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Flash Mob Pillow Fight in Garema Place today

By Joe Canberran 2 April 2008 17

Pinched from it’s facebook events page (here);
National Youth Week is celebrating in style this year, with the biggest and best festival yet! It’ll be one big party and to kick it off we’re having a media call to try to bring all the media out. To do this, we are inviting you, and your friends and your brothers and sisters and grandmothers and hey, anyone who can come along, to join us for a flash mob pillow fight!

If you don’t know what a flash mob is then check this out.

For those who do, we’ll be gathering at around 12.50 in Garema Place, pillow fight will begin at 1pm, and end around 1.03pm. BYO pillow.

If you have any questions please call me! 6247 3540 or 0407 267 239 on the day. – Elena Kirschbaum.

Please, invite your friends, the more the merrier! Cool with 30 people. Cooler with 200 people.
If anyone is in town at this time some photos of this would be cool.

What’s Your opinion?

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17 Responses to
Flash Mob Pillow Fight in Garema Place today
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Headbonius 7:14 pm 02 Apr 08

Jesus, WTF. These people actually find this shit amusing? Fools.

realityskin 6:01 pm 02 Apr 08

AussieGal83 said :

fabricating a post – creative I’ll give it that

Actually, was a simple google search honey 🙂

AussieGal83 5:39 pm 02 Apr 08

Actually reality, I don’t believe in lipo and its quite sad that you’ve spent so much time fabricating a post – creative I’ll give it that, but it merely illustrates to everyone here that you are just a sad and dull person.

In addition, I’ve never weighed over 50kg in my life, so for future reference when youre trying to insult me, you’re probably better off fabricating some kind of anorexia story.

I’m kinda tired or arguing with you on two seperate threads today. You bore me and have given me the perfect opportunity to use my orignal comment once again but now in relation to you – *yawn*.

taco 5:29 pm 02 Apr 08

Are you talking about the pillow fight or the lipo?

Wide Boy Jake 4:50 pm 02 Apr 08

Is this crap being subsidised by the taxpayer?

realityskin 3:45 pm 02 Apr 08

AussieGal83 said :

Ah realityskin, intersting proposition, but I think that also warrants another big yawn.

After reading this, i’ve changed my mind , so don’t worry.

Aussiegal83’s most recent entries…
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Hey everyone reading this please cheer on my entry below…
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Ben H 3:35 pm 02 Apr 08

Did anybody put glitter on their face or do a fingerpainting of a clear blue sky? That would have been whimsical.

AussieGal83 1:53 pm 02 Apr 08

Ah realityskin, intersting proposition, but I think that also warrants another big yawn.

LG 1:35 pm 02 Apr 08

The surprise was lost when you had 20+ people hanging around with pillows waiting for the starting siren. They should have met somewhere near by first.

After a tentative start, there was a fair bit a pillow whacking but the energy went out of it pretty quickly. People just weren’t putting their shoulder into it 😉

GreenAnt 1:19 pm 02 Apr 08

I thought flash mobs were meant to be sort of like a surprise that only the people involved knew about until it happened. Have I got it all wrong?

wishuwell 1:00 pm 02 Apr 08

Wow! Circle jerk! Do you play soggy biscuit as well?

realityskin 12:36 pm 02 Apr 08

lets Flash Mob a circle jerk around AussieGal83 …

AussieGal83 10:51 am 02 Apr 08

*yawn* Flash Mobs are so 2 years ago.

Psy 10:42 am 02 Apr 08

You didnt see the part about being a public servant…..just think george from seinfeld

Mr Evil 10:42 am 02 Apr 08

Maybe he/she could borrow one from Andrew Barr? 🙂

Joe Canberran 10:34 am 02 Apr 08

You have a pillow you could take along with you at work???

Psy 10:32 am 02 Apr 08

at first i thought not a chance of any involvment from me, BUT being a public servant this might be the only productive thing i do all day…

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