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rottweiler 10 November 2009 16

This morning I woke up with a pain in my shoulder and back and thought I’ll call into the the ginninderra medical center on my way to work to get it checked out, but when I arrived there ( approx 8.30am) the carpark was over flowing cars were parking everywhere and anywhere.

So I decided not to stop and thought I go to work push throught the pain and try again at lunch. At 10:30 I could no longer work with the pain and rang the medical center to see what wait times I was looking at, I was told approx 15 people waiting and seven doctors were on. I left work but when I arrived at medical center the carpark was still packed cars were having trouble getting in and out and many people who were clearly unwell were walking down from other 1/2hour parks on the road myself included having to walk approx 100-200 meters .

Entering the medical center there was little to no one in there approx the 15 people waiting I was told about . So who belongs to all the cars ? The receptionist told me since it’s free parking all day people are parking there all day and busing it to work. Personally I think this is a disgrace that people at there worst needing medical attention can’t even parking within a reasonable distant from the center because someone doesn’t want to pay for parking to catch a bus into work and worst of all others weren’t even able to get a park or just kept driving.

Has any one else experienced this problem or how do you feel about this?

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16 Responses to ginninderra medical center parking
smeeagain smeeagain 4:35 pm 12 Nov 09

anonymous gungahlian said :

MrPC said :

have the receptionist give each patient a parking stub to display on their dashboard

Now that’s a good idea, but couldn’t they get fined in the period of parking their vehicle and returning to their car to place the ticket on their dashboard?

Much the same as you could while you’re walking to and from a voucher machine in any carpark I guess. The brown bombers aren’t going to swoop in and out in that small a time that you can’t see them. And if you have the stub from the receptionist it should have arrival time etc so you can challenge the ticket in the event that you can’t find the parking inspectors and show them your ticket.

anonymous gungahlian anonymous gungahlian 12:21 pm 12 Nov 09

MrPC said :

have the receptionist give each patient a parking stub to display on their dashboard

Now that’s a good idea, but couldn’t they get fined in the period of parking their vehicle and returning to their car to place the ticket on their dashboard?

rottweiler rottweiler 9:10 pm 11 Nov 09

I will be returning to the medical center friday morning approx 8;30am (if I could get there any earlier I would) and god help any one that I see parking and walking any where but into the center, abuse will follow. And I may return at 5pm to give it to any one else I missed.

anonymous gungahlian: I don’t believe any one should have to put up with it.

MrPC MrPC 8:35 pm 11 Nov 09

2hr parking would be grossly inappropriate. While they usually see you in less than 2 hours nowadays, there’s still that expectation that you’ll go there waiting 3 hours to see a doctor.

4hr parking would suffice. Have a parking inspector go there around opening time (around 9am) and make a 2nd trip at or after 1pm, and they’ll write up at least 30 fines.

Alternately, make it 30min parking (patients excepted) and have the receptionist give each patient a parking stub to display on their dashboard when they see the receptionist and hand over their $30/$40. Find a park, wait in line, pay, go back to your car, display the stub, go back to the waiting room, see the doctor, and leave.

bd84 bd84 8:35 pm 11 Nov 09

Easy to establish time limited parking and to come to arrangement with the Govt. parking inspectors to patrol the carpark.

dvaey dvaey 7:52 pm 11 Nov 09

What about free 15min parking unless you have a ticket issued by the medical centre on your dash. That gives you time to get in, put your voucher on your car in plenty of time, and allows the inspectors to know whos in the medical centre and whos not.

Friska Friska 4:22 pm 11 Nov 09

2hr parking? hell no, it takes over 2 hours just to see the damn doctor there!!!

anonymous gungahlian anonymous gungahlian 1:45 pm 11 Nov 09

This is unfortunate and I am sorry to hear about this situation, but I don’t think that there is a lot that we can do to prevent it. You might just have to deal with it rottweiler.

rottweiler rottweiler 11:57 am 11 Nov 09

Wait times aren’t that bad now that you have to pay, I was in an out seeing doc & Xrays with in 30-45mins.
I was just so disappointed at seeing elderly, and mothers with sick kids having to walk so far in the heat just to see a doctor due to rude people.
And shoulder is feeling better just not looking forward to returning in a few days for Xrays results.

stonedwookie stonedwookie 11:48 am 11 Nov 09

considering the wait there sometimes can be way longer then 2 hours thats probley not a good idea.
its a real shame people are using it as there personal carpark what scum.

Jim Jones Jim Jones 10:15 am 11 Nov 09


2 hour parking zones. Perhaps some registered ‘GP only’ or registered staff parking spots as well for staff.

sepi sepi 9:16 am 11 Nov 09

2 hr parking would probably do it too. Free all day parking is a bit too tempting.

GnT GnT 8:57 am 11 Nov 09

Surely they can indroduce some sort of parking validation? Like go in to register and get a parking ticket to put on your dashboard (similar to CISAC). Not sure how they can enforce non-compliers but it might be enough of a deterrent. Even signs saying “Parking is for Medical Centre patients ONLY” might be enough to free up some spots.

tidalik tidalik 7:12 am 11 Nov 09

Is your shoulder okay now RW?

I agree medical centre parking is for patients.

My guess is that these people probably work in Belconnen, rather than being users of the bus system. I think there might already be a free park ‘n’ ride carpark in Belco for legitimate bus riders. Or maybe they got rid of it.

After more than five years, people working in Belconnen are still coming to terms with paid parking. I have literally had people walking out of meetings because they had parked their car in a three hour spot and had to move it. Sigh.

TP 3000 TP 3000 2:31 am 11 Nov 09

I’ve occasionally parked in this carpark & bussed it to appointments. I usually get there around 07:30 & it can be full. But I am a good driver & park in the gravel end near Project Lighting.

But I go to that carpark any time of the day & I always get a spot up that end. Mind you I have to shove my car in after some hogs have parked right on the line so that no one parks next to them. They get punished when they can’t get in their car till I arrive at 18:00(ish) & I am within my parking space.

cleo cleo 1:16 am 11 Nov 09

Not enough car parks

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