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DIMA Dress Code

LurkerGal 26 May 2006 40

As you know, I have a problem with DIMA’s new dress policy, in partcular that we can’t wear clothes that are:

● skimpy
● denim
● not in good repair
● stained
● contain offensive language
● contain reference to any religion
● contain reference to unions.

Today is Friday, and I am wearing corporate attire, but I just want you to know that I am rebelling in that underneath it I am wearing a ripped, stained, denim g-string emblazened with the words “Jesus fucking loves the CPSU”.

That’ll show ’em.

What’s Your opinion?

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DIMA Dress Code
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JARP 10:38 pm 14 Sep 06

Perhaps eveyone could eat garlic laden food for lunch. It is good for the health, and moreover its well known that the more professinal conservative be types are well known for their aversion to garlic.
Eating garlic would be a positive health statement, and it would get up the noses of professional clothing nazis. Now thats a win for everyone. 🙂

Pandy 7:54 pm 29 May 06

[same link as Indi’s]

Yes but is that thong DIMA approved? Would Amanda wear it?

OK this is getting silly now.

Ari 4:53 pm 29 May 06

Yes … yes. I think it’s time for us all to leave now, Indi.

Indi 4:51 pm 29 May 06

when I inadvertly see this at work, it’s time to move on….

VYBerlinaV8 4:02 pm 29 May 06

What James T Kirk is saying, I think, is that if you choose to look like a freak, be prepared for judgment by people like me!

James-T-Kirk 3:59 pm 29 May 06

Years ago, I worked at ADFA, wearing ugg boots, tracksuit pants, and a sloppy joe (as a techo).

Now, I wear a suit… (and am no longer a techo)

While imposing dress standards may be a little harsh, society has always had expectations around what people wear.

Do you remember the quote you got from the plumber who turned up in a 3 piece suit to replace the tap washers?

Do you remember the quality of the financial advice you received from the 19 year old with the ripped jeans, and pizza stained t-shirt.

I know what I earned, when I wore the ugg boots, and I know what I earn now, with the suit. – I prefer my tie any day. It helps pay for my childrens’ education.

Always remember, you can be as professional as you chose to allow yourself to be.

If you stay in the ripped jeans, with the pizza stained t-shirt that says “F*** O**” you may have trouble living up to societies expectations, and correspondingly, society may not treat you as you want to be treated.

Your choice.

Ari 10:29 am 29 May 06

That just sounds creepy, Pandy.

Pandy 10:20 am 29 May 06


what type of g-string do your wear? Is it dress code approved?

LurkerGal 9:38 am 29 May 06

Hmm. I was just trying to be funny. Never occurred to me it would generate this kind of shitfight.

PS: I wear corporate clothes to work and always have.

PPS: I do not own a denim g-string.

Pandy 7:39 am 29 May 06


Acceptable dress standards are what people make them.

What is wrong with not wearing a tie to work with short sleeve shirt?

So what is wrong with a neat polo shirt, if you never go and meet the public?

I know of people who will spend $6000 on their wardrobe each year and then expect others to do the same. They say that no one should buy crap from Kmart and only shop at DJs. They will say that a $70 black pant from Kmart will only last a couple of weeks before looking tacky.

Is this the kind of person setting the dress codes?

nyssa76 7:06 am 29 May 06

I have a problem with a dress code that makes workers automatons and allows a Minister to wear shirts that even makes cat sick look good.

You can’t have it both ways obviously….

vg 6:56 pm 28 May 06

Do what you are told. Some people are sick and tired of walking into government offices and seeing people dressed like sacks of shit.

I note all the ‘rebels’ would have conformed to the dress code as required.

“It’s something that should not have to be written into guidelines as staff should already be aware of it.”

Thats why its now in the guidelines, because people aren’t aware of what an acceptable standard of dress is. Like it or not people’s first and lasting impression of a person, and a department, have a lot to do with how a person looks.

Stop you beeeeaaattching and do what you’re told….or quit

tallian 12:16 am 28 May 06

The only rule of that lot that I have a problem with is the no denim one. Jeans are fine for work, depending what you do. I suit up when facing customers, jeans when doing back office work. Trust people to know how to dress appropriately for work.

Skimpy I only have a problem with if people carrying a bit of weight lack the judgement to know what they should not be seen in publicly.

If an employer makes a nonsense rule about dress that is not relevant to the nature of the work, make a mockery of it. They don’t tell you about the quality of suit, so wear a cheap, poorly fitting one, don’t worry about colour co-ordination, wear mismatching shoes, a really loud tie, etc.

Thumper 6:57 pm 26 May 06

And it does very much sound like a bunch of corporate nazis with nothing to do and so have to justify their positions.

It’s something that should not have to be written into guidelines as staff should already be aware of it.

Remember, people got paid good money to come up with this. FFS, the world is going mad.

Thumper 6:46 pm 26 May 06

BTW, I’m still going to wear a suit…

Except on Fridays when it’s jeans and runners…

Thumper 6:45 pm 26 May 06

Damn, I’ve already got a pair of orange overalls.

However, google the band called Schnauser and you’ll see what a four piece band in orange jump suits look like…

boomacat 6:38 pm 26 May 06

I note that pinching a Circus Tent from the Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras and trying to pass it off as a frock would fall short of DIMA’s new standards. Someone ought to tell Vanstone, else she runs the risk of being bitch slapped upside the head by DIMA’s Fashion Police.

Ari 4:34 pm 26 May 06

Their scanning equipment that can see through clothes would almost certianly pick up the unauthorised G-string, too.

Absent Diane 4:29 pm 26 May 06

bugger don’t need anything more to feed my anxiety attacks…

Ari 4:15 pm 26 May 06

Too late AD, ECHELON‘s on your tail now.

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