Eight-storey Greenway apartment proposal alarms residents

Ian Bushnell 15 June 2020 27
Proposed apartment block

An illustration of the proposed apartment block. Image: Purdon Planning.

A new multi-storey residential proposal for a block in Greenway poses traffic, parking and overshadowing concerns, according to local residents.

The Simunic Brothers’ Empire Global company wants to build an eight-storey building of about 144 units on a rear section of Block 2 Section 57 at 305 Anketell Street, fronting Limburg Way near the lake. The entire block is occupied by Margaret Guilfoyle House and a Wilson’s car park.

The building will include rooftop and ground-level gardens and two levels of basement car parking.

This would be Stage 1 of an overall development on the 7280 square metre site, which was the subject of a previous proposal from the same developer in 2017 for 375 units over four buildings of seven and eight storeys and 400 car spaces.

The new proposal is at pre-DA consultation stage and is being handled by Purdon Planning, which also presented the previous proposal to the Tuggeranong Community Council.

The southern section of Anketell Street is a mix of apartments blocks and commercial sites such as Bunnings, and the local residents’ group opposing the development says another high-rise block will only exacerbate traffic and parking issues.

The map of the development site

The map shows the section of the site to be developed in this proposal and the precinct boundary.

It says Stage 1 will have an estimated additional 180 vehicles daily on Anketell Street and Limburg Way, a narrow, busy road that has two dangerous sections – a tight bend near the children’s playground that safely can only be taken at 20 km/h and the corner of Reed St South, where cars exit the Watermark Apartments driveway.

The already-approved Geocon and Empire developments ‘Aspen Village’ and ‘Black Diamond’ (570 units) will also eventually pour 800 vehicles into Anketell Street.

Combined with business traffic, the residents’ group estimates an extra 1100 vehicles a day, making life more dangerous for pedestrians cross Anketell Street and creating access problems for emergency vehicles, with the police station located at the corner of Anketell Street and Soward Way and the ambulance station in Scollay Street.

Parking is already at a premium in the area and the group says the proposal will make matters worse as the site currently includes the 120-space car park and the proposal does not reveal how many spaces the new building might have.

It believes the building will pose privacy and noise issues for nearby residents in smaller blocks and overshadow the existing units in Watermark and SQ1, blocking out the sunlight.

Stage 1 is currently a car park

The Stage 1 site is currently a car park and is adjacent to Margaret Guilfoyle House. Photo: Supplied.

The residents also fear development creep, noting this is just Stage 1 and further plans for the site are unknown, as well as concerns that once approved more changes might be proposed. Under the planning rules, up to 12 storeys are allowed on the site.

”We believe that this site would be better used for community facilities (low rise) that would benefit all residents of Tuggeranong, Greenway and surrounding suburbs. This area currently does not have any community facilities,” the group says.

The community council is assisting the group but president Jeffrey Bollard says it has not adopted a position yet on the development and expects Purdon to eventually present the plans to council.

He says the council has received feedback about parking pressures and traffic flow issues in that area.

There appears to be overflow from the residential blocks filling the public car parks, and competition between business customers and those trying to avoid fees.

It will come down to the quality of the building and how it integrates with the existing urban landscape, he says.

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27 Responses to Eight-storey Greenway apartment proposal alarms residents
Robyn Rofe Robyn Rofe 11:43 pm 19 Jun 20

Penny, you obviously have not understood the real reasons why people are objecting to this development. I do not recall any one mentioning blocking views. It is about lack of green space, increased traffic, increased lack of parking, pedestrian safety, increased accidents - maybe deaths and an over supply of apartments that we do not need.

    Elroy Jones Elroy Jones 10:10 am 20 Jun 20

    Robyn Rofe there’s a Whinge about views in this thread!

    Jason Cannon Jason Cannon 2:35 am 02 Jul 20

    Robyn Rofe hi Robyn, after reading this. This will add more stress to Anketell Street and surrounding streets not to mention some of the other things you have pointed out.

realist realist 11:36 pm 19 Jun 20

It is very unfortunate that some people do not realise that these sort of developments do not enhance the look of Greenway. It only puts more money in the pockets of the developers. They do not care about what the community wants only the profits they will make. The Barr Government will not listen to what the community wants as he is making a huge amount with the added rates. This is extremely bad town planning with high rise, very little parking, no green areas, increased traffic, higher accidents, and a very unattractive appearance for Tuggeranong. The TCC has fought for years to ensure that Tuggeranong/Greenway grows in a safe, community orientated, with an aesthetic look to cater for the continued needs of the community. Unfortunately these have gone on deaf ears with the Barr Government. I believe we need a change. After all changing government in October could not be any worse than what we have had to put up with during the Barr Government.

bj_ACT bj_ACT 11:41 am 18 Jun 20

Tuggeranong is in dire need of more development and employment opportunities, so I support this.

