Brumbies 3. Stormers 16.

johnboy 29 May 2011 12
stephen moore

It was a game Matt Giteau felt too poorly to be involved in. Foxsports couldn’t be bothered posting video.

The Brumbies have posted a lengthy match report.

Skipper Matt Giteau was ruled out on Saturday morning with an infected tooth, leaving Stephen Moore to lead the side.

Moore was once again brilliant, earning the man of the match and Charles Anderson medal – an award given annually to the best on field in the Stormers v Brumbies fixture.

But despite his never-say-die attitude – which at one stage forced the Stormers to withstand thirty phases on their own line – the ACT team could not deliver the killer blow.

As the only grown up Brumby who appears to give a damn RiotACT votes wholeheartedly for Moore to be captain next year.

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12 Responses to Brumbies 3. Stormers 16.
Eppo Eppo 10:11 pm 30 May 11

There’s no way there would only be 2k at a Brumbies game. No way, no how. No matter how bad they get!

Thoroughly Smashed Thoroughly Smashed 9:23 pm 30 May 11

The announcer said 10k.

It was an entertaining game, relatively speaking.

2604 2604 9:10 pm 30 May 11

canucksfan said :

To jb,
the announcer on one of the few occasions he braved the microphone gave the crowd figure of 2311.

2311? That is weak as piss given that the club supposedly has 9000 members. Canberrans are fickle as they come, happy to get behind winning teams but nowhere to be found when their support is most needed.

I feel sorry for guys like Stephen Moore and some of the young blokes the Brumbies have running around who don’t have much first-grade experience. Every loss played in front of a nearly empty stadium must really sap their confidence.

johnboy johnboy 7:33 pm 30 May 11

Interesting, they claimed 10,300. Which could be misheard?

canucksfan canucksfan 6:34 pm 30 May 11

To jb,
the announcer on one of the few occasions he braved the microphone gave the crowd figure of 2311.

johnboy johnboy 6:09 pm 30 May 11

OpenYourMind said :

2000 spectators. How much money do the ACT residents provide to the Brumbies? Could this money be spent in better ways on sport in the ACT?

Where did you get 2000?

OpenYourMind OpenYourMind 5:46 pm 30 May 11

2000 spectators. How much money do the ACT residents provide to the Brumbies? Could this money be spent in better ways on sport in the ACT?

canucksfan canucksfan 1:20 pm 30 May 11

Last Saturday night was a disgrace, and an embarrassment to all the visiting spectators. I’m not even talking about the Brumbies who apart from one 30+ phase play(with no result), kicked the ball on every occasion.
What was the story with the big screen? Do they only plug it in if there are more than 10,000 people there? And the announcer was notable for his absence. We only heard about half of the replcements and the usual comments to the crowd to get behind the team were few and far between.
As the weather gets colder the Brumbies (players and Admin) need to realise that we are not going to continually fork over hard earned money for poor service.
I think the players did try hard and we have been hit hard with injuries but this was a game we could have won. As someone else mentioned it doesn’t help when one of our props continues to believe he is a back and doesn’t need to get involved in the rucks and mauls but rather sit out on the wing waiting to stuff up planned backline moves.
I was pleasantly surprised last month when i was up in Brisbane and watched the Reds play that after the game all the players went to the sideline to talk to the devoted fans. On saturday night the only Brumbies player to face the fans was Pat McCabe. All the rest stood in a huddle in the middle until the children lining the sidelines, waiting for their chance to get an autograph or at least shake hands with one of their local heroes had been dragged away by disgruntled parents. That doesn’t send the right message to the potential Brumbies members of the future. Maybe they were scared they would get abused, but what they nedd to realise is that those of us still their are the die hard fans who just want some recognitions for our support.
On a final note, the only commentry we heard on Saturday was between a Group of teenagers sitting behind us swearing at another group on the concourse. Bad enough but the security standing nearby did nothing.

neanderthalsis neanderthalsis 9:37 am 30 May 11

Reds in Lang Park next week, I think the Brumbies will be slaughtered.

Go Reds!

J0HN J0HN 7:32 am 30 May 11

Besides a certain prop still thinking he is a back I thought they had a go. Not good enough by a long stretch but they had a go. As a member I can go and support and watch a side that does their best, even though it can be a chore at times.

And as the above posts said, the banter and the one liners are the entertainment.

redrfs redrfs 7:57 pm 29 May 11

The atmosphere is the only thing left to go for. I’ve heard some of the best calls of the season at the last two games.

mutley mutley 1:44 pm 29 May 11

The crowd was much more entertaining last night. It’s very much the diehards left now who are well and truly resigned to the fact that we suck and have decided to at least find humour in the situation.

There was some great banter in our bay with a bunch of Yarpie supporters, telling them they should be ashamed for only winning by 13.

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