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European Wasps Revisitied

By Skidbladnir - 14 January 2008 68

European wasp nest attached to roof awning

In the thread “European Wasp nest removal?”, only a few of us believed European Wasps liked to live in houses.
We gave the following advice:
1) Destroy by Flame: using either WD40, lighter fluid, or using well-aimed cans of burning Mortein for self defence.
2) The Aliens Alternative (Step 1: Acquire an orbital platform with tactical nuclear capability, Step 2: Nuke!, Step 3: Clean up any fallout)
3) Use Harsh Chemicals: find a professional in the yellow pages, and get them destroyed.

The ABC have put out an article (hello to any ABC employees), suggesting:
1) using any household-grade insect spray has been labelled “suicidal” as literally thousands of wasps will emerge from the nest and try to kill you.
2) apparently ‘most’ of this years nests have been found in wall cavities of homes.

The ABC also say to contact a professional first in all cases.
Damn communist pansies.

What’s Your opinion?

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68 Responses to
European Wasps Revisitied
swamiOFswank 8:22 pm 14 Jan 08

well I just staked out my front door each evening for a week, and sprayed each one with Mortein when it flew home up into my eaves. Then I sprayed all around the area they crawled into with surface spray. It only took a week…and then there were…NONE!!

el ......VNBerlinaV8 7:41 pm 14 Jan 08

RE: The ‘super long spray can’ wasp spray sold in the pressurised cans. The cans only last for around 10 seconds tops, then they’re empty. Not exactly a cost effective solution, I recall paying around $13-$15 per can for the stuff. I needed 4 cans just to get rid of all the paper wasps around our old house.

European wasps are NOT worth fking around with.

Oh, and a luke-warm high pressure hose will do nothing but agitate them.

Even Chuck Norris won’t mess with European wasps. Think about it.

kevn 7:11 pm 14 Jan 08

You’d have to be pretty blind to miss that one?

caf 6:38 pm 14 Jan 08

lumnock: Surely you first remove it from the awning with a swift roundhouse kick, then crush it against your forehead?

howdy 5:22 pm 14 Jan 08

They can sniff you out really well actually. The wasp that hung out near my screen door would only be there (and persistently there) when I was entering or leaving the house. Yet when the screen door was open, unless I stood up against it the wasp wouldn’t appear.
Although flies are good at that also. I wouldn’t mess with a European wasp tho in real life. I only bought the can for a harmless-ish mud nest type thing.

I’m sure if any European wasps free escaped after a nest attack they would remember you and hunt you down…

lumnock 5:13 pm 14 Jan 08

be a real man and punch it off your awning. all other options short of the nuke is for little girls.

Mr Evil 5:11 pm 14 Jan 08

Al, I think that’s been the problem, a lot of people are confusing an 6 to 10 cell paper wasp nest with a European wasp colony of several thousand nasty little buggers.

The European wasp has become such a problem in NZ that even hunters carrying deer carcases have been attacked by swarms of the buggers. They are also competing with native birds over there in the Southern Beech forests of the South Island, as the Beech produces honey dew on the bark which supplies food to many birds and native insects.

Gungahlin Al 5:04 pm 14 Jan 08

OK I’m prepared to admit that I’ve never seen a nest that looks like that! I withdraw my recommendation of the “lighter and fly spray flame thrower” solution for that species.

If, on the other hand, you have the (a href=””>paper wasp, with the characteristic hexagonal nest cells, the above solution is eminently suitable and easy to deliver.

howdy 5:03 pm 14 Jan 08

It’s a super long spray can too? Lots of volume? One in each hand. She’ll be right.

Mr Evil 5:00 pm 14 Jan 08

So one can will kill about 300 of the 3000 European wasps in an average colony – 2700 angry wasps is a hell of a lot of stings to put up with when the spray runs out!

I saw a European wasp nest (post destruction!) on display in New Zealand: it was about a metre across, so imagine how many wasps that held.

howdy 4:54 pm 14 Jan 08

You can get wasp spray from the hardware store. It shoots out a very strong and long jet so you don’t have to get close and every third can sold comes with a free pair of thongs to assist with your sprint across the garden.

I’ve only tried it against the european wasp that somehow knew when you were going inside. One day it managed to follow me in and then proceeded to try to get out. I was going to let it out but logic and the thought of having fun with a super spray can prevailed.

I wonder if the super spray can is recommended by the ABC?

neanderthalsis 4:53 pm 14 Jan 08

So, from the fact sheet, option 2, thermo-nuclear devices released from orbit, seems to be the best solution.

Mr Evil 4:45 pm 14 Jan 08

Hingo, I’ll come and visit you in hospital, even if no one else will.

hingo_VRCalaisV6 4:41 pm 14 Jan 08

I meant to say pissing off to the neghbours awning. Not pissing off the awning, although, it makes a better story.

hingo_VRCalaisV6 4:40 pm 14 Jan 08

I don’t see why you can’t just blast them from a distance with a high pressure hose. Leave the hose in the sun for a while before doing it and it will also burn the crap out of them. If I was a wasp, I’d be pissing off the the neighbours awning. Problem solved.

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