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Friendly local coppers cause traffic Chaos!

By James-T-Kirk 21 September 2006 47

During the drive to workthis morning, the local constabulary were out and about, causing significant traffic disruption along the Tuggeranong Parkway.

All in an attempt to catch those dangerous people speeding (In bumber to bumper traffic???)) as well as to catch those naughty people driving unregistered cars..

Why don’t they simply empower the Grey Ghosts to do the inspection task? Or, better yet, Install number plate cameras along major roads and issue automatic fines…. Not that hard.

I suspect that these turkeys caused about 3 accidents I saw.

What’s Your opinion?

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47 Responses to
Friendly local coppers cause traffic Chaos!
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Big Al 5:22 pm 22 Sep 06

Looks like yet another case of private sector technology getting the donut munchers off the hook.

Ari 4:31 pm 22 Sep 06

Luckily for the rest of the community, four-wheel-drive owners cause fewer crashes than the rest of the community.

Pedestrians, in particular, are the great beneficiaries.

James-T-Kirk 4:14 pm 22 Sep 06

AD – I agree that the internet is not good for a ribbing… But it’s fun.
Have a great weekend. Try not to teleport anywhere you can’t get home from.

Absent Diane 4:10 pm 22 Sep 06

no I was making a cheap shot at the possibility of teleporting your dick… given the size of things we can teleport now .. but generally what is supposed to be a friendly ribbing doesn’t come across well in interweb land.

James-T-Kirk 4:07 pm 22 Sep 06

AD – Oh My God! You actially believe that?

Can you begin to imaging the risks associated with using science to teleport people, or things?

For the first 100 or so years, there will be disasterous stuffups – People coming back with no arms, or who knows what.

How will the police patroll the speed limits in a teleporter?

What will occurr when we enter an unregistered teleporter.

What will hapen when a teleporting accident happens because the police were checking on teleporter registrations?

Way too dangerous me thinks.

Of course, if it is important to you, can I get you to invest in my little reasearch company I have started up? I am considering floating it on the ASX. It will be in developing teleporting technologies. I will teleport money from you to me…

Absent Diane 4:05 pm 22 Sep 06

possible. Very possible.

VYBerlinaV8 4:02 pm 22 Sep 06

VG, I know you know a fair bit about road safety and its implications. What’s your view on speeding briefly to overtake? Not bagging, just would like to hear your take on things. Cheers.

James-T-Kirk 4:00 pm 22 Sep 06

Teleport my dick.

VYBerlinaV8 3:58 pm 22 Sep 06

Growling Ferret speaks the truth.

Absent Diane 3:45 pm 22 Sep 06

put more money into funding science so that we can do more than just teleport little fragments of light, ie so we can teleport humans.

a reasonable request I think.

Growling Ferret 3:42 pm 22 Sep 06

AD – there is no speed limit in large parts of the NT… and have you tried to overtake a B-Double or a road train doing 100kmh on a single lane each way road and not want to hit 130 to make it happen as fast (and as safely) as possible?

There are times where breaking the speed limit is the safest option for all involved

James-T-Kirk 3:23 pm 22 Sep 06

AD – “Limit trucks to even slower speeds, much safer.”

Hasn’t there been studies that show that differiential speed limits cause more accidents than they prevent.

The only logical path to follow from that is the one where we are rattling down now – Maximum speed of 50 Km/h.

I suspect that that is even too fast. Bring back the person waling in front of the Motor Carriage with the Red Flag, I Say!

Also, (Because I couldn’t resist), I read a report recently that indicated that red light cameras caused an increase in rear-end collisions (As measured in a 10 year study – 5years before compared to 5 years after).

Ok, Perhaps I shouldn’t say that they caused, because clearly it was the fault of the person at the back, who collided with the individual who decided to stop quickly. But I can say that “Following the installation of…” Looks like they caused it to me.

Along with the flags, we should also bring back the customs booths.

Ari 3:16 pm 22 Sep 06

Both Tempestas and Nsanity expect other people to justify lifestyle choices simply because they don’t like them.

VYBerlinaV8 3:16 pm 22 Sep 06

“Quite frankly, after driving an off the shelf Commodore for work for 6 months, i wouldn’t drive at all if i was forced to go back – they are a death trap in comparison.”

The base model tyres are pretty awful. The upspec models with larger wheels/tyres and traction control are vastly better. I driven examples of several model variants, and the base model in the wet can be a bit of a handful.

VYBerlinaV8 3:14 pm 22 Sep 06

Most trucks are limited to 100km/h. The problem is that many owners and/or drivers remove or deactivate the limiter. Compliance enforcement with this law seems almost non-existant (drive the Hume Hwy some day). Clearly, this is not working.

NSanity 2:57 pm 22 Sep 06

Please justify large 4wd’s in Urban areas, and the boy racer bling machines as being free of any wank factor?

I agree completely on taxing 4WD’s in the city. They have no place, and serve no purpose. And don’t even try and tell me that you go off-roading, you don’t even know what gravel looks like half the time.

So long as a car conforms with the ADR’s, i have no drama’s with it being modified, chances are however, a nissan silvia with its fully sik 20 inch rims and 325 wide tyres (umm, thats like 11- 12 inchs guys) aren’t legal. 90% of the time neither is the exhaust, and well then you can play pin the tail on the defect from there.

My Imported vehicle is has an engineering certificate for the rims it has (they came with the car) as well as the handful of things that has been done with it. It passes Emissions, Noise and the rest of the ADR requirements.

Quite frankly, after driving an off the shelf Commodore for work for 6 months, i wouldn’t drive at all if i was forced to go back – they are a death trap in comparison.

Absent Diane 2:54 pm 22 Sep 06

Limit trucks to even slower speeds, much safer.

James-T-Kirk 2:48 pm 22 Sep 06

Ahh, but only 750m to overtake a looney with a volvo. (assuming the hat they are wearing doesn’t overheat their brain… Is their brain is overheating, they are probably swerving too much to overtake safely)

James-T-Kirk 2:45 pm 22 Sep 06


Try Driving. Do you rind a recumbent?

VYBerlinaV8 2:43 pm 22 Sep 06

Limit cars so they can’t go past the speed limit? Cool idea. That way it takes 1 and a half kilometres to overtake the semi doing 95km/h.

Try driving OUTSIDE the ACT sometime before providing such valuable input.

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