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Dog poisoning in Evatt

By johnboy 31 July 2009 45

The RSPCA is has put out a media release warning that dog poisoners are on the loose in Evatt.

    We have heard about the tragedy one family has suffered and are seeking information to assist with our investigations.

    A resident in Sheehy Street has lost one family dog and has had two others admitted to a local vet clinic, one is still critical. We believe these dogs have been deliberately poisoned using common rat poison.

    A four month old St Bernard was found dead on Saturday morning. On Tuesday morning a second dog started bleeding from the nose and yesterday a third dog was admitted to the vet hospital.

    “This is a disgusting and cowardly act of cruelty” Michael said. “I like to think we live in a society where we get on with our neighbours , but sadly for the residents of Sheehy Street in Evatt this is not the case. We are aware families in this street own a number of dogs and we are asking people to be vigilant.

While sadly not a new thing, we can only hope they catch the buggers this time.

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Dog poisoning in Evatt
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crankymum 7:31 am 03 Aug 09

Once again: truly regret the awful events, so sorry for your friends, wish we could help…

shiny 2:33 am 03 Aug 09

I am a friend of the family who’s dogs had been poisoned in Evatt the other day.

Sadly, there has been more tragedy. Though the dog whose nose was bleeding is much better, the dog that was taken into the vet’s hospital passed away this afternoon.

I can’t even begin to say how sad I am for them – they are very close, personal friends of mine and this is a shocking turn of events adding to the already sad death of the first puppy. These dogs were like children to this family and I wish I could rewind a fortnight and make it all go away – a naive thought I know.

I hope that the f**ktard who did this rots in their own filth.

All three of the dogs were so sweet and loving, caused no trouble, always so happy to see me, crashing into walls in their excitement and stepping on each other to get to me first – I’m shattered that I won’t see that again.

77919Surik.Saints 1:18 am 02 Aug 09

I am just stunned,what sort of Scum Bag is the person who done this,they have proven that people who do this to animals is just a matter of time before they start being violent to other people,as far as dvaey’s responces,what sort of mental midget are you,there is no justification for poisoning any animal,NO MATTER What the circumstances,as it has been said many times,THERE ARE channels to go throught to take action against vicious dog’s if this in fact the case of what has happened to your friend (also channels to have nuisance dogs and irresponsible owners dealt with)and as far as your friend letting his SEVEN YEAR OLD Bitch have a litter,he should be investigated,by dvaey’s comments,it almost sounds as if you are condoning what this F#*kstick did.
I have over the years had many animals,whether ones we have bred,rescued or taken in because their own owners could no longer have them, would not be responsible for my actions if I where to meet up with a lowlife who could do this,call me old fashioned or old school,but bring back Corpral and Capital punishment

farnarkler 9:20 pm 01 Aug 09

Anyone for capital punishment for this type of crime? I’d be happy to do the five or so years I’d get for taking to a killer of my animals with a kitchen knife or three.

Gin02 6:45 pm 01 Aug 09

I hope when the people who do these sorts of things are found, they get a punishment that is actually a punishment and not just ‘oh you’ve been naughty’ slap on the wrist that these kind of people usually get.

At the end of the day, a family has lost a loved one, if it was a person hit by a drunk driver, Mr Stanhope and co would be calling for jail time. But alas, its only a dog so who cares. We should be caring!

To the dogs family: I am sorry for your loss.

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