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DIMA Dress Code

By LurkerGal - 26 May 2006 40

As you know, I have a problem with DIMA’s new dress policy, in partcular that we can’t wear clothes that are:

● skimpy
● denim
● not in good repair
● stained
● contain offensive language
● contain reference to any religion
● contain reference to unions.

Today is Friday, and I am wearing corporate attire, but I just want you to know that I am rebelling in that underneath it I am wearing a ripped, stained, denim g-string emblazened with the words “Jesus fucking loves the CPSU”.

That’ll show ’em.

What’s Your opinion?

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40 Responses to
DIMA Dress Code
Mr Evil 3:11 pm 26 May 06

What’s your view on gay marriage, Mr VY????

VYBerlinaV8 3:03 pm 26 May 06

And I do have a sense of humour – did I ever tell people my views on gay marriage?

VYBerlinaV8 3:02 pm 26 May 06

Of course it’s a joke – but they say every joke has an element of truth…

Ari 2:56 pm 26 May 06

Pseudo Echo springs to mind.

Mossey 2:39 pm 26 May 06

Put me down for four terubo. If you can build a band around anything, it’s orange jumpsuits.

terubo 2:07 pm 26 May 06

That should have read LG not AD – sorry AD.

terubo 2:06 pm 26 May 06

My agent mis-read my order for 2 orange jumpsuits & sent 200. Can I on-sell to you guys, AD? (Yes, they are made in China).

Mr Evil 2:06 pm 26 May 06

Wear a suit: but never have it dry cleaned, and don’t use deodorant!

Indi 1:22 pm 26 May 06

I thought that a t-back diamante thong would have been more professional?

capt_benno 12:59 pm 26 May 06

I think a t-shirt that said ‘Cormelia’s pimp’ might be a little along the lines of what you are after

Danman 12:50 pm 26 May 06

wear a button down shirt that says on the back FCUK DMIA

Absent Diane 12:33 pm 26 May 06

Good work

Swaggie 11:59 am 26 May 06

Pic ? 🙂

LurkerGal 11:43 am 26 May 06

It’s a joke VY. It’s called a sense of humour. The rest of us have one. You should get one too. They’re nice!

VYBerlinaV8 11:40 am 26 May 06

Gee, an employer wants their staff to turn up looking neat and professional (and not even in a suit) – the nerve of the bastard.

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