29 September 2008

Candidate Questionaires for 29 September

| johnboy
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Candidate Questionaire number three is now in from Adam Verwey, Independent for Ginninderra and veteran of the RiotACT Sim Challenge. It’s well worth reading for the kicking he gives celebrity candidate Mark Parton.

Adam’s answers to your questions are online here.

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I just hope the “Adam08” shirts don’t become a “Vote for Pedro” phenomenon if he loses.

Walking around town having people reminding you of your electoral shortcomings at every corner or while shopping wouldn’t be good for the confidence.

I think there is a touch of the old green eyed monster there in relation to Mark Parton. Adam needs to get his facts straight before he goes shooting his mouth off.

After reading Adam’s website perhaps he should put his efforts into fundraising too so he can have some of the things that the other candidates are working hard to achieve and yet e has te audacity to slam them fo their achievements. Interesting concept that. Does Adam expect to hae everything anded to him on a silver platter?

Based on what he has written in the questionnaire it also appears Adam doesn’t have his finger on the pulse in relation to certain aspects within Canberra either. Perhaps he needs to research a little bit more about who’s who in the zoo.

Anyway, Adam comes across as a 12 year old in a high school playground, wanting everything given to him without lifting a finger for it. Certainly doesn’t get my vote.

And johnboy I thought Mark Parton was an independent candidate, not a celebrity candidate?

johnboy said :

You’re engaged to a fat forty year old who drive a hyundai excel jakez?


That is rather the plan.

If we can reward candidates who engage our readers candidly and honestly we’ll sleep pretty well.

I’m guessing that some of the more obscure candidates who play the RiotACT game (SimCity Challenge, replying to the surveys etc) are probably gunna see a boost in their voting numbers as a result.
Will this mean RiotACT becomes a player in future elections in the region?

Is it too late to change Electorates? Adam is far more vote-worthy than the muppets in Brindabella.

Adam, thank you for your answers to the questions posed. In regard to question 8 about Poker card games;

“From what I’m aware this already exists at the Canberra Casino?”

Canberra Casino offers profit only poker, designed for serious gamblers not social gatherings.

“If the poker tournaments are non-profit (no gambling) then I don’t see a problem with this.”

One of the main themes of poker is to gamble Chips (the Chips have no monetary value though), so I am a bit confused by this answer.

“This would then be no different to any other card game tournaments such as bridge or canasta.”

This is true. So why is there a law in the ACT that explicitly outlaws this card game outside of the Casino and homes? No other State or Territory does.

You’re engaged to a fat forty year old who drive a hyundai excel jakez?

Scissors said :

Now if he’d just promise to ban frangipani stickers on cars he’d have my vote.

My fiancee likes frangipanis. When the revolution comes, YOU ARE THE FIRST TO THE WALL!


Now if he’d just promise to ban frangipani stickers on cars he’d have my vote.

Well thought out answers – esp the answers to Q1, 3 and 10 imho.

On a lighter note, I’ve heard that drivers with bumper stickers that say “Magic Happens” or something similar are statistically more prone to being involved in accidents and road rage. Perhaps we should outlaw those bumper stickers.

Vote winner right there.

tylersmayhem12:41 pm 29 Sep 08

You almost secured my vote 100% Adam. No, no – it has nothing to do with “the suit + polo shirt” photo. I was ready to sign-up until reading point 10!

Not to say I won’t vote for you mate – great policies from 1-9 (especially the removal of poker machines). And I’m glad your response wasn’t smothered in sugar. (Low apple pie) 😉

FWIW, I agree with Mr Verwey that Shane Rattenbury and Mike Hettinger deserve a guernsey in Molonglo.

Feel free to elaborate on the pie quotient

don’t take away my pyramids!!!

Blueberry Pie12:07 pm 29 Sep 08

Don’t you find it ironic that your Apple Pie Rating System®, which is intended to reduce Apple Piety, is smothered from head to toe in apple pie?

You say “this is high in apple pie”, “this has lower apple pie”. I want specifics, like “this comment has an 82.345% Apple Pie rating”.

Apple pie rating comes from the idea that most times when a politician says something, they’re being so obscure their words mean nothing. They wrap what they say up in so much of this non-specific cr*p they can’t be held to anything. They’re trying to spout nice-sounding stuff to make punters think “Oh, yeah, I agree with that” so the voter will look favourably on them.
A politician who says they favour better education and health is saying nothing specific and is just loading us up with apple pie. A politician who says they will employ eighty more teachers, a hundred new nurses and build a four-lane skateboard bridge to Spingbank Island is being specific, and thus has a lower applie pie content.

It’s not often that a policy position of mine (in this case, being anti taxpayer funded public art) is so consistently labeled populist.

To be honest, it’s kind of a welcome change. Usually I’m the crazy libertarian.

Adam is too much of a mixed bag for me. I like his Government advertising stance, and his landlord property rights stance, but his pokies stance is like a dagger through the heart.

He’s earned a place somewhere in the middle of my preferencing.

Those unfamiliar with the Aurelius rating system should note that low apple pie = approval.

Apple pie content lower than previous respondents.
Adam was also brave enough to answer number 2, which many said would be avoided by all comers.

Nope, my fault, will fix.

Was everything intentionally underlined?
(Clear sign of an unsettled mind, if it was)

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