Cavoodles are 2020’s top dogs, but what was the most pup-ular name?

Dominic Giannini 7 January 2021 24

A beautiful Cavoodle. Photo: Nicki Mannix.

If you have a Cavoodle named Luna, congratulations – you have officially topped both of the ACT’s puppy popularity lists for 2020!

Cavoodles were the most popular pup during a year marred by a pandemic, followed by Kelpies and Border Collies, as Canberrans turned towards man’s best friend during lockdowns.

Charlie and Lucy were the next most popular names.

The full list is as follows:

  1. Luna
  2. Charlie
  3. Lucy
  4. Archie
  5. Molly
  6. Frankie
  7. Ruby
  8. Daisy
  9. Milo
  10. Buddy

The top 10 registered breeds were:

  1. Cavoodle
  2. Kelpie
  3. Border Collie
  4. Staffordshire Bull Terrier
  5. Labrador
  6. Greyhound
  7. Maltese
  8. Jack Russell Terrier
  9. German Shepherd
  10. Groodle

Meanwhile, Minister for City Services Chris Steel has reminded Canberrans to take steps to keep their pets safe and healthy at this time of year with Domestic Animal Services traditionally recording an increase in lost dogs around the holiday period.

“Canberra is a great place to own a dog and it is important people remember their responsibilities when caring for a pet,” he said.

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“We are asking the public to be especially mindful during this period and look after their pets. An important first step is to make sure your pet’s registration and microchip details are up-to-date and their yard is secure.

“Do not leave your dog unattended while you go on holidays. If you are leaving your dog in the care of someone while you go on holidays, ensure that your dog’s carer is familiar with its feeding and exercise requirements.”

The ACT Government is also warning Canberrans to buy their new pets from a reputable source after a number of scams in the region recently.

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“The ACT Government has been working to crack down on people who are selling animals without a breeder’s licence, with new advertising requirements introduced in 2020 for when you sell or rehome any cat or dog in the ACT,” Minister Steel said.

For more information on responsible pet ownership visit

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24 Responses to Cavoodles are 2020’s top dogs, but what was the most pup-ular name?
Liz Creemers Liz Creemers 8:30 pm 06 Jan 21

Rhonda Ball daisy is #8😊

    Rhonda Ball Rhonda Ball 8:39 pm 06 Jan 21

    Liz Creemers 😁and our daisy is named after Daisy Ridley 😂

Hannah Cootes Hannah Cootes 12:09 pm 06 Jan 21

John Gibson - greyhound number 6!

Capital Retro Capital Retro 5:28 pm 05 Jan 21

My favourite doggy name is Pothole.

Always in the road.

Rowena May Rowena May 4:22 pm 05 Jan 21

Yep and now you can’t get one for under $3000......


Margaret Harries Margaret Harries 3:44 pm 05 Jan 21

Jack and molly

Sophia-Antonia Hartl Sophia-Antonia Hartl 12:56 pm 05 Jan 21

Matt & Christine Archie and Molly both made the cut, no Hutch though. He’s more unique. 😉

    Christine Eikenhout Christine Eikenhout 5:03 pm 05 Jan 21

    Sophia-Antonia he is a unique fella 😆

Korina Choundary Korina Choundary 11:24 am 05 Jan 21

Jodi Aitolu top 2 names!

Madeleine Fyfe Madeleine Fyfe 8:54 pm 04 Jan 21

Emma Deegan lucky her name is Boona or she'd get so confused at the dog park. 😂

Charlotte Lembit Charlotte Lembit 1:53 pm 04 Jan 21

Alicia Boardman top name was luna, how cute

    Alicia Boardman Alicia Boardman 9:55 pm 04 Jan 21

    Charlotte Lembit apparently it's super popular

Sarah Ferlitsch Sarah Ferlitsch 12:20 pm 04 Jan 21

Jess Hoban Jason Tutt people gonna think we calling out for our dogs when we take the kids to the park

Elizabeth Hurley Elizabeth Hurley 10:54 am 04 Jan 21

This is George

Gail Sanders Gail Sanders 9:43 am 04 Jan 21

She is number 1 to us Jules Hohnen

Maria Giannini Maria Giannini 8:37 am 04 Jan 21

Zoe seems cavoodles are popular everywhere. You’ll just need to name her “Luna” 🐶 💖

Jenna Ellen Jenna Ellen 5:43 am 04 Jan 21

Dale - #6....

Heather Harris Heather Harris 10:55 pm 03 Jan 21

Kelly Maree. Can’t argue with this.

Jack Mitchell Jack Mitchell 9:51 pm 03 Jan 21

Congrats Soph Lambie very original. Not too late to change to Elmo

Raquel Madaffari Raquel Madaffari 9:21 pm 03 Jan 21

Awww Milo & buddy Sally Witcombe

Taylor Eggleton Taylor Eggleton 7:23 pm 03 Jan 21

Michelle kelpies 2nd most popular!

    George Watling George Watling 9:08 pm 03 Jan 21

    Taylor Eggleton wow. I wouldnt recommend a kelpie to most townies. They can run miles a day they need a job not a small backyard. When I was working in dog rescue I saw heaps of them in the pounds. They were too high energy for their fickle couch dwelling owners.

Bree Ell Bree Ell 6:50 pm 03 Jan 21

Justiños Mc I’m still in the top 3 dogs names! 💁‍♀️

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