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Life is looking up

Cleaning up this town

By johnboy - 26 September 2006 78

With the deadline looming for anyone hoping to be ready for the next election to get their act together I thought it would be worthwhile discussing what people are willing to vote for.

With Independents needing roughly 15% of the vote to win a seat, even if they are vehemently opposed by 75% of the population, what should independents be running on to get the numbers?

Some ideas to kick it off:

â–  Public subsidy of private transport with a view to massive reduction of ACTION;
â–  De-regulation of taxi’s and hire cars with private bus services allowed to operate along public routes;
â–  Complete de-criminalisation of all drugs;
â–  Making public housing charges a flat, uncapped 25% of tenant’s aggregate earnings (ie, five people in the house five incomes accounted for up to any amount);
â–  Turning the running of schools over to P&C’s with an end to out-of-area restrictions;
â–  Opening subsidised 24 hour public health clinics in all of Canberra’s town centres.
â–  Giant Jim Morrison memorial statue in Weston Park

So, your turn…

What’s Your opinion?

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78 Responses to
Cleaning up this town
KaneO 8:48 pm 26 Sep 06

Rain Dances to be taught in all schools, and to all public servants.

Pandy 8:45 pm 26 Sep 06

Thumper where can I vote for you?

However, no caravan park rights for your mob, and you’ll be a shoe-in with the trad Libs.

Swaggie 8:27 pm 26 Sep 06

Loverley idea JB.

Let’s scrap this farcical 20/20 nonsense and start from scratch and do it properly this time.

Let’s make needle exchanges mean exchanges and not giveaways so my kids can go to the playground without encountering some addict’s throwaways.

Let’s introduce some deterrent sentencing and no more slaps on the wrist for just about every scum bag in the territory.

Without naming names I can think of 3 regulars on this Forum who I’d be delighted to vote for as indies at Poll Time.

Meconium 8:13 pm 26 Sep 06

FYI spectra, the accidental production of methanol by inexperienced moonshiners is the reason for backyard stills’ partial illegality over the years. Methanol forms naturally when fermenting anaerobically, especially in a wooden fermenter. I don’t mean to flog a dead horse but in my original post I was just pointing out that the reason distillation has always been more regulated than brewing/winemaking is to stop inexperienced noobs from blinding themselves.

As for the gaol, what is this going to do to the city? Bring in money (or stop us spending money elsewhere) or cost the local government a lot? I’m not an economist and I’m curious.

TAD 8:09 pm 26 Sep 06

The battery hen legislation was passed succeggsfully in 97. What it needed and didn’t get was agreement from the other states (to not sell their eggs in the ACT).

Decrimnalisation of all drugs JB? I don’t think this is as universally popular as you think, (certainly not with me as much as my opinion that all junkies should be taken behind the wall and shot)

Tempestas 7:50 pm 26 Sep 06

Such an opportunity for every soapbox Johnboy.

How about a serious sit down and thinking through what an ACT community really needs. Realistic levels of local and state govt functions.
Introduce a “Canberra” tax so that everytime a shock jock blames “Canberra” for something the federales do they have to
give the ACT $10k. Planning laws that remain the same for a whole 4 years. Scrap unnecessary folly’s like Arboretiums, busways and drag-strips. Fund research for a public transport system actually suited to this town, and if it turns out that car-pooling (or pogo sticks) is the best option then make it so.

Balance the books, remembering that government spending on infrastructure can be funded by debt, after all most peoples houses are, trying to turn the ACT into a alt-artistic research hub for new innovative ways of doing things, Pay ACT based blogs $0.05c for every hit as a way of making the city get noticed. WiFi for free all the time.

Seriously though an Independent is going to find it hard with our odd little electoral system. Getting elected is one thing, making a difference another.

Thumper 7:37 pm 26 Sep 06

Giant Jim Morrison statue.

More to come once I’ve thought about it.

Oh, hang on.

No arboretum

No gaol

Double the capacity of the GDE

Turn Kingston foreshores into a Darling harbour like set up

50% subsidies on water tanks

Legislate that all new buildings have water tanks and solar energy.

