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Dog’s On Leads

By tylersmayhem - 21 January 2009 147

From reading comments on my first post of the day [yesterday] on this topic (, I thought I’ll go ahead and do so.  Both posts have related to dogs, and I don’t want to come across as an anti-dog person.  On the contrary, in fact I love dogs, but have certain expectations of owners, and from myself when I get another one.

I can’t believe I’m admitting this, but I am not actually cycling to work on cycle paths instead of cycle lanes.  I had one too many close calls with f**kwit drivers recently, and the extra 15 minutes commute uphill seems worth it.  Despite the crap upkeep of cycle lanes, the mindless planning and lack of signage – I’m prepared to just get on with it.  What I am finding hard to stomach are the dog owners who think it’s fine to walk their dogs on a cycle way…off a leash.  Using this morning as an example, I came across around 8 owners walking their dog, and only one dog was on a leash.  This wouldn’t prestest any issues with me if the following things happen time after time:

While half of the dogs were well behaved, I was chased by a cattle dog while the owner shouted at the dog (this is probably the prime example of an idiot who knows their dog will do this, and will keep putting it and cyclists in the situation until the dog learns not to in the meantime learns – d**khead).  Nothing like hearing a dog owner franticly yelling “LOOK OUT” to a cyclist, and “STOP IT, COME BACK” to a border collie while it sprints behind you nipping at your wheels and feet.  While this will cause a chuckle out of many of you, and me while wrinting this – it’s still pretty dangerous and unacceptable.  There was also two occasions where owners heard my bell and saw me coming – and made no attempt to control their dog.  In both cases the dogs wandered straight in front of me.  I narrowly missed one, and slammed on the breaks to avoid hitting the other.  One of the kind owners told me how much of a **kwit they thought I was.  Interesting that how I’m happy to share cycleways with pedestrans and their dogs, but I’M the f**kwit when they fail to control their animals on the CYCLEway.  Perhaps they need DOGways?!

Anyone else having similar gripes.  I can just see me hitting a dog, and being held responsible to pay for vet costs etc etc.

What’s Your opinion?

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147 Responses to
Dog’s On Leads
Ari 10:06 am 21 Jan 09

Madame Workalot said :

Ari – this person is being responsible and minimising the danger to other animals to meet their duty of care.

No he’s not. He railing that the rest of society should curtail its activities because of his own inept socialisation of his dogs.

Madame Workalot 10:04 am 21 Jan 09

Good on you for looking after your dogs Sadmushroom, might I suggest muzzling them if they do bite though. I understand your frustration, but better to be safe than sorry.

Ari – this person is being responsible and minimising the danger to other animals to meet their duty of care. How about cutting them a little slack?

Ari 10:01 am 21 Jan 09

niftydog said :

If I had my way the gov. would fix all the cycle paths and it would cost us all a lot more money.

I’d agree with that. It would give me even more good paths to walk my dog off-lead.

Skidbladnir 10:00 am 21 Jan 09

Oh, and of course the random apostrophes.

niftydog 9:59 am 21 Jan 09

Yeah, that’s right Ari, every single bike owner in the entire city is a card-carrying member of Pedal Power. Amazing isn’t it?

If I had my way the gov. would fix all the cycle paths and it would cost us all a lot more money.

AngryHenry 9:54 am 21 Jan 09

Lady From Holt, woah! That’s a little flamey for my liking.

Problem with bikes is quite often, if you are walking, you cannot hear them until they are right behind you. It is a shared space and we should consider that first and foremost, when riding I always will veer off the path if I’m approaching a pedestrian from behind and give them heaps of space so I don’t catch them by suprise, I find when people are walking towards me they’ll be courteous enough to move aside and let me cycle on by.

When I walk my dog he’s always on lead because he will just take off and get into anything, ususally we just run him with the bike because he is more focused when he’s running. But when we do go for walks it really annoys me when people walk their dogs off lead and can’t control them, my dog has a lot of attitude but is only little (I beleive it’s called ‘little dog syndrome) so when a dog aggressively charges through the park unrestrained(which is not an off-lead park) marking it’s territory while it’s owner is 100 metres away and completly not in control of their animal, my dog goes spastic and runs the risk of being injured. This is something I am trying to train out of my dog and often if someone else has a dog on a leash we’ll go and say hello, most of the time this works out fine, occaisonally he’ll get into a scrap, especially if he comes across a male who hasn’t been desexed, but because they’re both on leads the situation is very easy to manage.

