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Canberrans triumph in the battle for Mount Ainslie

By johnboy - 20 October 2009 105

[First Filed Oct 17, 2009]
Mount Ainslie was a glorious place to be this afternoon for a proud Canberran.

Victoria’s banjo country bused in to vilify our pagan community and Canberra turned up to shout them down, and laugh at them.

It was done with a laugh and a smile, resounding choruses of “We are Australian”, people dancing in their underpants, and men kissing to cries of “Heathen, Heathen” from the fundamentalists. (rejoined with proud shouts of “homo, homo” from the members of the crowd not wearing funny red tags).

Oddly, despite much advance media the police were not in attendance, so it was lucky the “Catch The Fire:” mob were not only outnumbered but also in general much older and frailer.

The anti-fundies had managed to gather in numbers around the Mt Ainslie beacon and after ten or so minutes of confrontation the fundamentalists, ringed by a looser crowd of Canberrans decided to retreat away, led by a man with a megaphone “speaking in tongues”.

I left just before three to update you all, hopefully it has stayed calm up there.

The Danes are understandably proud because when the Nazis came for the Danish Jews the Danes managed to evacuate the endangered members of their community to neutral Sweden.

In a smaller way I’m equally proud that Canberra turned out in good numbers to laugh at the forces of intolerance come to vilify members of our community.

Here’s some video and audio, not shot with a purpose built video camera sadly, but it gets across the spirit of the thing:

UPDATED: qednet has posted a more complete video account on the day on YouTube. It looks like I wasn’t the only one to wander off too early and the fundies got their moment on the beacon (not a comms tower).

ANOTHER UPDATE: The Age has picked up the yarn.

(Stills slideshow below)

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105 Responses to
Canberrans triumph in the battle for Mount Ainslie
utah 7:55 pm 17 Oct 09

I’d like to complain to the proprietors of this website about a serious inaccuracy in the above story, that draws attention to the lax reporting standards shown here. Specifically in the sentence beginning: “Victoria’s banjo country bused in…”

The word is bussed.

Also I believe that the sentence is factually incorrect as well, as many of the protesters travelled here not by mechanical means such as busses, but were instead propelled interstate by a series of violent knee-jerk reactions. Sadly I have no film of this.

Ari 7:13 pm 17 Oct 09

The lack of a visible police presence was disturbing, it wouldn’t have taken much for it to have gotten out of hand.

Kudos to all who showed up. The sight of a conga line of homos, witches and assorted liberty lovers scything through the Catch the Fire mob was one of the funniest things I’ve seen in years.

Underpants man also put on a fine show.

And the nutjobs really do speak in tongues!

Esmeralda 6:52 pm 17 Oct 09

It certainly was a fantastic afternoon with an extremly eclectic group of people – heaps of luverly & very vocal folks from the gay community, plenty of pagans, assorted adult industry people (who put on a very nice BBQ and unveiled a fabulous new work of art by that well known artist Prickasso)the occasional burlesque dancer – and even a contingent from the ANU’s atheist society.
The mad pastor certainly managed to annoy a wide array of people and in doing so, unwittingly brought us all together for an afternoon of singing, dancing, kissing, laughter & general frivolity!
Well done!

ahappychappy 6:12 pm 17 Oct 09

Did Danny boy even show up?

Fiona 6:01 pm 17 Oct 09

awww such a tiny, inadequate loudspeaker. 🙂

MrPC 5:34 pm 17 Oct 09

Go Heathens! Go Heathens. Oh, oh, Go Heathens!

I-filed 5:28 pm 17 Oct 09

What did you mean by “it was lucky the “Catch The Fire:” mob were not only outnumbered but also in general much older and frailer”?

I thought one or two of the elderly Christian women looked frightened.

Rawhide Kid No 2 5:20 pm 17 Oct 09

johnboy said :

Another fun part of it all was the bemused tourists wondering what the hell was going on and if we do this regularly.

You should have told the tourists that this is normal every day life in Canberra.

rosebud 5:08 pm 17 Oct 09

Protesters in underpants always add a certain je ne sais quoi to a gathering.

johnboy 4:46 pm 17 Oct 09

Another fun part of it all was the bemused tourists wondering what the hell was going on and if we do this regularly.

Thumper 4:40 pm 17 Oct 09


eyeLikeCarrots 4:37 pm 17 Oct 09

Ha Ha – I got my arse out.

kincuri 4:34 pm 17 Oct 09

WOW! Good onya for sticking to this bloke.

If I’d know this was going down today, I would have been out there in support!

el 4:33 pm 17 Oct 09


toriness 4:21 pm 17 Oct 09

yay canberra. take it religious nutbars.

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