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Candidate Questionaires for 29 September

By johnboy - 29 September 2008 24

Candidate Questionaire number three is now in from Adam Verwey, Independent for Ginninderra and veteran of the RiotACT Sim Challenge. It’s well worth reading for the kicking he gives celebrity candidate Mark Parton.

Adam’s answers to your questions are online here.

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24 Responses to
Candidate Questionaires for 29 September
Scissors 4:29 pm 29 Sep 08

Now if he’d just promise to ban frangipani stickers on cars he’d have my vote.

miz 3:44 pm 29 Sep 08

Well thought out answers – esp the answers to Q1, 3 and 10 imho.

Blueberry Pie 3:03 pm 29 Sep 08
mutley 12:42 pm 29 Sep 08

On a lighter note, I’ve heard that drivers with bumper stickers that say “Magic Happens” or something similar are statistically more prone to being involved in accidents and road rage. Perhaps we should outlaw those bumper stickers.

Vote winner right there.

tylersmayhem 12:41 pm 29 Sep 08

You almost secured my vote 100% Adam. No, no – it has nothing to do with “the suit + polo shirt” photo. I was ready to sign-up until reading point 10!

Not to say I won’t vote for you mate – great policies from 1-9 (especially the removal of poker machines). And I’m glad your response wasn’t smothered in sugar. (Low apple pie) 😉

caf 12:37 pm 29 Sep 08

FWIW, I agree with Mr Verwey that Shane Rattenbury and Mike Hettinger deserve a guernsey in Molonglo.

Aurelius 12:17 pm 29 Sep 08

Feel free to elaborate on the pie quotient

realityskin 12:17 pm 29 Sep 08

don’t take away my pyramids!!!

Blueberry Pie 12:07 pm 29 Sep 08

Don’t you find it ironic that your Apple Pie Rating System®, which is intended to reduce Apple Piety, is smothered from head to toe in apple pie?

You say “this is high in apple pie”, “this has lower apple pie”. I want specifics, like “this comment has an 82.345% Apple Pie rating”.

Aurelius 11:34 am 29 Sep 08

Apple pie rating comes from the idea that most times when a politician says something, they’re being so obscure their words mean nothing. They wrap what they say up in so much of this non-specific cr*p they can’t be held to anything. They’re trying to spout nice-sounding stuff to make punters think “Oh, yeah, I agree with that” so the voter will look favourably on them.
A politician who says they favour better education and health is saying nothing specific and is just loading us up with apple pie. A politician who says they will employ eighty more teachers, a hundred new nurses and build a four-lane skateboard bridge to Spingbank Island is being specific, and thus has a lower applie pie content.

jakez 11:25 am 29 Sep 08

It’s not often that a policy position of mine (in this case, being anti taxpayer funded public art) is so consistently labeled populist.

To be honest, it’s kind of a welcome change. Usually I’m the crazy libertarian.

Adam is too much of a mixed bag for me. I like his Government advertising stance, and his landlord property rights stance, but his pokies stance is like a dagger through the heart.

He’s earned a place somewhere in the middle of my preferencing.

johnboy 11:23 am 29 Sep 08

Those unfamiliar with the Aurelius rating system should note that low apple pie = approval.

Aurelius 11:22 am 29 Sep 08

Apple pie content lower than previous respondents.
Adam was also brave enough to answer number 2, which many said would be avoided by all comers.

johnboy 11:04 am 29 Sep 08

Nope, my fault, will fix.

Skidbladnir 11:00 am 29 Sep 08

Was everything intentionally underlined?
(Clear sign of an unsettled mind, if it was)

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