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Cat killed, Chronicle cries

By weeziepops 5 April 2010 24

The Canberra Chronicle this week reported as news the euthanasia of a cat by the RSPCA.  Why was this considered newsworthy? 

Because a woman claimed she had wanted the cat.  She had taken the cat to the RSPCA and said that she wished to take the cat if the owner was not found.  Whether this request was documented is unclear – an important point when one considers how many animals the RSPCA deals with every day.  The owner was found and surrendered the cat to the  RSPCA who, after vet and behavioural assessment, made the difficult decision to euthanise.  This is a pity.  It is a pity the cat died.  It is a pity the woman who found the cat did not end up being able to keep it.  Perhaps the greatest pity of all, however, is that the RSPCA received public criticism for the incident which was likely the result of simple miscommunication. 

RSPCA staff do not euthanise for the sake of it and must make tough decisions every day.  They also save thousands of lives and reunite thousands of pets with grateful owners. 

It is these stories which should be used to highlight the important role which the RSPCA plays in our community – not the far less common incidents of disgruntled or disappointed people who unfortunately did not get the outcome they wanted.

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Cat killed, Chronicle cries
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Captain RAAF 8:47 pm 06 May 10

It should not be up to the victim of a wandering cat to have to do anything in order to ‘make things easier’ for the owners of the cat. In fact, I consider the cost of a phone call to be more than the cat is worth. Fortunately, Weston Creek pound is on my way to work and cats I catch, and I catch quite a few, get dropped off there because it’s easy. It really annoys me when people say “You should contact the owners when you catch the cat..”, yeah right, so I can cop an earful on “why did you trap my cat?” and of course when it does go missing have them come to my house and expect me to know where it is.
Sorry, but if you cat owners will allow the cat to do what it likes and go where it pleases, then you can expect to do all the legwork and incur all the inconvenience and cost.

smeeagain 3:50 pm 07 Apr 10

altkey said :

A couple of years ago, close friends moved into an apartment with a courtyard that backed onto a reserve with houses on the other side of the reserve. Their cat, who had previously lived in a huge yard, was a little bit of an explorer and visited these houses. One of the neighbours in these houses took offence with this and called Animal Services/RSPCA everytime this cat entered their yard, despite the fact that the cat was clearly tagged with our friends contact details. On one of the numerous visits that our friends had to the RSPCA to collect their cat, the RSPCA explained that if the cat came back one more time they would gas, as it had exhibited anti-social behaviour. Our friends ended up resorting to putting their cat on a leash in their courtyard – end result, extremely unhappy cat.

A bit of common sense would not have gone astray here: neighbours should have called the owner of the cat, rather than wasting everyones time traipsing back forth between the RSPCA (possibly the RSPCA could have suggested this to the neighbours as well, but that is another story); RSPCA might use common sense when handling animals (some animals like humans do not like being handled by strangers).

Have been considering getting a dog, but as a result of stories like this have been put off by adopting one from the RSPCA, which is a real shame.

Or perhaps your friends could have been responsible pet owners and kept their cat within their own property? Not everyone likes cats and why should they have to put up with a neighbours animal coming into their yard, using it as a litter tray and possibly killing wildlife?

Numerous visits to the RSPCA to collect their cat indicates that it was an habitual wanderer. Why should the neighbours have to be responsible for it’s safety or welfare? They’re quite within their rights to trap it and have it removed from their property. Or when their cat is attacked by a dog because it has wandered into their yard? Who should pay the vet bills?

Tell your friends to have a cat run built in their courtyard, then everyone will be happy and their cat will be safer.

I’m sure that if a dog came into your friends yard on numerous occasions they would be calling Domestic Animal services to come and pick it up. Unfortunately, only some suburbs have laws relating to cats.

No, I don’t hate cats. I have two of my own. I just think people should actually be responsible for their own pets and not expect that everyone else should put up with them

threepaws 9:54 am 07 Apr 10

I don’t think shows like RSPCA Animal Rescue would film in small town Canberra…

I posted this Stateline article a few weeks ago about the RSPCA ACT

Worth a watch if you haven’t seen it already

Mordd 9:39 pm 06 Apr 10

pinklink said :

Hi, Michael Linke, CEO of RSPCA ACT here.

Firstly Justin “When our moggy turns up his toes, our next pet will come from a pet shop, not the RSPCA.” Perhaps you should read page 2 of the Chronicle today. No matter what people think of RSPCA, getting an animal from a pet shop is simply wrong.

Agree with the above 100%, and to make a comment like that based on experience with 1 staff person is ridiculous, the RSPCA is there providing a service, what do you expect, gold star service just because you’re willing to adopt an aminal, but oh yes blame the entire organisation for what was probably just 1 person having a bad day, is immature in the extreme Justin. A good cat owner should know that buying a cat from a pet shop is a terrible thing to do, and no-one who cared about the welfare of cats would ever do so.

Good on the RSPCA, they do a great job and anyone who thinks they don’t is clearly demented in my personal opinion, each to their own though.

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