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Double demerits this weekend

By johnboy 23 April 2009 7

His Chiefliness has broken a lengthy silence to warn us that Anzac Day will be celebrated with double demerits for driving offences.

    “Double demerit points will apply from Friday 24 April to Monday 27 April,” Mr Stanhope said. “Police will be targeting speeding and seat belt offences throughout the ACT.

    “More people will be on the roads this weekend which means the risk of roads accidents is higher. I urge all drivers to pay extra attention to the driving conditions, to slow down and to not drink and drive,” Mr Stanhope said.

    Drivers who don’t not wear a seatbelt or permit passengers under 16 years of age to travel in a vehicle unrestrained risk losing six demerit points this ANZAC Day long weekend.

    Drivers who exceed the speed limit by more than 45km/h risk licence suspension or 12 demerit points. Drivers who exceed the speed limit by 31km/h to 45km/h can lose eight demerit points, while driving 16km/h to 30 km/h above the speed limit can attract six demerit points.

    Drivers who commit other offences such as running red lights or failing to stop at stop signs will receive one extra demerit point on top of the usual number applied.

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Double demerits this weekend
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p1 2:44 pm 24 Apr 09

Apparently a lot of people still don’t wear seatbelt, which is amazing when you consider how effective they are, yet easy to use.

I know that I feel kinda weird driving without a seatbelt on. Even if it is just through a gate (where I have to get out and shut it) or moving a car up a driveway a few metres, seatbelts are so ingrained in my behaviour I put it on automatically.

Keeping my speed down on the other hand, has become increasingly hard to do since buying a fast motorcycle. Not necessarily because I am wanting to ride fast (that’s a whole other thing), but because I see an opportunity to overtake someone, do it, and kinda forget that in the hundred metres it took me to get past them and slow back down, I’ve done 50km/h over the limit. It is this behaviour that I think double discount weekends might actually address.

Ian 12:06 pm 24 Apr 09

It would be so much easier if they just didn’t hand out licenses to morons.

Pommy bastard 10:39 am 24 Apr 09

Double demerits is a great and worthy tool, I wish they’d introduce the system on UK roads.

Apparently a lot of people still don’t wear seatbelt, which is amazing when you consider how effective they are, yet easy to use.

Spectra 10:07 am 24 Apr 09

Yeah, wasn’t suggesting that it was somehow a new phenomenon, but the only way to fight “widely believed facts” like this is to keep calling them out. The hope being that gradually people will start to get the message.

What kind of surprises me is that they still feel the need to target seatbelt wearing. I was under the (quite probably incorrect) impression that that was a battle won long ago.

It’s been this way for many years. Want to drive on a weekend more dangerous than Christmas or Easter? Any weekend will do…

Personally, I don’t think the double demerits help much, you still see moronic driving.

Spectra 10:51 pm 23 Apr 09

More people will be on the roads this weekend which means the risk of roads accidents is higher

Oh really? Governments love to trot out the double demerits on the premise that holiday periods are far more dangerous. For 2006 and 2007 the average road toll was 4.37 and 4.42 per day. Over the Christmas periods for each of these years, it was 4.13 and 3.2 per day respectively. Other holiday periods tend to jump around a bit due to their shorter duration, but look to be lower than average just as often as they’re higher. This in spite of all the extra cars on the road, people on unfamiliar roads and the media feverishly tracking the toll each day as if Christmas brings some kind of road transport holocaust.
Now granted, these lower numbers are almost certainly in part because of the double demerit system and all the hype surrounding road safety at this time of the year. But statistically speaking, you’re ever so slightly safer if you get in your car on the holidays than any other day.

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