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Farewell Ted

By Kerces 21 March 2006 17

This afternoon long-serving MLA Ted Quinlan will make his way along the corridors of the Assembly to Speaker Wayne Berry’s office to deliver a letter. That letter will contain his formal resignation notice.

Tomorrow Mr Quinlan will go into hospital for his second knee reconstruction — a souvenir from his time as an AFL player, a career which brought him to Canberra in the first place.

Mr Quinlan announced his retirement at the end of January. Some speculated this would bring an end to the reign of sanity in Canberra’s (small) halls of power.

He said at the time he hopes to spend his time working on his golf handicap (and having knee surgery, but hopefully not too often).

To mark the end of Mr Quinlan’s political career share your favourite memories, stories and rumours of the Quinlan era in the comments below.

UPDATE: Mr Quinlan has denied he was not tough enough on his colleagues’ spending, a question brought up by the ABC given he is leaving us with a large deficit budget.

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Farewell Ted
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bonfire 4:43 pm 23 Mar 06


Indi 4:42 pm 23 Mar 06

Bonfire – you forgot Mr Hargreaves, what’s he like?

bonfire 4:37 pm 23 Mar 06

i agree thumper – and so do qlds voters. although given the mess the alp is in up there, who knows.

Thumper 4:35 pm 23 Mar 06

Nothing wrong with pinching good ideas Bonfire.

A good idea generally means a good outcome for the public….

Thumper 4:34 pm 23 Mar 06

Well, I for one didn’t mind the sane one…

It’s a pity he’s going, hsure, he made mistakes, but he was a lone voice of logic in this tinpot dictatorship.

bonfire 4:33 pm 23 Mar 06

i have never voted for any liberals in the assembly. nor have i voted for john howard.

interesting that you assume that because i dont fawningly acclaim the non-achievements and spin of your cult/party that i must therefore be A LIBERAL SUPPORTER.

you must just love adversarial politics. that way you can just oppose someones ideas because THEY ARE LIBERALS.

what if the liberals have good ideas ? do you say – hey great idea – or do you just shuffle obligingly like a sullen soylent green consuming sheep into attack of the opposition mode.

at least peter beattie pinches the good ideas of his opposition.

LMB79 4:24 pm 23 Mar 06

Interesting choice of words…Liberal supporter?
As to being invisible, what does the sand look like from your perspective…with your head so firmly in it, it must be difficult to see much else!

bonfire 4:07 pm 23 Mar 06

if i was feeling threatened id make demands that a certain gender or ethnicity receive special treatment.

if i was dubious, id point out that an ideologue with a vagina is just as inept as an ideologue without one.

id also point out that the current crop of alp female assembly members aint doing you proud.

my one word summary of alp assembly members:

berry – principled.
corbell – incompetent
gallagher – shifty
gentleman – invisible
macdonald – invisible
porter – befuddled
quinlan – tired
stanhope – icarus

im sure that the faceless men are preparing to assemble at the kingo to determine stanhopes new caucus.

with such a limited talent pool, perhaps the chief cabbage will pick up another portfolio.

do i doubt that women are up to the job in politics ? no – but the ones you currently have representing the alp in the act arent.

Thumper 4:00 pm 23 Mar 06

“Katy does a wonderful job and is not afraid to take responsibility”

Did I read that correctly? Am I on a different planet or something?

LMB79 3:57 pm 23 Mar 06

Is someone feeling threatened? Don’t worry there will always be a place in politics for men but it’s time that women were better represented. Katy does a wonderful job and is not afraid to take responsibility when it is warranted. Karin could only benefit the Ministry and the Canberra community!

bonfire 2:58 pm 23 Mar 06

oh yeah, katy gallaghers a shining beacon of capability and accountability. more wymmin please.

Tess-bag 2:55 pm 23 Mar 06

It is about time that Karin MacDonald was moved into the Ministry. She has worked hard for canberra on Committees and as Government Whip and we certainly need a second woman’s perspective on the Front Bench.

Indi 8:50 pm 21 Mar 06

he did the right thing in leaving…pity nobody investigated his covering up of cooking the books during his time in ACTEWAGL to cover for his boss.

bonfire 4:10 pm 21 Mar 06

spare me.

if anything, this term of alp gummint in the act has been marked by lots of talking/planning followed by inaction and bizarre funding priorities.

What have they actually DONE ?

At least under Kate Carnell THINGS got done.

Which is what you want from a local council.

barking toad 2:48 pm 21 Mar 06

Your call, Kerces, about the end of the reign of sanity in the council is unfortunately correct. I think Ted has seen the writing on the wall for a while about the direction of the council despite his efforts as Treasurer to bring reality to the spending of his colleagues.

His only failing was to be an Essendon supporter who has had difficulty dealing with 1990.

johnboy 1:52 pm 21 Mar 06

I’ll always remember Ted standing outside the Sydney Football Stadium after a particularly wrenching loss to the bloody pansies.

He calmed a lot of people down and probably prevented a lot of fights that night.

justbands 1:49 pm 21 Mar 06

Bye Ted. The only Assembly member I’ve ever had personal issues with. Rude, arrogant pr1ck (in my opinion).

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