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Friendly local coppers cause traffic Chaos!

By James-T-Kirk 21 September 2006 47

During the drive to workthis morning, the local constabulary were out and about, causing significant traffic disruption along the Tuggeranong Parkway.

All in an attempt to catch those dangerous people speeding (In bumber to bumper traffic???)) as well as to catch those naughty people driving unregistered cars..

Why don’t they simply empower the Grey Ghosts to do the inspection task? Or, better yet, Install number plate cameras along major roads and issue automatic fines…. Not that hard.

I suspect that these turkeys caused about 3 accidents I saw.

What’s Your opinion?

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47 Responses to
Friendly local coppers cause traffic Chaos!
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Big Al 5:22 pm 22 Sep 06

Looks like yet another case of private sector technology getting the donut munchers off the hook.

Ari 4:31 pm 22 Sep 06

Luckily for the rest of the community, four-wheel-drive owners cause fewer crashes than the rest of the community.

Pedestrians, in particular, are the great beneficiaries.

James-T-Kirk 4:14 pm 22 Sep 06

AD – I agree that the internet is not good for a ribbing… But it’s fun.
Have a great weekend. Try not to teleport anywhere you can’t get home from.

Absent Diane 4:10 pm 22 Sep 06

no I was making a cheap shot at the possibility of teleporting your dick… given the size of things we can teleport now .. but generally what is supposed to be a friendly ribbing doesn’t come across well in interweb land.

James-T-Kirk 4:07 pm 22 Sep 06

AD – Oh My God! You actially believe that?

Can you begin to imaging the risks associated with using science to teleport people, or things?

For the first 100 or so years, there will be disasterous stuffups – People coming back with no arms, or who knows what.

How will the police patroll the speed limits in a teleporter?

What will occurr when we enter an unregistered teleporter.

What will hapen when a teleporting accident happens because the police were checking on teleporter registrations?

Way too dangerous me thinks.

Of course, if it is important to you, can I get you to invest in my little reasearch company I have started up? I am considering floating it on the ASX. It will be in developing teleporting technologies. I will teleport money from you to me…

Absent Diane 4:05 pm 22 Sep 06

possible. Very possible.

VYBerlinaV8 4:02 pm 22 Sep 06

VG, I know you know a fair bit about road safety and its implications. What’s your view on speeding briefly to overtake? Not bagging, just would like to hear your take on things. Cheers.

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