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First you close some schools, then you open some schools

By johnboy 11 March 2007 85

Andrew Barr has announced that he’s “consulting” about opening some new schools.

Mr Barr said tenders have been called for a consultancy to undertake the master planning for a new senior secondary college in Gungahlin, and for a project manager for the new west Belconnen School.

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First you close some schools, then you open some schools
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Absent Diane 9:59 am 15 Mar 07

anyone who smacks there kids in public is a bogan. It makes me shudder to even think about how bogany it is.

Maelinar 8:15 am 15 Mar 07

An alternative, realtime option:

Allowing for everybody to have minor indiscretions during their early lives, a non-negotiable, cumulative pointscore until they reach the age they can be tried and put in jail for their misdemeanours.

As an example, Detention = 1 point, Theft = 25, Violent Assault = 50.

Get over 100 points, and you get conscripted for a non-negotiable period of three years, and can only enter University as an adult student.

That’s a real consequence, that can be applied as a real punishment. I certainly know that if I was on 99 points I’d be thinking long and hard about backmouthing my teacher.

nyssa76 7:31 am 15 Mar 07

Smaller class sizes.
Smaller schools.
Parents leading by example.
Children being given responsibility at an early age.
Special schools or classes for difficult students.

Seepi, I can tell you now that smaller schools are wonderful but in the ACT they are considered “poison” and the “Super schools” are winning.

There won’t be special schools for behavioural students because it then highlights the reality of what students and their teachers are having to deal with on a daily basis.

nyssa76 7:26 am 15 Mar 07

GnT here’s my response:
I find it interesting how many people who advocate violence against children use the line “I got hit and it never did me any harm”.

(a) I didn’t get hit and it didn’t do me any harm either.

(c) The very fact you are proposing to hit your own children (or mine) proves to me that it did have a negative effect on you.

I work, pay my taxes AND use a smack on the bum as a last resort. See I actually know the psychological/emotional/physical harm from beating a child as opposed to a simple smack on the bum. What are you going to do if your child tries to put a fork in a power point? Talk him her out of it? You’ll do it at least 30 times before you realise a quick smack on the hand stops it.

(b) How do you know? Unless you have an identical twin who wasn’t hit as a control, you don’t know how it could have negatively affected you.

My sister was NEVER hit or abused.

My sister is a junkie, has participated in B&E’s, stolen from her family….and I could go on.

simbo 7:04 am 15 Mar 07

“But it also used to be appropriate for a husband to physically chastise his wife”. Bull shit. Please point out at what stage in our legislative history it was made illegal to hit your spouse? It has always been illegal.

Well, first of all, I said “acceptable”, not legal – there’s a difference.

Second, well, I’ll just cite “Taming of the Shrew” by William Shakespeare as an example of beating your wife being considered acceptable behaviour…

And I’d also have thought it was well understood that, until relatively recently (i.e. post 1960), Police treated doestic violence generally as a misdemenour offence, not as a serious crime.

Look, I accept that personal approaches to violent solutions to problems are just that – personal. And part of my belief in the power of rationality over violence is becuase I’d not be very good at handing out violent punishment – I’m not particularly physically imposing.

Also, I’d say that there’s a difference between PART (which appears to be permitting self-defensive violence against assult, NOT violence for other-corrective-purposes) and what we generally refer to when we’re talking about smacking.


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