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Beyond the expected

Crace Terraces & Toilet Humour

By ThisIsAName - 8 July 2010 39

floor plan

The image is a follow up to the recent “Crace – A place like no other” post.

Behold, a terrace floor plan with the toilet tastefully opening into the kitchen!

The shot is from a poster on the wall.  Floor plans used to be available  on the Crace website, but appear to have been taken down.

What on earth were the designers thinking?!?

What’s Your opinion?

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39 Responses to
Crace Terraces & Toilet Humour
ThisIsAName 1:28 pm 08 Jul 10

Update: floor plans are still available on the Crace website. The red signs on the ‘interactive map’ can be clicked to zoom in. The red ‘Mio’ blocks ‘Gallery/floor plan’ links. There’s a 2nd toilet/bathroom is upstairs. Despite this, a quick map check shows a lot have sold. The display village may still have the tiny demo terrace open for viewing pleasure.

Larger terraces have a stench buffer: the laundry or a different layout.

Reminds me of the Seinfeld bathroom privacy bit:

GBT 1:24 pm 08 Jul 10

The bigger ones are a lot better (toilet is separated by the laundry and there are two more upstairs) but the 1 and 2 bedroom ones you practically have to turn sideways to get from the front door to the back.

But hey, I’m sure investors will buy then and rent them for obscene amounts of money.

p1 1:10 pm 08 Jul 10

I didn’t say your cooking was $hit, I said you need an oven that flushes…

The cat did it 11:50 am 08 Jul 10

What were the designers thinking??

What were they thinking? Probably ‘If I design it this way we can cram even more units into the development’.

As OP notes, the model is potentially misleading because, (perhaps among other tricks of the designer trade) it uses small scale furniture. eg if the benches are 60cm deep (which they probably have to be to fit the kitchen sink and hotplates), the table would appear to be only about 77cm by 153cm- very narrow by most standards.

This untimely media exposure is probably why their website ( currently has conditional entry. You have to agree to acknowledge that everything on the site is indicative only-

“Floor plans and perspectives shown are artists impressions only and are not drawn to scale. Any references to size or dimensions are all approximate and are not intended to be precise. CIC Crace Pty Limited (CIC Crace) reserves the right to make changes to these floor plans (including the changing of the internal layout), elevations and any specifications, fittings, finishes and dimensions without prior notice to a Buyer. Furniture layouts, vehicles and landscaping (including any paving) are for illustrative purposes only. A party should refer to individual sale and home building contracts to determine what is included as part of the sale/build. ”

They also carry a reminder about copyright, and a statement that the developers ‘intend by this statement to exclude liability for all information presented herein’

Sounds like they are backpedalling at about a million miles an hour. I wonder why- stand by for an avalanche of spin.

Inappropriate 11:13 am 08 Jul 10

Hopefully there’s a bathroom and bedrooms upstairs…

Frano 10:36 am 08 Jul 10

Spectra said :

What on earth were the designers thinking?!?

“Wow…check this out! I get paid no matter how ridiculous I make this!”

Yes kind of like the builders getting paid a million dollars for building a measly school hall in Gillard’s School Halls debacle.

Waiting For Godot 10:25 am 08 Jul 10

A toilet right next to the kitchen? I guess it means less walking after the meal. What’s next? The dining chairs replaced by toilet seats?

Arch.I.tecT 10:08 am 08 Jul 10

We’ve designed thousands of units around the world, and if I were to present this plan to a developer (for which the plan is the product) they would have serious concerns about the quality of their lead designer. Even in China, where you blink and a 30 storey tower pops up over night, they would struggle to accept this.

I find that now, developers in Canberra are just becoming lazy. They know that people are desperate to buy property here, and will accept anything.

The only way to teach them a lesson is to vote with our feet and not buy substandard product! In relative terms, would you buy a fry pan with a handle so small that you cant actually lift it?

The quality of design needs to come up, and can only be done so by informed buyers who truly scrutinize what they are getting for their buck. Nothing speaks louder to developers than unsold units.

S4anta 9:57 am 08 Jul 10

maybe its an indication of the potential owners cooking skills.

Tony 9:45 am 08 Jul 10

Im sure the price is reasonable though….. cough.

troll-sniffer 9:38 am 08 Jul 10

I wonder what happened to the old building rule that there had to be an airlock between a dunny and a kitchen? Does the provision of a fan in a dunny negate the requirement, or did money change hands sometime in the last 40 years to have the rule changed?

S4anta 9:30 am 08 Jul 10

Fung Shei. When the toilet floods all the water goes outside as it is supposed to i believe.

Spectra 9:16 am 08 Jul 10

What on earth were the designers thinking?!?

“Wow…check this out! I get paid no matter how ridiculous I make this!”

Wraith 9:08 am 08 Jul 10

What on earth were the designers thinking?!?


colourful sydney rac 9:01 am 08 Jul 10

That is pretty poorly thought out – unless there is one upstairs as well I guess

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