Do you want more Manny? [With poll]

johnboy 31 January 2012 8

We’ve had some fun with publishing Jeff Manny’s epistles (the self described ““second richest and biggest business man in Belconnen” for those coming in late).

Doing so has had the intended outcome of ending his correspondence, so mission accomplished.

But some readers have expressed concern about taking joy from what appears to be mental illness.

It was always a line ball decision, so we’re throwing it over to you dear reader.

The wit and wisdom of Jeff Manny

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8 Responses to Do you want more Manny? [With poll]
Diggety Diggety 8:19 pm 31 Jan 12

JB, love your work but I feel even more c*nty than my usual self reading those. And that’s a whopping big c*nt!

Pork Hunt Pork Hunt 4:50 pm 31 Jan 12

If he emails his letters to all and sundry, then let all and sundry read them on this forum.

Baldy Baldy 4:10 pm 31 Jan 12

A quick search of key terms in his emails shows that others who share his views and writng style generally find a way to publish his views. This at least gives him a forum to discuss his views and get feedback from others who don’t frequent those types of websites.

I’m not convinced he does have a mental illness but then I don’t have any qualifications to judge based on 3 emails.

poetix poetix 3:49 pm 31 Jan 12

It’s a really fine line between wanting to protect someone who may have a mental illness (and none of us knows whether this particular person does suffer from one or not) and discriminating against someone who may have a mental illness. He wants to be published; what harm can it do him? Personally I have found some of the issues he has raised quite interesting. If he’s only published because of his unique style, does that make it worse? I don’t think so. If comments are really cruel or unsuitable wouldn’t they usually be moderated anyway on this site? There’s a vast difference between poking fun and really setting out to hurt someone, in my opinion.

harvyk1 harvyk1 1:50 pm 31 Jan 12

The way I see it, he has included many media organisations in his list of people, thus he wants the emails published far and wide. The fact that half of the readership is laughing at him and the other half is worried about his mental health doesn’t really prevent the letters from being published.

I expect that had the Iran Daily goes ahead and published his letters in their newspaper, the readership wouldn’t have had the lovely ability to respond like they do on the RiotACT. (I am assuming the Iran Daily is not publishing his letters despite being on his mailing list, however I might be wrong)

I don’t know if “I want more” per say, but I see nothing wrong with giving a man who wants a soap box a stage to stand on, even if he is then making a complete fool of himself.

EvanJames EvanJames 11:31 am 31 Jan 12

I should imagine that nothing would make him happier than to have his diatribes published on a website such as this. People with his mental condition love a soapbox, love an audience.

VYBerlinaV8_is_back VYBerlinaV8_is_back 11:20 am 31 Jan 12

I’ve avoided the Manny stories, as the guy obviously has some issues. Making fun of this is, to me, akin to the wealthy laughing at the efforts of the poor. Not nice at all.

shirty_bear shirty_bear 11:05 am 31 Jan 12

… or Option 3 – no more thanks, but not out of respect for Manny’s state of mind; rather, my own.
Reading (and attempting to comprehend) his stream of consciousness drivel made my brain hurt.

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