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Former Marist Teacher Charged Part 2 – Kostka

By stonefish 23 June 2008 23

I went to a Marist Secondary College in Sydney.  One of our feeder schools was in Hunters Hill, and I suspect that that was where Kostka taught restlessheart.  Kostka never taught where I was.  Restlessheart may well have done secondary there – we produced many lawyers including me.

There was a group of active homosexual students the year below me who were careless enough to allow a graphic note to be found.  Every boy in the form was interrogated about the group’s identities by one or more of the brothers. So far as I know, everyone who did know kept silent, although when I heard about the investigation and started making my own enquiries, I had no trouble finding out who they were. I was just a curious 15 year old who wanted to know who the poofters were so I could avoid them. The latest business makes me wonder why the brothers wanted to know.  I know that some would now say they wanted to groom them, and others may say they wanted to try and help them. I used to think the latter.  Now I wonder!

I’ve seen a lot of names on this discussion.  None of them ever taught at my school while I was there.  However one brother we had definitely was gay, and I saw him in Sydney city on a street corner years later in civvies approaching adult men. As for whether he liked little boys and/or did anything to any of my fellow students I don’t know. He appeared to be targeting men well above school age that night! He’s not mentioned on Broken Rites or MAKO.

A lay teacher taught there for a few months before just not turning up for work suddenly.  He was replaced soon after, and many of us asked where he was because he had some exam papers for marking which we never got back.  No one ever got an answer, although I heard many years later through my criminal law work that he is serving a very long sentence for child sex offences. It appears that the explanation for his sudden disappearance was that he’d either tried something with one of us or someone got wind of his inclinations and moved him on post haste. Sound typical?

I must side with restlessheart on the “Kostka was touchy but didn’t try anything sexual” issue. (Part 1 of this discussion)  BerraBoy68 himself said this about Paul Lyons in post #38 (Part 1): “As for Lyons, he used to take me out of other teachers classes and drive around town with me, take me to lunch etc.. lots of touching (arms, legs etc.. but nothing sexual…” and nothing that restlessheart said that he saw Kostka do would amount to a sexual assault at law. BerraBoy clearly changed his own view of what constitutes “sexual” in post #117 (Part 1). 

Restlessheart did take a quantum leap saying he was sure it never happened to his mates though.

I am a criminal lawyer and know Kostka’s lawyer although I haven’t discussed the case with him.  I won’t either. For my part, however, I think Kostka will serve some time – 75 years old or not!  He would if he was before a Sydney Court for those offences in my view. We’ll all find out soon. Greg will do his best to prevent it. That’s our job. We’ll see!

Mick1965-You may have some compensation entitlement without joining Porters’ class action against the Marist Brothers. You’d be well advised to talk to a specialist criminal lawyer from ACT about this.

What’s Your opinion?

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Former Marist Teacher Charged Part 2 – Kostka
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stonefish 1:36 pm 30 Jun 08

That is a very long Hypothetical question. I’ll take the first bit:
“Stonefish or – anyone who has an opinion – HYPOTHETICALLY speaking; if a young female (+16yo) had a “voluntary” ongoing (for years) sexual relationship with a priest in a small clerical community, and at least SOME of the other members of the community were aware of this relationship, could that awareness and acceptance go towards supporting the current Lyons’ victims’ claims that there was an ongoing, across the board cover-up of all things dodgy?”

The relationship between the young lady and the priest was consensual, and she was not underage. Although morally wrong, what they did was not criminal. Lyons etc were in another category altogether. The priest had a sexually mature partner. Lyons, Kosta etc had underage victims.

I’d be surprised if Mr Parkinson would consider your situation of assistance, but it certainly wouldn’t hurt to ask him.

The Huntter 1:11 pm 30 Jun 08

Firstly, I empathise with the anger and pain and feelings of isolation left as a result of the abusive situations which have tormented so many of you guys from MCC, despite the recent cases of these abusers finally coming to light. I can’t help but draw the literal imagery of the b@stards being dragged out from behind the cassocks of the provincial superiors who covered them up for so long. My comment may be of no help whatsoever, and I hope to God that it doesn’t create more angst for me or anyone else, but I will never know if I never do it. This is a huge risk which I am still not comfortable with but I feel I must say something if it can help expose the ones responsible for giving him safe harbour and leaving a woman with a past which is unbearable to acknowledge.

Stonefish or – anyone who has an opinion – HYPOTHETICALLY speaking; if a young female (+16yo) had a “voluntary” ongoing (for years) sexual relationship with a priest in a small clerical community, and at least SOME of the other members of the community were aware of this relationship, could that awareness and acceptance go towards supporting the current Lyons’ victims’ claims that there was an ongoing, across the board cover-up of all things dodgy?

If this young female, while still at college had mentioned details of relationship to another priest (not in a confessional situation) would that priest have been bound to report it to somebody – anybody?

If members of said community were aware of ongoing indiscretions of said priest, ie consumption of alcohol while in charge of minors as well as aforesaid relationship/s while being a teacher receiving an allowance (which would indicate to me a sure sign of being “employed”), would it be of any benefit to the victims regarding the Lyons case or would it simply be muckraking for the sake of kicking the b@stards while they’re down?

If a lawyer helping these victims were to track down this fraud-priest, who, after his subsequent relationship with a married female teacher which went kaput, left the order, relocated, married and now has a collection of unknowing christian admirers on facebook; would it be possible for this ex-priest to be forced to shed light on his actions and who knew about them?

If a lawyer helping these victims were to locate OTHER members of the clerical community who were present at the time, and who apparently came to physical blows with another priest over alcoholism, and perhaps, other matters; could his ‘confession’ help these victims prove there was a policy of blind indifference if not specific denial?
Or would it all be pointless?

All hypothetically speaking, of course.

At one point in 92/93 a clergy abuse case of an affiliated brother, which had/has still managed to slip under the public radar, was being discussed in the presence of “My Friend”. My Friend (MF) made the comment that it was common knowledge amongst the students of the time of the events that these incidents were occurring. The response, from the ‘partner in grime’ was along the lines that, “…there’s no way XX would do anything like that…” (MF thought to herself; why not? You kinda are.) The irony.

I acknowledge that this situation pales in comparison to the disgusting, horrendous torment inflicted upon you guys. I am embarrassed to think that perhaps it is only unresolved ‘issues’ and vengeance that has given MF the balls to say anything at all. BUT, these abusers belong to the same club and they knew. At least SOME of them knew. Even if they were in public denial – THEY KNEW. I acknowledge that some of you might be tempted to say, “big deal, you asked for it” but for those who can accept whatever help ensues from MAYBE sending the right people in the right direction to ask the right questions, MF is just trying to help – and maybe ease her conscience at the same time.

She has to live with the guilt that she helped to create a situation that continues to torment her 25 years on. You guys were victims. MF should have extricated herself earlier. MF should have run away yelling at the top of her lungs. But she didn’t. And all the psycho crap in the world (which they partly paid for in the end) will never erase the effects of being young and naïve and being abused by someone in a position of trust.

BerraBoy68 7:38 am 30 Jun 08

Jason Parkinson did state in the press some time ago that he was lodging civil cases relating to 5 teachers at the school, although he only specifically named Kostka and Lyons at the time. I urge you to contact Jason with any infortmaion you have on Shaw. I’ve spoken to Jason several times now and do trust him – he will respect your anonymity if you wish it.

Can I please ask all ex-Marist students reading this, and even those who weren’t at Marist but are concerned about this issue, to go to the RA Thread titled “Creation of a Marist Ex-students and Families lobby Group – Interest sought”.

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