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Friendly local coppers cause traffic Chaos!

By James-T-Kirk - 21 September 2006 47

During the drive to workthis morning, the local constabulary were out and about, causing significant traffic disruption along the Tuggeranong Parkway.

All in an attempt to catch those dangerous people speeding (In bumber to bumper traffic???)) as well as to catch those naughty people driving unregistered cars..

Why don’t they simply empower the Grey Ghosts to do the inspection task? Or, better yet, Install number plate cameras along major roads and issue automatic fines…. Not that hard.

I suspect that these turkeys caused about 3 accidents I saw.

What’s Your opinion?

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47 Responses to
Friendly local coppers cause traffic Chaos!
Tempestas 8:53 am 22 Sep 06

Wow who would of thought that checking for unregistered stolen cars at peak time when they are most likely to be used would cause such a problem. I find vg speaking the most sense here.

Perhaps as a way to improve things a Chaser style introduction of wanker levies might help. Drive a overtyred, over powered 2 door japanese import with bling and da big sub woofer – you pay an extra $2000 a year rego for being a wanker, drive the latest model lexus – your a try hard and a wanker pay $5000 rego extra, last be never least, its a 4wd that you own and you don’t have a farm or a suitable business purpose for being off road, an extra $10,000 for being a wanker, an idiot a road abuser and making every other road users life more difficult. Think it would raise more revenue and make our streets quieter and traffic flow better.

VYBerlinaV8 8:29 am 22 Sep 06

I have no problem with the police chasing unregistered and/or unroadworthy cars. The difficulty arises when they decide to do it at a time and place already overloaded with traffic that crawls along.

Personally I like to see more compliance around use of indicator, use of right hand lane when unnecessary and failure to give way. Things I see a lot of.

James-T-Kirk 7:54 am 22 Sep 06

Just had a thought.

Our gestape who so succesfully patroll the parking spaces in the ACT could also be involved with the process – If it’s ungergistered, then impound it. Don’t simply take the plates off it.

Then there is revenue avaiilable through used vehicle sales, and impound charges.

Might even pay for the tree lovers paradise.

James-T-Kirk 7:37 am 22 Sep 06

RBT’s – Yay – Couldn’t be a better idea. Remove a real and present threat at the time it happens.

Rego tax not being paid – It is a finance thing. If the govmit was serious, it could employ a couple of ASO3’s who perform the following process.

1- Run a database dump of what cars were registered last wek, compared to what is registered this week.

2 – Identify the ones that are no longer registered. (Couldn’t be more than 10 – 30 per day)

3 – Drive past the houses of those cars during the night, and see if they are there. Drive past during the day, and see if they are not there.

4 – If the cars are being used, then fine / charge as required.

To cover off on the third party implications, the govmit is in a position of being able to have quite a powerfull discussion with the insurers. They could suggest that they would take the millions of dollars away to another insurer if they don’t get, say, a 6 month grace period… Really, anything is the limit. If NRMA won’t come to the party with the astronomical ates they charge (especially as compared to NSW), then AAMI or some other company would !!!

Remember, that insurance is a funny money thing – able to be dealt with through negotiation. People muddy the waters because they treat it with emotion.

In *reality* how many unregistered cars cause cripled people here in the ACT? Is it a real threat?

By the way, anybody who believes that these cowbows don’t contribute to accidents, are probably in the category of the volvo drivers, with the driving hat and gloves, who drive at 70km in a 100 zone, and have *never* had an accident. They have no idea how dangerous they are…

morto1980 10:52 pm 21 Sep 06

I saw some cops doing RBTs on the way to Woden today. I’m not fussed about cops being around – better than not being there.

I do agree that people often act like dicks when the cops are around – for example the guy in front of me that changed lanes to avoid the RBT *and* slowed down to 70! duh! Aside from that, it’s good to see the cops out and about.

bighead 10:49 pm 21 Sep 06

Probly not the best place for it, but none the less, whats done is done.

I think Gininderra drive is their best bet to get people.
…or if they want to give out fines, just show up to any school where students drive.

vg 10:41 pm 21 Sep 06

I’ll enlighten you all a little. What you saw was a little thing called RAPID in operation. It reads number plates and detects stolen cars/plates, unregistered cars and those with warrants etc linked to those vehicles. It was not a speed van, as Police don’t man them. It was the RAPID van. The van also has SOPs with respect to the number of people that have to man the RAPID station, which sounds horribly close to the numbers you have named…but don’t let your ignorance of what was actually happening stand in the way of a good old fashioned whinge

Bitch when you see them, bitch when you don’t. As for the ‘cowboys’ comment, well you bitch when someone does something wrong and then bitch when the Police do something about it. Which is it?

