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Dog’s On Leads

By tylersmayhem 21 January 2009 147

From reading comments on my first post of the day [yesterday] on this topic (, I thought I’ll go ahead and do so.  Both posts have related to dogs, and I don’t want to come across as an anti-dog person.  On the contrary, in fact I love dogs, but have certain expectations of owners, and from myself when I get another one.

I can’t believe I’m admitting this, but I am not actually cycling to work on cycle paths instead of cycle lanes.  I had one too many close calls with f**kwit drivers recently, and the extra 15 minutes commute uphill seems worth it.  Despite the crap upkeep of cycle lanes, the mindless planning and lack of signage – I’m prepared to just get on with it.  What I am finding hard to stomach are the dog owners who think it’s fine to walk their dogs on a cycle way…off a leash.  Using this morning as an example, I came across around 8 owners walking their dog, and only one dog was on a leash.  This wouldn’t prestest any issues with me if the following things happen time after time:

While half of the dogs were well behaved, I was chased by a cattle dog while the owner shouted at the dog (this is probably the prime example of an idiot who knows their dog will do this, and will keep putting it and cyclists in the situation until the dog learns not to in the meantime learns – d**khead).  Nothing like hearing a dog owner franticly yelling “LOOK OUT” to a cyclist, and “STOP IT, COME BACK” to a border collie while it sprints behind you nipping at your wheels and feet.  While this will cause a chuckle out of many of you, and me while wrinting this – it’s still pretty dangerous and unacceptable.  There was also two occasions where owners heard my bell and saw me coming – and made no attempt to control their dog.  In both cases the dogs wandered straight in front of me.  I narrowly missed one, and slammed on the breaks to avoid hitting the other.  One of the kind owners told me how much of a **kwit they thought I was.  Interesting that how I’m happy to share cycleways with pedestrans and their dogs, but I’M the f**kwit when they fail to control their animals on the CYCLEway.  Perhaps they need DOGways?!

Anyone else having similar gripes.  I can just see me hitting a dog, and being held responsible to pay for vet costs etc etc.

What’s Your opinion?

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Dog’s On Leads
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zig 5:56 pm 23 Jan 09

miz said :

Those maps cannot be correct! They say Gilmore primary and Chisholm shops are ok to have a dog off leash! I don’t think so.

I think you are reading the map incorrectly.

Chisholm shops is clearly an on-leash area as is Gilmore primary although the oval nearby isn’t.

miz 5:49 pm 23 Jan 09

Those maps cannot be correct! They say Gilmore primary and Chisholm shops are ok to have a dog off leash! I don’t think so.

hax 4:28 pm 23 Jan 09

The Brad said :

I think you misread a lot of posts.

When I’m legally driving/cycling/walking, I have the right to share (this path with you, please show the same courtesy).

Yes, that was my underlying point. (just read it again and replace the I’s with You’s)
If only people were courteous and showed common sense! (probably not going to happen)

There’s already too many rules and regulations for practically everything, we don’t need more rules and bans on day-to-day activities, otherwise what is freedom?

johnboy 1:17 pm 23 Jan 09

Brad is back into moderation, Zig goes in for the first time.

Anyone else feel like complaining?

zig 1:15 pm 23 Jan 09

The Brad said :

Looks like moderation is a thing of the past now.

Clearly given all the personal attacks that are going on.

The Brad 12:47 pm 23 Jan 09

Looks like moderation is a thing of the past now.

Tibbs 12:47 pm 23 Jan 09

I have problems with dogs everyday on Canberra’s paths, both cycling and as a jogger. I don’t feel I own the paths when I’m on them, I move well off the path to get past others.

Every day a dog will either run at me, chase me, bark at me, jump on me or snap at me as I go past, and often the owner is right there with it.

It’s a particular problem in the off-leash area in Evatt, which also happens to be between two schools. I wonder how many school kids feel harassed by the dogs in this off-leash area on their way to and from school? Why not only have off-leash areas well away from areas where people are likely to feel harrassed by dogs?


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