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Election Wrap – 18 September

By johnboy - 18 September 2008 19


Jon Stanhope and Zed are both in the CT saying thanks for nothing to Greens Senator Bob Brown who has lobbed a live euthanasia grenade into the middle of our election campaign.

The ABC reports that the ACT Council of Parent and Citizens Associations has backed the Liberal reduced class size plan over Labor’s specialist teachers proposal.

The ABC also brings word on the bickering in the leader’s debate.

The CT also has an AAP report on that subject.


Most of the Labor front bench have joined to promise another $50 million for education including… wait for it… smaller class sizes.


The Greens are promising to set up an “Information Commissioner” to apply consistent standards across Freedom Of Information requests.

Shane Rattenbury is disappointed that the leader’s debate failed to address substantive issues.

What’s Your opinion?

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19 Responses to
Election Wrap – 18 September
caf 5:44 pm 18 Sep 08

verbalkint: Have there actually been any polls published?

Granny 5:32 pm 18 Sep 08

I missed it. Does anybody know if I can get a look on the net somewhere?

astrojax 4:57 pm 18 Sep 08

dunno about saying ‘zed won’, rather i thought CM was hammered and, as whistle astutely puts it, he and the moderator were ‘losers’…

no-one won, certainly not entertaining mid day tv!

verbalkint 4:41 pm 18 Sep 08

Zed was quit flat, didnt land any punches and repeated himself over and over about schools.

Now I know that the polls are saying that it is the only issues on which the Libs are getting any traction, but surely he can branch about a bit from that and try to make some other points.

Stanhope wasn’t great by any stretch of the imagination, and the moderator and journos were terrible – the questions were a joke! – but really, to say Zed “won” really is stretching the truth. He didnt say anything significant to show that he has vision or talent, and he missed his chance to lay int the government in any meaningful way.

Nothing he sad will cut through to an undecided voter.

whistle 1:58 pm 18 Sep 08

I agree with astro. The losers were the moderator and Stanhope.

You would expect Stanhope could knock Zed apart, but Zed clobbered him in a pretty cool relaxed manner. Smyth was a real angry ant. I can’t remember if Katy even said boo. She was/ is/ always has been a non-event. I really don’t see how anyone can see her as the best Labor talent to replace Stanhope some day in the future.

astrojax 1:51 pm 18 Sep 08

and the moderator was a goose.

astrojax 1:50 pm 18 Sep 08

labor were a bit hammered in the debate, i thought, with CM squirming more than a couple of times, esp when journos accused him point blank of being arrogant. banging on with numbers of how much was spent didn’t address the questions of why, with what aim and did spending meet the need.

and zed, it isn’t a backflip! to perform a backflip entails that you end up facing the same way (which, metaphorically, isn’t what you wanted to say) how about, simply, a policy reversal, or a u-turn, or about face?

libs didn’t say much either, really; though they were at least a little more concrete than the rhetorical labor guff. can anyone tell me why this election, in particular, is the most critical we’ve ever faced? all i heard from katy is that it is, not why. why is it? isn’t every election critical in that a vote the other way would [have] significantly alter[ed] the subsequent effects on the community?

i thought the libs taking stanhope apart on the class size and school closures was well done.

not a mention, however, of energy efficiencies, of water, of sustainable growth, of community values and culture, not one. from either side.

and neither side addressed how they would ensure that no canberran would ever again be subject to a five dollar overcharge on a pizza. reprehensible.

Overheard 1:15 pm 18 Sep 08

Aurelius said :

There hasn’t been a good leaders debate in an election since Keating wiped the floor with Howard in 96… and then went on to be creamed on polling day.

I was serving behind the bar of a departmental happy hour on the night before election and the faces were all longer than a wet week. Similar-ish to 1993 when Keating won the “unwinnable” election and the standing joke was the Labor Party faithful spent the late evening drinking warm champagne because noone had thought to put it on the ice.

There you go; if anyone comes to my trivia night at the Tra dies Club in Dickson on Monday night you’ve got one answer out of 60 right already!

B*gger! Best be popping over the the DIY Wotz On thread…

Overheard 1:11 pm 18 Sep 08

Thumper said :

There hasn’t been a decent leaders debate since Harold and William went for it in 1066.

No, I remember that one; I was a senior adviser to William at the time. 1066 was closed for pest fumigation and they had to move it downstairs to 954.

Thumper 1:02 pm 18 Sep 08

There hasn’t been a decent leaders debate since Harold and William went for it in 1066.

Gungahlin Al 12:55 pm 18 Sep 08

There hasn’t been a good leaders debate since the final series of West Wing.

Aurelius 11:18 am 18 Sep 08

There hasn’t been a good leaders debate in an election since Keating wiped the floor with Howard in 96… and then went on to be creamed on polling day.

jakez 11:03 am 18 Sep 08

Now now LG, I’m sure it’s going to be a titanic intellectual battle that will go down in history as one of the world’s defining philosophical moments.

LG 10:37 am 18 Sep 08

Leader’s debate… anyone got any paint drying as an alternative? It rained the other day, maybe there is some grass growing too.

miz 10:04 am 18 Sep 08

Pity Bob couched it in terms of euthanasia.

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