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Life is looking up

By Ntp - 18 June 2007 33

Last week a new Canberra web site,, started with the aim to:

…to hold Canberra drivers accountable for their actions in an effort to better the quality of Canberra’s driving standards.

It’s off to a slow start with only a few vehicles added to date (I see more incidents than currently listed on my drive to work) but it’s an interesting outlet for other drivers who get pissed off at someone driving with their head up an orifice and don’t want to or can’t be bothered calling the cops to report someone talking on their phone, etc.

As usual Samuel Gordon Stewart was all over it before it even launched and his views and the start of an interesting discussion can be found here.

What’s Your opinion?

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33 Responses to
Ruby Wednesday 6:10 am 19 Jun 07

Or call the number listed on the website while driving!

bighead 12:05 am 19 Jun 07

‘Wouldn’t it be dangerous to try to find pen and paper to write down the licence plate number whilst tailgating…’

Who does that, that would be stupid. They all send a text message to their partner. Much safer.

gooterz 11:41 pm 18 Jun 07

Wouldn’t it be dangerous to try to find pen and paper to write down the licence plate number whilst tailgating…

ant 9:18 pm 18 Jun 07

Hah, it’s a roadrage site on the internet! Two of the very few complaints are for: Driving slow (bad grammar). Driving slow? In the city?! Oh my farking god. But I’m sure the upright and moral complainants carefully tailgated them, to Teach Them A Lesson.

and then became part of the large ACT statistics of rear-end collisions.

Tack 9:12 pm 18 Jun 07

Useless vigilante rubbish with no system of checks and balances, no validation and I suspect little credibility – let it die naturally – it will…..

andy 8:55 pm 18 Jun 07

futto, ditto my rego plates.

boomacat 8:18 pm 18 Jun 07

people who drive in the right hand lane below the speed limit deserve to be named and shamed. Same goes for people that walk slowly down footpaths in groups blocking the way for everyone else. Infuriating! (joking)…

(ok well only half joking)

VYBerlinaV8 now_with 7:54 pm 18 Jun 07

Load of crapola, most of the time the people who post to such sites are whinging prats who drive below the speed limit in the right hand lane anyway.

futto 7:39 pm 18 Jun 07

clearly this site is flawed because my wife’s car does not appear on that site and i know how she drives.


GregW 6:44 pm 18 Jun 07

Completely pointless site, the people most likely to complain (cardigan wearers) are the ones who are the most computer illiterate.

But, on the other hand if this gets people off my back about my driving instead allowing them to feel justified by posting on that site, thats fine by me.

Btw: the other site is, they get less reports a day than the number of posters they put up.

andy 6:03 pm 18 Jun 07

This is, i beleive, the 3rd type of such a site.
RatemyPlate was another one.
I forget the name of the third.

boomacat 5:47 pm 18 Jun 07

Would the Police even prosecute such matters? It sounds like the evidentiary basis for doing so would be flimsy.

Could this also lead to allegations of defamation?

I find the best way to deal with idiot drivers is to, a) remember that we are all human and everyone makes mistakes from time to time; and b) swear my head off to myself when other motorists really pish me off.

jr 5:35 pm 18 Jun 07

I understand things at the moment, there is nothing stopping any individual from lodging a formal complaint with the Police / RTA.

The only catch is if you actually want the complaint to be investigated and pursued then you have to be prepared to identify yourself and potentially appear as a witness in court if it gets to that.

Whilst this website appears to be a good idea, the concept is fundamentally flawed as there is no apparent auditing or identification of who is lodging the report – so there is no accountability nor on that basis would anything stand up in court if it were actually pursued to its logical conclusion

bigred 5:28 pm 18 Jun 07

its the product of ex 2CC announcer and angry Gungahlanite, Kane Bond.

Mick 4:57 pm 18 Jun 07

I doubt whether this website will last to be honest. It’s an enterprising idea, but really, what’s the point? You can vent, whinge, yell roadrage at as many drivers as you want, but it won’t change anything. You’re always going to have idiots on the road, and most of them would not care less if their number plate is shown up on a website.

Not to mention all the company cars, Commonwealth cars and replacement cars (when you car is in for a service) that are out there.

Good luck to the developers…I think you may need it.

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