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Canberra’s wannabe Neighbours

By Kerces - 25 July 2006 21

Last Friday night Ramsay Street came to Belconnen Mall in the guise of the Dolly search for the next big Neighbours stars.

Thirty of Canberra’s finest child actors were auditioned during the day with 12 chosen to go through to a live final on the Belconnen Mall stage. The show is looking for a girl aged 13-16 to play Louise Carpenter, who is apparently Lou’s daughter returning to the show after many years, and a boy aged 16-18 to play Ringo, the self-professed-ladies-man teenage brother of a new character who viewers are yet to meet.

First up MC Ryan (Toadie) Moloney somewhat sheepishly held a quiz for the audience. Luckily it was mostly teenage girls since the prizes were Dolly packs.

He then introduced the two judges for the evening: Jan Russ, the Neighbours casting director, and Bronwyn McKeon, Dolly editor and as far as I could tell there to look good. Then the not-overly-excited audience met Natalie Blair, who plays occasional character Carmella Complicateditaliansurnama.

She was there to pretend to be Elle and read with the female auditionees. First up was a girl called Hannah Tonks (who a workmate had studied drama with at college). When asked if she had done much acting before, Hannah replied no, not really, just some NIDA courses. She was the only one of the ten girls there I saw audition, so I can’t really judge it but I will tell you she didn’t win (it was in the CT the next day). After each read through, Ms Russ gave the auditionees some tips and then they read the scene again.

The first of the two boys who made it through to the final 12 was Matthew Casson. I don’t think I like this Ringo character very much, but that didn’t have anything to do with young Matthew. If anything, his acting was good enough to make the character sufficiently unlikable.

And then I had to go back to work.

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21 Responses to
Canberra’s wannabe Neighbours
snahon 2:02 pm 27 Jul 06

The *stars* that make it outside neighbours might be proportionally higher then other shows but the ones that get their contract axed generally disappear completely off tv !

Danman 1:15 pm 27 Jul 06

And i think that Skye Mangel ( whats her real name ? Stephanie McIntosh or something? ) is trying to launch her debut album as well. Ahh well good luck to her.

clicky —- >

Absent Diane 12:03 pm 27 Jul 06

but a dozen out of one shiteful austrayan tv show… with at least one alleged super mega stars.. Irection they do alright.

Thumper 12:01 pm 27 Jul 06

No. no, no….

The character dies but then mysteriously comes back with a totally new face due to remarkable plastic surgery or something…

snahon 11:49 am 27 Jul 06

after evil twins, doesn’t one of the characters get possessed by satan or something and start their diabolical plan for world domination (obviously starting small with ramsey street).

Oh well, good luck to the auditioners… I thought neighbours was more or less a career ending gig… after all out of all the characters how many are still known to the public ? (a dozen ?)

Irongeek 3:12 pm 26 Jul 06

Hmm I love my Internet DL service. It means I get to choose what programs I want to see and not be shackled by what the networks want to show me.
Free to air or Fox network…

Ralph 2:25 pm 26 Jul 06

Well I’ll shamefully admit that the only time I turn Rupert’s Foxtel off at my house is to watch the odd half hour of Neighbours.

But the show has really jumped the shark recently. You know a show has well and truly jumped when it has an evil twin as a character.

bonfire 2:13 pm 26 Jul 06

i caught the end of this while wandering around westfield post work.

a dozen peroxided teenage girls. two effete boys.

probably a fair representation of the viewing audience as well.

threeze 1:35 pm 26 Jul 06

I was under the impression that Ten just makes it for export and if people watch it here, well, thats a few extra advertising dollars.

Marcus 10:35 am 26 Jul 06

Toadie rules! He’s always been my favourite. If I knew about this I would’ve gone to get his autograph

Absent Diane 10:08 am 26 Jul 06

nope. free to air barely gets a run in our household.

Thumper 9:41 am 26 Jul 06

Do people REALLY watch this program?

Surely not….


Absent Diane 9:35 am 26 Jul 06

toad is inspiration for all us talentless lard arses around the country ;P

Danman 8:00 am 26 Jul 06

I love the toad – followed him since he secretly had smokes down by the lassiters pond. Would love to have a beer with Ryan Moloney.

johnboy 10:40 pm 25 Jul 06

I like how the toad has his eyes shut

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