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Do you shop when you buy petrol?

By johnboy - 5 October 2006 30

The ABC is fretting that a recent spate of petrol station closures could impact the shops surrounding Watson, Garran, Fisher and Kingston through a reduction of passing traffic.

While I think we can rest easy that Kingston’s trade is not servo-dependent how important are the others?

I know that personally I shop on foot and fill up with my car, meaning I almost never shop on a petrol run beyond what can be bought in the servo itself. Do others of you do it differently? Could the servos closing actually increase business in those centres?

What’s Your opinion?

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30 Responses to
Do you shop when you buy petrol?
James-T-Kirk 2:10 pm 05 Oct 06

Ahh, but can you sniff the peorol from all of these stations?

bighead 12:49 pm 05 Oct 06

I do shopping any day, then just fill up usually on a tuesday.
Atleast for me its about a 2 minute drive.
I did notice that woolies has gone with the 6c off idea, it goes as follows

Spend between $30-$49.99 when shopping and recieve 4c per litre off.
Spend over $50 when shopping and get 6c per litre off.

noticed these last night, Im sure i could get that $50/6c discount enough, but its not worth buying more you dont need to get.

also, for anyone stupid enough to use the mobil trick of buying $5 worth of stuff for a 4c discount, maybe do some maths.

seepi 12:21 pm 05 Oct 06

I used to shop at Watson iga only if i was in watson buying petrol.
i think Watson shops will be fine though. They still have the postoffice where lots of fringedwellers (wamboin, fed hwy etc)
get their mail.
I’m sadder about Kingston – where can we go for driveway service now?

Growling Ferret 11:52 am 05 Oct 06

Smackbang consumes down protein shakes to generate the power for his recumbant bicycle…

On Tuesday Woolies was 6c p/l assuming you spend $50 or more in store. If John B1-B5 somehow possesses me, I may scan in the docket and post it somewhere on the internet.

VYBerlinaV8 11:41 am 05 Oct 06

Well come on Smackbang, what kind of fuel do you put into your car? Where and when do you do it?

Smackbang 11:33 am 05 Oct 06

this thread gets my vote for the most fascinating comments. nothing interests me more than knowing what kind of fuel people put into their cars, and where and when they do it.

VYBerlinaV8 11:22 am 05 Oct 06

The markets are cheaper for sure. We tend to buy our dried and simple foods from the local Woollies, and you only need to spend 30 bucks anyway.


bonfire 11:04 am 05 Oct 06

except you get fleeced at the supermarkets.

compare meat and vegie prices with those at butchers shops, green grocers or at the belco and fyshwick markets.

supermarkets are designed for lazy sheep.

although i confess i have to use them for general purchases such as cleaning products etc.

VYBerlinaV8 10:42 am 05 Oct 06

Great news, Woolies will soon follow. This will mean a saving of over 4 dollars when I juice the Berlina!

Danman 10:29 am 05 Oct 06

Coles I think are implementing 6c/L for a $30 spend in their stores – if my memory serves me correct

VYBerlinaV8 10:23 am 05 Oct 06

I heard a rumour this week that petrol dockets were going to be 6 cpl instead of 4 cpl soon. Has anyone heard anything about this?

blingblingbears 10:16 am 05 Oct 06

I usually fill up on petrol right after doing the groceries at my local centre, only because I couldn’t be arsed making two trips. But I dont use those docket crap things either. The max I have ever saved on one of those things is 80 cents on a full tank and the Woolies petrol is crap. I also never buy anything else from servos… ends up costing you twice what you normally pay – what a rip off!

Danman 10:05 am 05 Oct 06

I think that the servos rely more on the shops in the general area rather than the other way around.

Eg – I have never gone from ngunnawal to Kingo to get petrol and drop in on the markets at the same time.

I think that its just the way its heading – that area is pretty saturated with service stations anyway – 2 in kingo – a major one in manuka and quix in fyshwick and heaps just down the road at fyshwick proper.

Stark contrast when Gunghalin battles to get more than one servo thats more often than not banked up and around the corner.

VYBerlinaV8 9:58 am 05 Oct 06

My nearest servo is a Woolies that is usually the cheapest in the region (112.5cpl at the moment – with docket). I don’t shop when I buy petrol, and NEVER buy stuff other than petrol at a servo (I worked in one once and saw the markup).

I routinely save a couple of dollars a week by using dockets, but if I had to drive out of my way I doubt I’d bother. Oh, and I use regular unleaded in the small car, the Berlina is fed 98 octane super-premium only.

bonfire 9:47 am 05 Oct 06

petrol dockets are a scam.

i usually fillup on a monday at any shell servo – optimax only.

saving 20 cents a tank by investing effort in driving around town and clipping dockets is ludicrous.

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