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Doggy Cafe in Canberra

By gary - 21 February 2008 50

Today I went to a Cafe which called My Bone Cafe with my little 4 legged friend. I had a sandwich and a cup of coffee which were very nice and my little friend had a little bowl of doggycinno and bowl chicken with rice. We both really enjoyed our afternoon there. You should have a try too….

[Ed. Can anyone list other cafe’s that will let you have your dog. Two that come to mind for me are black pepper cafe in belconnen, and the cafe at the yarralumla nursery which actually has a seperate menu for your pooch]

What’s Your opinion?

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50 Responses to
Doggy Cafe in Canberra
barney 1:33 pm 21 Feb 08

…You’d rather spend time with a small chunk of a Mars Bar?? 😉

ant 1:30 pm 21 Feb 08

Babies cry and scream, smokers broadcast smoke in all directions, dogs sit under the table and think dog thoughts.
I know which of the above I’d rather share a space with!

Mælinar 1:25 pm 21 Feb 08

@danman – and how often have you done that VB weilder ?

Just to set the story straight, I generally walk my West Highland White Terrier, Anzac, every night. At no time have I ever considered stopping for a coffee.

I have walked him to the shops, brought beer, and walked home though (yes S4anta, that was your Guinness I’m talking about).

S4anta 12:22 pm 21 Feb 08

Dont know. But one suspects that it might similar to the good ol’ smoking debate/crying babies. That being;
Some people might just simply prefer to enjoy a day out in the sunshine without strange dogs being near them doing what dogs do, or being fouled up by leashes and other random paraphenalia. personally, provided the pooch hangs under the table and behaves itself I am all for it. That being said the pups in my family stay at home when we are out (unless walking to shops etc) buts that just how we do things.

Danman 11:59 am 21 Feb 08

Mael, its ok to hate dogs, and on occasion their owners, where justified, but do not tar us all with the same brush.

If I wanna take my staffy in my EB falcon for a walk around yerrabi pond then to a cafe for a cold bevvie for me and a water hor him then where lies the problem ?

Am I all of a sudden homosexual because i refuse to tie my dog to a post while I go off and have a bevvy ?


ant 11:42 am 21 Feb 08

So normal dogs will infest everyone with the Black Dog Plague, but seeing eye dogs won’t?

S4anta 11:35 am 21 Feb 08

Pets in licensed venue areas, actually contravene ACT Health regulations, and OH&S for workers. Seeing eye dogs (not your ugly mother in law) are a different matter. Not a whinge as to not have them, just explaining why folks.

Mælinar 11:34 am 21 Feb 08

@ant – because its a poncy wankfest by self-righteous a$$holes with carrots up their bums and plums in their mouths – the inventors of cappucino, and Bondi handbags.

I bet they don’t even walk their dogs to the cafe, they drive their dog in their Nissan Pajero’s there after dropping little Evahn and Bridgeit off to school.

If it were any more gay, I’d be singing Freddy Mercury songs.

ant 11:19 am 21 Feb 08

Why can’t people take their dogs to cafes, especially outdoor ones? The yanks are a lot more civilised about dogs than we are. Over there you’ll see dogs at eateries, shops, you name it. And no one’s dying of the Black Dog Plague or whatever it is. Are toddlers and babies less germ-infested than dogs?!

la mente torbida 10:44 am 21 Feb 08

bees & co @ yarralumla shops also serve dog treats

caf 10:24 am 21 Feb 08

Oh and next door at Edgars they seem to be dog-friendly too, although they don’t have a specific doggie beer on the menu.

caf 10:24 am 21 Feb 08

Pulp Kitchen at Ainslie has some kind of meaty item on the menu for your handbag dogs.

Danman 10:21 am 21 Feb 08

OT but at the top of Mt Taylor someone has secured a stainless steel dog bowl to the bench up there so your pooches can have a drink when they get to the top as well. I usually carry a fold up nylon dog bowl but this is a good idea.

There used to be a garden shop in Kippax I think – near old mama rias, they had a coffee shop inside and was dog friendly.

S4anta 10:14 am 21 Feb 08

and the post will be one about canine obesity and why isnt the Government doing anything about this insidious development in the ACT populus.

Mælinar 9:27 am 21 Feb 08

Stupid is as stupid does.

That’s all I have to say about that.

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