Feed-In Follies

johnboy 12 August 2009 2

Liberal Leader Zed Seselja is having a swing at yesterday’s news on the preliminary outcomes of the ACT’s feed-in tariff scheme (whereby, for human beings, the ACT Gubbmint pays a hugely inflated price for the those who can afford to generating power on their roof).

The media release seems to work out the numbers from each end without meeting in the middle but here’s a passage that makes some sense:

    “The initial figures released by Mr Corbell, indicates the current cost for the 238 tonnes saved is about $111,000 or about $465 per tonne of greenhouse gases. Under any measure, $465 is a huge amount to save for just one tonne of greenhouse gases.

    “When this scheme was first introduced the Canberra Liberals highlighted the overall cost for Canberrans of a feed-in tariff and questioned whether it would be the most efficient way to cut down on emissions.

    “Unfortunately, the Government has introduced an inefficient long-term scheme that will lock in higher energy prices for very little environmental gain.”

Simon Corbell has expressed some displeasure at this criticism:

    “Just this year the Liberals supported the Feed-In tariff in principle when legislation was passed in the Legislative Assembly, which saw the start of the scheme on March 1.

    “At the time, Mr Seselja said in his speech: ‘when we look around the world, it is easy to see the effectiveness of residential Feed-In schemes’.

    “Mr Seselja also applauded the work of the German Government, which is seen as a world leader and the resulting growth in the renewable energy market there, as a result of its Feed-In tariff.

    “He also said that the ACT needed to capitalise on its sunshine, and world-class scientists who were producing such cutting edge technology, stating that we needed to utilise this for the good of the environment and the nation.

    “But now, Mr Seselja is saying that a Feed-In tariff is no good, and on top of that, is suggesting that the ACT Government initiate other projects such as a solar facility and retrofitting of buildings.

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2 Responses to Feed-In Follies
georgesgenitals georgesgenitals 1:36 pm 01 Apr 11

This was never an economically sustainable idea. I’m surprised it’s taken this long for media to pick up on it.

MERC600 MERC600 1:23 pm 01 Apr 11

So us less wealthy dudes who don’t have these solars gizzmos on the roof, are paying big bucks to those who do have them. There’s a good line from a tune “why’s the rich man dancin’, while the poor man pays the band”. Sums it up well. Now they are talking about plastering solars all over Parly House. I guess this means we poor bloody ACT taxpayers will be paying hugely inflated prices to it as well ?

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