Feeling hungry: public feedback opens on Chisholm Tavern site

Michael Weaver 19 August 2019 69
Jennifer Hunt, proprietor of Chisholm Tavern. Photos; Region Media.

Public comment is open regarding a proposed fast food outlet on the Chisholm Tavern site. Photo of Jennifer Hunt, proprietor of Chisholm Tavern by Region Media.

Public feedback is now open regarding the proposed development of a McDonald’s fast-food outlet at the current site of the Chisholm Tavern.

The proposal has been submitted by Chisholm Village Pty Ltd for a new single storey commercial building with car parking, landscaping, signage and lease variation.

The total cost of works for the development is in excess of $2.2 million.

Region Media first reported on the proposal in July. A petition with more than 700 signatures against the proposal has been presented to the ACT Government and then referred to the relevant ACT Assembly committee for review.

The Development Application is now open for public comment.

Member for Brindabella Joy Burch MLA said she has written to ACT Chief Minister Andrew Barr and has not received a reply as yet.

Ms Burch told Region Media that she wants to ensure that the strong feedback which has been provided regarding the proposal, is a consideration of the independent assessor. It is also her intention to provide a copy of the tabled petition as a formal representation during the public notification period.

“I encourage those in the community who have expressed a view regarding the proposal, to consider making a representation as part of the DA process also,” Ms Burch said.

It is understood the public notification period ends on 6 September.

“As a Chisholm local, I have concerns about how this might change the feel and character of our suburb,” Ms Burch said via social media.

I think the local shops have a good lot of food outlets already… It’s not us pushing for more.”

Comments about the proposal also continue to ignite debate from within the community.

“I wouldn’t have a problem with a McDonald’s as such, it’s more the fact of them removing the Tavern to do so. Chisholm Tavern is a lovely family-friendly place that’s served the community for many many years,” said one concerned resident.

“Who needs Maccas? Tav food is magnificent, healthy and wholesome! And we are worried about obesity!! Let’s whack a Maccas in Chis, then wonder why there are so many fat kids in Tuggeranong,” says another.

When approached for comment, a McDonald’s spokesperson said the proposal is still in the early stages.

“We’re always looking for new opportunities to invest in the ACT. This site is zoned appropriately and we are currently going through due process with the government,” the spokesperson said.

Members of the public can lodge their feedback via this link on the Access Canberra website. After adding your details, you then need to add details of the DA: Block 44, Section 539, DA number 201935300.

The plans for the DA can be viewed via this link on the Environment, Planning and Sustainable Development Directorate website.

Comments about the proposal continue to ignite debate from the community.

Comments about the proposal continue to ignite debate from the community. Photo: Region Media.

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69 Responses to Feeling hungry: public feedback opens on Chisholm Tavern site
Muzic Mike Muzic Mike 6:50 pm 21 Aug 19

The rubbish tho...

Kerry O'Neill Kerry O'Neill 1:36 am 21 Aug 19

Why do we need a McDonald's when we can either go to Tuggeranong or Erindale? Are we getting that lazy that we can't spend 5-15 minutes in the car to get our food?

Brett Ward Brett Ward 7:52 am 20 Aug 19

Don't kill our Tav #stopbigburga

Domenic Fabbo Domenic Fabbo 7:22 am 20 Aug 19

It’s important that people make a submission to ACT Planning by following the link on the article, you will need the Development Application number 201935300, Block 44, Section 539. Merely putting your comments here won’t make a difference.

Brett Griffiths Brett Griffiths 10:50 pm 19 Aug 19

Tried to fill out the form, can’t do it without all site numbers details etc! Another way to block the public’s feedback! 😡

    Chisholm Family Tavern Chisholm Family Tavern 9:36 am 20 Aug 19

    Brett Griffiths https://form.act.gov.au/smartforms/servlet/SmartForm.html?formCode=1251&fbclid=IwAR34S07NYJYI42tqpVxWDbzP1b3Se9KQQL9595qTpVDol6FBeFA8VPSaDFw

    Block 44, section 539

    DA 201935300

Thomas Burdon Thomas Burdon 8:38 pm 19 Aug 19

Hello people like me that do not want Maccas at this place (takes about 3 minutes, best on a pc so you can easily copy the DA info over). If you have not already, please fill out the form listed in the article and express your view. Doing that will have slightly more impact than leaving a comment here. To those who do want the Maccas, please only leave a comment here and do not fill out the form. Thank you.

DA: Section 539, Block 44, DA number 201935300.


(let me know if you have any issues with the form)

Deirdre Chaturvedi Deirdre Chaturvedi 7:54 pm 19 Aug 19

Was never a fan of the “family” tavern but definitely no maccas!

Bec Malik Bec Malik 7:09 pm 19 Aug 19

Saddam Malik yes pls!!!

Nick Stone Nick Stone 6:57 pm 19 Aug 19

Just put a park and swings in there instead! 😏

Leticia Campbell Leticia Campbell 6:55 pm 19 Aug 19

Chisholm Tav for the win!! Hell they cook 100% better burgers than Macca’s!!

    Kylie Ward Kylie Ward 8:22 am 20 Aug 19

    Anything would taste great when your wasted.

    Chisholm Family Tavern Chisholm Family Tavern 9:41 am 20 Aug 19

    Kylie Ward I seem to remember selling your partner many takeaway burgers on a Friday night to feed your family. Must have tasted ok.

Steve Monahan Steve Monahan 6:25 pm 19 Aug 19

Can we have it in Kambah

BethandTrevor Reid BethandTrevor Reid 5:44 pm 19 Aug 19

More Maccas litter through the suburb as well.

    Ben Jones Ben Jones 7:52 pm 19 Aug 19

    BethandTrevor Reid blame those who are littering

Andrea Lloyd Andrea Lloyd 5:16 pm 19 Aug 19

I’d rather have a Maccas than a “family” tavern that attracts yobs! Brawling in the car park, doing burnouts in suburban streets and generally being a bloody nuisance!

aceofspades aceofspades 4:53 pm 19 Aug 19

Chisholm Tavern is the only blemish on an otherwise beautiful shopping center, as is the proprietor. Calling it a “Family Tavern” is just plain misleading. There is a perfectly good club 50m away for those that want that type of environment. Bring on McDonald’s, a vast improvement on the tavern.

Karen Kelly- Cross Karen Kelly- Cross 4:36 pm 19 Aug 19

Maccas gives mega dollars to Ronald McDonald house which is super needed

Erin Price Erin Price 4:29 pm 19 Aug 19

Rob Black, have your say!!

Helen Morgan Helen Morgan 4:07 pm 19 Aug 19

I have never been in Chisholm tavern ,but surely we have enough mc Donald's in Canberra they are everywhere

Natasha Mcpherson Natasha Mcpherson 4:05 pm 19 Aug 19

Leave the pub there fix it up

Natasha Mcpherson Natasha Mcpherson 4:04 pm 19 Aug 19


Natasha Mcpherson Natasha Mcpherson 4:03 pm 19 Aug 19

Put it in hume

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