Framing meteor fragments in Canberra?

SolarPowered 21 January 2014 10

I have been given some meteor fragments and I would like to get them framed for my kids.

Does anyone have any experience with this kind of thing or can recommend a good framer?

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10 Responses to Framing meteor fragments in Canberra?
KTB KTB 12:11 pm 17 Jun 14

Depending on the size of your (cool) fragments, Costco stock some really handy black or white box frames in various sizes, about $26 for either a pack of 8 various sizes or a pack of 2 roughly A4 size. I have done a few nice displays in these and am now supplying boxes of them to family interstate who don’t yet have the luxury of the grocery behemoth at their door. Inexpensive experiment in the worst case anyway.

abbear abbear 9:39 pm 16 Jun 14

i had a golf ball framed by Civic Proframe on akuna street and they did a fantastic job, but if the fragments are any bigger than that you’d probably be better off talking to some of the woodworkers at the bus depot markets to make you a nice little display box

SolarPowered SolarPowered 8:46 pm 22 Jan 14

Thanks for the info. I really want to do it right as the person who gave them to us went to a lot of trouble to fossick for them.

Masquara Masquara 12:32 pm 22 Jan 14

Go to one of the cultural institutions and see the clever ways they display 3D objects. Take notes and get your framer to mimic them. Thylacine out in Queanbo do many of the cultural displays around town – worth dropping out to say hello and they might make wire holders for you, and advise on how to get a framer to attach them within a frame. Good luck with it!

astrojax astrojax 11:10 am 22 Jan 14

bigfeet said :

I’m impressed that you want to frame your meteor-right.


watto23 watto23 10:58 am 22 Jan 14

professionally it will be around $100-200 I’d say and probably worth it IMO.
I did a course many years ago, then bought the equipment like matte board cutting tools and a hand saw for cutting frames. I think I may have got my money back by now, but I’ve done a lot of frames since then.

Thumper Thumper 8:37 am 22 Jan 14


Search around some of the two bob shops, ie Clints, Go-Lo, etc. Sometimes they have deep set frames with glass fronts.

Just remove the back, make a holder of some sort and then put it all back together again.

I framed my father’s medals like this and they look fantastic.

bigfeet bigfeet 7:04 am 22 Jan 14

I’m impressed that you want to frame your meteor-right.

Comic_and_Gamer_Nerd Comic_and_Gamer_Nerd 10:49 pm 21 Jan 14

How handy are you? Bunnings have some machined timber that works. Just paint, cut and nail together, then go buy a piece of 2mm diffused from a glass shop for whatever their minimum charge is.

Otherwise there is a decent place in one of the courts in Phillip I used a long time ago, but a bit pricy.

With poetix sports junk shop suggestion, a cheaper way may be to go to any of the tacky shops that sell that crap, find one in a decent frame and just use that. Pull out the model car or whatever bogan item it comes with, get a nice background sheet to match your space rocks and voila!

poetix poetix 10:11 pm 21 Jan 14

OP, I think anyone who can frame sports memorabilia or medals could frame fragments of rock. Most custom framing stores do 3D objects if asked.

Or perhaps one of the RiotACT’s resident astronomers could suggest somewhere? I’m sure some of them have meteors.

Good luck, and if you find somewhere that does a really nice job, please post it. I have an idea of getting some beach finds framed.

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