But the one lane roads and parking in this area is not adequate for the existing population, let alone the growing population.

According to an Allhomes report Greenway has the fastest population growth in Canberra (excluding brand new suburbs). With better planning and infrastructure this part of Tuggeranong has the potential to be a great little area.

Unfortunately the Greenway area’s planning is being driven by money hungry developers NOT by town planners.

Penny Gordon Penny Gordon 8:04 am 18 Jun 20

Oh the irony. People in these apartments complaining that a new complex will block their views.

I wonder if they have ever given a thought to the fact that THEIR complex also blocks views for others? Probably not.

taninaus taninaus 6:52 am 18 Jun 20

this was always going to be a high rise. The time to protest was years ago when the gov was doinjg the master planning and setting that whole strip aside for high density mixed use. The only control people have now is to require developers to adhere to the parking code and ensure access paths are well planned (often they scrimp on parking because there is a nearby parking lot – eg. bunnings). Then there are owners that buy an apartment that only includes 1 car spot but insist on still having 2+ cars in the household, taking up valuable public parking that should be used by visitors and workers.

grim123 grim123 4:39 pm 17 Jun 20

Oh, look, it’s the usual “Waaaaah! I want to live in a town centre but hold up actual development” crowd at it again.

Tracey Crump Tracey Crump 4:15 pm 17 Jun 20

What an architectural delight.... 🙄

Aaron Still Aaron Still 8:29 am 17 Jun 20

Parking is now a real concern in these areas. Some developments are being approved with no visitor parking, and the overflow of cars from insufficient basement parking is already creating major issues. Just look at the amount of cars parked in the Bunnings carpark and kerbside spots at night time. I’m all for development, but the planning needs to be done right

    Tania Shaw Tania Shaw 6:53 am 18 Jun 20

    Yes this is a major issue, but it is 2 fold - yes the developer scrimped as parking doesn't bring $$, but people who buy the apartments are also being irresponsible and not buying what they need - buying a place with only 1 park but insisting on having 2 cars.

    Aaron Still Aaron Still 12:12 pm 18 Jun 20

    Tania Shaw completely agree 👍

Liz Stephens Liz Stephens 1:01 am 17 Jun 20

So where are the plans for community facilities, green spaces for kids to play, parking and an upgrade to Southpoint? Contact your local members it’s ACT elections coming up!

    Elroy Jones Elroy Jones 10:25 am 17 Jun 20

    Liz Stephens there’s a huge park on the lake already

    Tania Shaw Tania Shaw 12:54 pm 18 Jun 20

    Liz there is plenty, along the lake you have the community centre, playgrounds, arts centre, college and library, fitness stuff and a great big strip of green stuff.

    Jason Cannon Jason Cannon 6:35 pm 02 Jul 20

    Elroy and Tania, are you paying for the taxi so the elderly people can sit in that park? Because the road will be pretty hard for them to cross.

Gabriel Spacca Gabriel Spacca 8:16 pm 16 Jun 20

Just as long as they do a good job of getting rid of the existing green spaces. Some of the newer developments have left some trees intact. Not good enough.

Justin Watson Justin Watson 8:03 pm 16 Jun 20

The town centres are where apartments need to go. You can't move into apartments next door then expect the block of land will not get developed into apartments because it ruins the view.

Phil Hopkins Phil Hopkins 7:20 pm 16 Jun 20

It's Tuggers Anything to improve it should be welcomed.

Chris Tony Chris Tony 6:27 pm 16 Jun 20

It's so good to see companies wanting to invest in tuggeranong. Town centres are the perfect place for dense housing. Good to see

Greg Stone Greg Stone 5:38 pm 16 Jun 20

Dean Hudson is this the one you were telling us about that will screw your view?

    Dean Hudson Dean Hudson 5:40 pm 16 Jun 20

    Greg Stone Yep! We're discussing this article in my complex's FB Group. 8 stories is ridiculous! I'm okay with up to 6.

    Elroy Jones Elroy Jones 10:25 am 17 Jun 20

    Dean Hudson you don’t own the view Deano

    Dean Hudson Dean Hudson 10:39 am 17 Jun 20

    Elroy Jones I'm sorry. Do I know you? Also they are lodging the application to build outside the precinct boundary. If anything they should maximise car parks with a multi storey. Hell! Sell them! Or put a community centre there.

April Littrell April Littrell 5:00 pm 16 Jun 20

so the original 16 didn't get any attention, now half the size and twice as much complaining

    Robyn Rofe Robyn Rofe 11:49 pm 19 Jun 20

    Not sure where you are coming from April. This site and the sites in Greenway have never been planned for 16 storeys. Suggest you should have a look at the master plan.

Capital Retro Capital Retro 2:31 pm 16 Jun 20

Bunnings just across the road from this site will be forward-ordering silicone sealers an gap filler already.

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