr Stanhope goes to the 2012 poll and then hands over he’s anticipating un-interrupted one party rule through to 2028?

There I was thinking we had people called voters who had some say in the matter but that’s obviously naive.

I don’t imagine Andrew Barr will be well pleased either to wait two more decades before getting a go in the big seat.

For those who want to listen we’ve posted a recording of the exchange.

What’s Your opinion?

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25 Responses to
Bold, bad tempered Stanhopian prediction of permanent Labor Government in the ACT
Jim Jones 3:29 pm 10 Jul 09

Scribble said :

I, for one, welcome our new bogan princess overlord.

Your majesty, envoys from distant lands have arrived, they bring offerings of bourbon and coke.

Scribble 2:30 pm 10 Jul 09

“That will be Empress Gallagher to you.”

Which answers the perennial question of what Katy did next…

*bows and backs towards nearest exit*

chewy14 1:53 pm 10 Jul 09

Scribble said :

I, for one, welcome our new bogan princess overlord.

That will be Empress Gallagher to you.

Down on your knees slave.

housebound 1:24 pm 10 Jul 09

Sadly – CM could be right. The ALP have to their advantage a $20 million election kitty, a complacent electorate who vote Labor regardless of what they do, a Greens party who will always support labor, and the CT. I can’t see how it matters what the libs do.

What it means is that this mob could possibly do whatever they like, and still stay in power. And they believe it now.

This is sad for democratic governance because (in my view) each of the parties needs to be kicked out from time-to-time to keep them 9and the public service) on their toes.

Scribble 1:07 pm 10 Jul 09

I, for one, welcome our new bogan princess overlord.

Mr Evil 12:43 pm 10 Jul 09

Well, Labor keep screwing the ACT – but keep getting voted back in. Sonic probably should be dreaming of a 1000 year ACT Labor Reich!

trevar 12:36 pm 10 Jul 09

I think it would be tough to find a Canberran who isn’t at least a little bit anti right wing, and with the peculiarly strong acceptance of the status quo that happens here, Stanhope’s confidence in the longevity of Stanhopia is probably quite justified. I don’t expect my vote to ever count for anything as long as I live in Canberra.

The only thing that may threaten it would be the abolition of compulsory voting, although I’d want an each way bet on whether that would hinder or help Labor!

PM 12:09 pm 10 Jul 09

But, according to an interviewed Stanhope last year, Gallagher was the one who broke the promise re school closures!

Wraith 11:10 am 10 Jul 09

Costello was going to PM too one day, but look what happened there, but the previous statement made here about no real alternative to the local Gov here still rings true in this case.

Skidbladnir 10:51 am 10 Jul 09

Is this going to be one of those Jedi Prophecies where she really is Chief Minister in more than just an Acting capacity for only the one day before the no-confidence motion passes?
Whatever the Comrade ‘imagines’ isn’t anything more substantial than that, just the imaginings of an old man.

Thumper 10:46 am 10 Jul 09

It’s scary, but distinctly possible given the quality, or lack thereof, in opposition.

Very Busy 10:45 am 10 Jul 09

I fear he may be right. After all, he himself is in his third term. Who would have thought this could be possible after such an abysmal record.

Primal 10:27 am 10 Jul 09

Politicians talking out their arse? Really? How unlike them.

Clown Killer 10:18 am 10 Jul 09

Stanhopes clowns will be running the show here for as long as there continues to no real alternate government and an opposition bereft of ideas.

It’s a scary thought though. Gallagher is a Labor machine arse-puppet at best. Is that what we really deserve?

muFasa 10:11 am 10 Jul 09

Wow – Sonic was a bit touchie this morning… as if it wasn’t one of Redpath’s mates texting in…nice try at turning the story around though.

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