NickD 9:28 pm 21 Sep 06

While I was happy to see the guy who’d been tailgating me around the base of Mount Taylor pulled over near Weston, this looked like the work of cowboys, not professional police. I counted 3 separate radar/licence checking cops at different points on the northbound lane with a speed van thrown in for good measure on the southbound lane.

cranky 6:53 pm 21 Sep 06

Vehicle registration in the ACT is purely a revenue raising method. Originally to finance road construction and maintenance, it now returns many times the revenue spent on roads, when added to the return to the Territory from fuel excise.
Third Party insurance is another matter. NRMA have us exactly where they want us, paying through the nose while screwing down any claims payouts to the absolute minimum, always crying poor to the Guvmint to increase their already usurious premiums. They claim the ACT is about the most dangerous/expensive place in Australia to insure third party. I strongly suspect we are a ‘nice little earner’ for this pack of rogues.
Some competition would be welcome, but somehow they have the Guvmint by the nose, which can apparently thumb it’s nose at competition policy. Of course, the plod are also helping fill NRMA’s pockets when detecting unregistered vehicles. I would contend that cheaper rego/3rd party would allow more people to afford these imposts. A dollar or three short of a grand to register a Holden station wagon for a year is a nonsense!
Liberal opposition , take on the NRMA and get us the reduced premiums we deserve. Show them how the speed cameras have reduced the accident rate! Find out and tell us what competing insurance providers could sell us 3rd party insurance for. Explain how your government would throw this monopoly open to competition. Its a no brainer, cut the 3rd party, the punters are appreciative, the guvmint still gets its cop, you get the credit and the NRMA are brought to heal.

vg 6:11 pm 21 Sep 06

God forbid the Police should run a campaign trying to detect stolen and unregistered vehicles (that the RAPID system they were employing does) that should inconvenience you for a millisecond.

Unregistered vehicles also have a tendency to lack a little thing called 3rd party personal insurance (which lapses 2 weeks after rego does). When these people hit you, cripple you and decide not to bother paying your expenses the 3rd party personal insurance kicks in to protect those people that are hurt.

But God forbid your day was inconvenienced by Police doing their job. People wail and moan that they never see Police, then carry on like the proverbial when they do.

Sending out automated TINs doesnt work for unregistered vehicles. No point sending it to the person who the car’s registered toi. They just say they sold it and there is no recourse. When the car is registered in your name you have a responsibility.

What a piffling post!

bonfire 4:35 pm 21 Sep 06

In any compliance action you must ask – what is the danger to the public ?

If people driving unregistered vehicles are statistically more likely to be involved in a traffic accident then this technology may make sense.

If it is merely more revenue raising, then it is just another government placed brick in the road to serfdom.

I suspect the latter.

VYBerlinaV8 4:14 pm 21 Sep 06

Automating the number plate recognition would be a good step. Having the cops trying to pull people over in the middle of peak hour illustrates their lunacy, especially if they could simply photograph the unregistered car driving along (works for speeding). Surely having traffic flowing smoothly is the go?

Growling Ferret 3:57 pm 21 Sep 06

I doubt it was speeding they were checking, but using the number plate recognition technology to find the unregistered and thus ininsured cars.

When they first trialled the technology a year or two ago, I drove past them 3 or 4 times, and each time it looked like a carpark with the number of cars they found. There were literally 20-30 vehicles pulled off the road each time – a successful implementation if ever I have seen it.

Good luck to them – I don’t want some clown in an unregistered car (not just bombs but year or two old vehicles are included), without insurance, or without a licenced driver running into me and costing me a fortune on my insurance.

As for revenue raising cameras, I’ve never been caught by them, but still disagree with them – a police presence on the roads is a far greater deterrant. A speed camera van has never performed an RBT, or cautioned a dickhead for chopping and changing between lanes and tailgating

James-T-Kirk 3:56 pm 21 Sep 06

No, I was too busy looking for gaps in the traffic to try to escape the wankers.

Special G 3:47 pm 21 Sep 06

The only people causing the accidents are the useless wankers too busy rubbernecking to concentrate on their driving.

Were you one of those people James?

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