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Cleaning up this town

By johnboy 26 September 2006 78

With the deadline looming for anyone hoping to be ready for the next election to get their act together I thought it would be worthwhile discussing what people are willing to vote for.

With Independents needing roughly 15% of the vote to win a seat, even if they are vehemently opposed by 75% of the population, what should independents be running on to get the numbers?

Some ideas to kick it off:

â–  Public subsidy of private transport with a view to massive reduction of ACTION;
â–  De-regulation of taxi’s and hire cars with private bus services allowed to operate along public routes;
â–  Complete de-criminalisation of all drugs;
â–  Making public housing charges a flat, uncapped 25% of tenant’s aggregate earnings (ie, five people in the house five incomes accounted for up to any amount);
â–  Turning the running of schools over to P&C’s with an end to out-of-area restrictions;
â–  Opening subsidised 24 hour public health clinics in all of Canberra’s town centres.
â–  Giant Jim Morrison memorial statue in Weston Park

So, your turn…

What’s Your opinion?

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78 Responses to
Cleaning up this town
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mos 6:45 pm 06 Oct 06

TAD, granted. If we fail to change buying habits the net cruelty won’t change – just shift location. BUT – the ban will help to change buying habits and it will set a precedent for the States to follow. It will be an important step.

BTW – Animal Lib NSW have just launched a graphic ad re cage eggs.

TAD 7:19 pm 30 Sep 06

I don’t think the issue is that there isn’t enough money coming in to spend. Just not enough to squander on shit AND what is actually needed.

vancouver 6:44 pm 30 Sep 06

So many great suggestions for spending money. So few suggestions for where the money should come from – who’d like to list some innovative means for revenue raising to pay for all the things we want?

TAD 7:45 am 30 Sep 06

But mos, what’s the point of banning battery cages in the ACT if they’ll just move them over the border and sell them here anyway?

Same chickens, same conditions.

Banning the sales would have the most effect but can’t be done without all of the states agreeing to not supply the battery eggs to us anyway.

I’m very vague on the details but in the distant past there was some attempt by a state (Tas?) to legislate against interstate crayfish being sold in that state to support the local industry. It was tested and found that constitutionally speaking it couldn’t be done.

simto 12:19 pm 29 Sep 06

Huh? Explain that one further – I’m not exactly sure of the similarities. One’s a scenario about parking in busy areas – the other’s a political organisation that contains a fair number of twats and losers (and one or two competent people who drag the whole thing down).

Maelinar 12:07 pm 29 Sep 06

Simto; what’s the difference between your scenario and say for example the Liberal Party ?

mos 11:40 am 29 Sep 06

Re TAD’s comment (September 26):

The battery hen legislation was indeed passed “succeggsfully” in 97.

Unfortunately an amendment to the original bills tied the commencement of the ban on the cages (in the Animal Welfare Act) to the ban on the sale of cage eggs (in the Food Act). Only the ban on sales actually needed agreement from the other states.

We can do it again, ignoring the ban on sales – just ban those bloody inhumane cages. Other States wouldn’t be involved.

simto 8:19 am 29 Sep 06

Cityboy, presumably the areas that are marked “no parking” are marked “no parking” for a reason (narrow streets, close to intersection, something along those lines). If there isn’t a good reason, then getting them lifted to general parking is fine, but restricting it to residential-class parking (particularly in the inner-city, where there are many other people with legitimate uses for that parking) seems odd.

Parking for your residential needs should be part of your building. If it isn’t, then that’s your problem as a person who bought or rented there, not the problem of the ACT government.

Of course, there is the problem that the ACT government has a tendency recently to approve new buildings that don’t have sufficient parking available, and I’m happy to admit that the planning approval process has proved somewhat shithouse recently. But residents attacking other legitimate visitors seems like blaming the wrong people for your problems.

VYBerlinaV8 7:54 am 29 Sep 06

Not to be harsh here, but if you’ve chosen to live in a unit with no parking, surely you knew that before buying or renting it?!

Cityboy 8:16 pm 28 Sep 06

Simto how does changing the sign from no parking to residents only parking constitute a subsidy?

Also in case you had not noticed there are a lot of houses in the city.

VYBerlinaV8 2:33 pm 28 Sep 06

I’ve got an army of the unemployed and a chain gang that can help…

Al 1:58 pm 28 Sep 06

So much to say….
Independent board members for the LDA, with an enforced ethos for sustainable suburb design and planning requirements.
A ban on streetlights that light the friggin sky for who knows what reason.
Fix that bottlenexk on the Monaro Hwy next to Fishwyck.
And the bottleneck every monring at the corner of Phillip and Majura Aves.
New management in CISAC.
Upgrade to Majura Road, with costs borne by Snow.
Upgrade to all other roads around the airport, with costs borne by Snow.
New federal laws (yeah I know I know) that ban airport owners from bypassing local planning laws.
ACT expanded to include Queanbeyan, Bungedore and up to Murrumbateman (maybe Yass to give a link to the Hume Hwy?) so the ACT has a sustainable population, instead of the neighbouring NSW people using ACT roads and infrastructure but never paying a cent towards them.
Gardens bordering footpaths hacked back so the friggin footpaths can be walked on!
Massive cleaup of messes and car bodies outside all public housing.
Bus lanes straight down the middle of the Northborne median strip.
Shelters and taps at the traffic lights for window washers (suck that Hargreaves!).
Ban on new CBD developments spanning over roadways and blocking Burley Griffin’s sight-lines.
Northbourne Ave tunnel under City Hill.
Bypass road around edge of Mt Ainsley that is on all directories to be built.
God – I’ve got to stop…

emd 10:56 am 28 Sep 06

Scrap the arboretum, dragway, bribery for interstate teams to play in Canberra, and other non-essential spending.

Also scrap pay parking at hospitals, and the Towards 2020 plan.

Put the funds into restoring good service at local hospitals, a properly thought-out analysis of our public education needs, a stand-alone birth centre, and a revamp of our town planning authorities to encourage better development.

If we don’t have good health, education & infrastructure, no amount of public entertainment is going to make us all happy happy joy joy.

VYBerlinaV8 10:51 am 28 Sep 06

Shab and Snahon: yep, that’s pretty much the mental picture I had. That and laughing at their funny hair.

snahon 9:43 am 28 Sep 06

as long as they always refer to their lords er prison guards as baasss they won’t get whipped too much 🙂

Mr_Shab 9:40 am 28 Sep 06

Will they have to call you “Massa” to your face and “Driva Man” behind your back, VY?

snahon 9:36 am 28 Sep 06

Not just any ol’ whip but a cat-o-nine tails no less !!!

VYBerlinaV8 9:16 am 28 Sep 06

Who will supervise the chain gangs? I WILL!! They will soon learn to fear the bite of the whip on their weary backs!

simto 8:52 am 28 Sep 06

… unless, of coures, your apartment building was built too cheaply to include room for parking in it. In which case, you’re asking the public to pay for something that you’re not prepared to get.

Oddly enough, we don’t want to subsidise your cheap apartment…

Pandy 11:28 pm 27 Sep 06

Hey cityboy, if you live in a flat, you already get parking and should have some for visitors.

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