I have this anxiety about one day having to flee a much larger dog on the charge with a Jack Russell tucked under my arm, that would be most immasculating!

Ari 9:52 am 21 Jan 09

SadMushroom said :

Well it’s NOT OK because my dogs do bite.

They should be put down then.

niftydog 9:51 am 21 Jan 09

Lady_from_Holt said :

OMG get over yourself. They’re not called ‘cycle ways’ they’re called FOOT PATHS and they are a SHARED facility.

Ummmm, no. They ARE called “cycle paths” (see the ACT Road Rules), and yes, they are a shared facility, which means you need to be mindful of others rightfully using them and use a bit of tolerance and common sense. Too bad for you, I guess.

Aside from the fact that I’d never dice with death on the cycle lanes, for me they are nowhere near as direct as the cycle paths, so I guess I’m stuck with it.

SadMushroom 9:46 am 21 Jan 09

It is ACT law that all dogs be kept on leads on cycle paths. Even in off leash areas once the dog is on the cycle path it must be placed on a leash.
If you do hit an off lead dog on the cycle path it is the owners responsibility and you cannot be held accountable.

I am in Queanbeyan but also have alot of trouble with off leash dogs while I am walking my dogs. I walk in an ‘on leash’ zone but each day the majority of people walking their dogs let them run free. These dogs will run at you barking while their owners yell and scream at them to stop.
The owners always say “”Sorry, but it’s OK he doesn’t bite”
Well it’s NOT OK because my dogs do bite. I am not battling to keep away from their dogs I am battling to keep between their dog and mine.
My dogs are registered appropriately and microchipped. The are muzzled and wear a warning collar which should be enough to let these people know to stay away..

Each few months when it gets bad I call the rangers and tell them where and what time I am walking. The rangers make visits to the paths and warn people once, after that they receive fines. I hate to be the dobber but I am NOT going to have my dogs in trouble because some fat old silky terrier tries to attack me and my dogs while his owner sits on the bench reading a magazine.

Ari 9:42 am 21 Jan 09

What I am finding hard to stomach are the dog owners who think it’s fine to walk their dogs on a cycle way…off a leash.

F*ck me, yet another cyclist who acts like a princess.

Get back on the green lanes your lot lobbied so hard for … and we all paid for.

ramblingted 9:41 am 21 Jan 09

Even more dangerous than stray dogs are apostrophes without any owners in sight…

ebony57 9:41 am 21 Jan 09

Unfortunately, many areas with cycle paths in Canberra are actually designated as “off-leash” areas for dogs. One such area is the green belt in Cook that runs from Lyttleton down to Redfern.

You can view a map of approved off-leash areas on this site:

Sigh. I don’t own a dog, but I guess it would be nice for Fido to run free sans leash. I don’t see how this translates to allowing a dog to behave however the heck it wants to, and it can make it just as unpleasant if you are trying to go for a walk along one of these greenways/cycle paths. Like most facets of life, not everyone wants to play within the rules.

I guess as a cyclist, you’re possibly stuffed both ways. Take the road and run the gauntlet (so to speak), or take the cycle path and face the little critters of nature.

Happy cycling?

Skidbladnir 9:37 am 21 Jan 09

This has all the hallmarks of a hastily written spray. 🙂
prestest? wrinting? breaks?

Lady_from_Holt 9:33 am 21 Jan 09

OMG get over yourself. They’re not called ‘cycle ways’ they’re called FOOT PATHS and they are a SHARED facility. How about we start setting a speed limit to you cyclists so we don’t have to worry about you speeding along and hitting us and our dogs. And you think your tiny little bell is going to get you out of trouble, chances are, even if dogs were on a lead they would get in your way. Silly us for walking on these paths – it must be terrible for you when there are people and animals in your way. The government has put in place CYCLE PATHS so you don’t have to use the foot paths and get cranky about pedestrians, use them and stop bloody whinging! Next time you go out of your home I’m going to put a lead on you and then you can see what its like! I bet if you had children you’d put them on a lead too, don’t want them running and talking to their friends – how inconvenient! When I walk my dog, I carry the lead but when she is good, I take it off, and then you b@stard cyclists zoom past and expect us both to not notice. What a load of s__t

Whatsup 9:27 am 21 Jan 09

Why don’t you put a call into Urban Services and suggest they monitor the people walking their dogs off lead and not under appropriate control in the area ? If its a regular thing than you should be able to give them times and places to target.

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