Rational school closures

Remove pay parking at hospitals

More aged care facilites

Use of mini buses for off peak bus runs.

Deregulate the taxi industry and vehicle third party

Mmmm, Champagne, will think of more later.

miz 7:30 pm 26 Sep 06

A focus on the real local stuff: fixing roads, like dreadful potholed Canberra Ave/Brisbane Ave; maintaining public space (eg roadsides, local parks) properly, not half-arsed; actually replacing playground equipment when it is removed; instituting a hard rubbish collection; providing a free, revamped bus service together with a city car levy (like in London) so you can actually get to the next suburb without going to an interchange first, ie, loop buses; bringing back bulk student school supplies like in NSW (none of this book pack rubbish!); enforcing school zones (as NSW does – none of this alleged ‘choice’ that gives a free kick to schools near the city and really disadvantages those in outer areas); head lice inspections and exclusion from school until treated policy actually enforced; keeping Floriade free; keeping all schools open for now, scrapping the half-baked 2020 plan until a genuine review is done; more exotic shade trees in Tuggeranong (and a ban on those cursed exploding, fire hazard, limb-dropping eucalyptus); ACT Housing residences to provide window coverings like private rentals have to under privacy laws; ACT Housing to set 25% rent rate to NET earnings of household; fireworks ban (I am onto my fourth letterbox in six years); establishing a mental health safe haven (as the PSU constantly turns people away for not being ill enough); etc. There’s my wishlist. And I support Seepi’s ideas also.

johnboy 6:13 pm 26 Sep 06

Well I would never recommend voting above the line to anyone

preference your conscience.

mlm 6:02 pm 26 Sep 06

If you insist on voting independent how about knowing where the preferences flow.

No point joining Save our Schools, protesting about the dragway, then voting for some independent who gets nowhere near the required quota but sends their preferences the way of the Labor Government whose actions you so vehemently oppose.

seepi 5:39 pm 26 Sep 06

Abolish the Dragway and the Arboretum.

Stronger planning laws about building units everywhere (or just enforce the ones we have, instead of giving exemptions to every developer that asks).

– I’m in favour of decriminalising all drugs, but if the ACT does this in isolation it will have a honeypot effect, drawing in druggies from all over to Canberra.

Spectra 5:34 pm 26 Sep 06

Meconium: That methanol argument is fallacious. You basically can’t “accidentally” make methanol rather than ethanol – you’ve got to go out of your way to do it (steam distillation from cellulose etc). Just because a law isn’t enforced doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be gotten rid of – in fact, I’d argue that exactly the opposite is true. And while we’re on the subject, I’d like to say that if elected, I’ll also remove the (also unenforced) requirement to collect excise from my friends when I share my homebrew with them.

Meconium 5:23 pm 26 Sep 06

I disagree with the sale of battery eggs ban… In my experience, supermarket-bought grain-fed battery eggs taste better than free-range eggs, partly because they go through much more rigorous testing, and the dodgy eggs that aren’t good enough for consumers are thrown out/sold to McDonalds.

Legalise the distillation of spirits without a permit? What difference would that make? The whole idea of the permit is an attempt to stop amateurs from distilling methanol out of their mash, rather than ethanol. Besides the legal implications of a permit, who’s to stop you making your own spirits? Are they going to be for sale? If so, they’ll have to go through a lot better quality control than just having a permit. If not, who’s going to stop you making moonshine? When’s the last time someone in Australia got busted for doing so, for personal use only?

Sorry to knock your ideas without producing any of my own 😛 Flying fox and solar power subsidies are good ideas.

Absent Diane 5:13 pm 26 Sep 06

– Ban of eggs full stop.they don’t smell like food, they don’t look like food They aren’t food.

– Giant flying fox public transport system.

more to come

Woody Mann-Caruso 5:02 pm 26 Sep 06

A ban on battery eggs farms in the ACT, and a ban on the sale of battery eggs in the ACT.

Bigger subsidies for tanks, grey water diversion and solar power.

Legalise the distillation of spirits without a permit.

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