Go back in time…

asp 23 September 2007 20

… and see Canberra of yesteryear.

(left) Woden Plaza in 1971

If you need old photos of Canberra for an assignment, a publication of just want to see scenes from Canberra’s past, you can’t go past the ACT Heritage Library’s “Images ACT” site. Over 8,000 digitized images can be viewed and searched online. It’s quite interesting. Visit the site HERE.

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20 Responses to Go back in time…
asp asp 9:57 pm 25 Sep 07

yo…, yo…, you mean the precious native habitat of those little earless and legless lizards, the wonderful bushland… is really man made. It was never there. Wow, this opens up a Pandora’s box of interesting possibilities in the field of temporal mechanics… sorry, I mean this blows the Save The Ridge’s campaign away.

Pandy Pandy 6:52 pm 25 Sep 07

Look at O’Connor. No trees on the ridges!

joeyjo joeyjo 8:40 pm 24 Sep 07

Both NAA and ACT Heritage Library are part of http://www.pictureaustralia.org an aggregate site for images of Australia, including some flickr images.

Thumper Thumper 2:54 pm 24 Sep 07

Kind of looks like Hicksville, Somewhere County, USA

caf caf 2:48 pm 24 Sep 07

December 1952, it says.

Thumper Thumper 2:11 pm 24 Sep 07


that is spooky.

What year?

Gungahlin Al Gungahlin Al 1:49 pm 24 Sep 07

Indeed they did Soulman.

One little B+W must have been all the school had.
My memories are of just black and white blotches – little resembling actual pictures…

Other key memory of that event is the teachers constantly saying “Shhh”. I guess as 5y.o.s we didn’t get the import of the event.

The old man had a friend in PMG who worked in the Deakin Exchange and he sat with him listening in on all the transmissions between Honeysuckle and NASA.

As for now: we watch it live online on NASA TV and plugged into the big screen tele: http://www.nasa.gov/multimedia/nasatv/index.html

asp asp 11:48 am 24 Sep 07

That comment is also mine. Don’t know how, but even though I though I logged on properly at the National Library, my username is coming up wrong on posts.
I’m now using my laptop.

soulman soulman 11:08 am 24 Sep 07

“Red Hill Primary in 69 (watched Armstrong step on moon there”

According to someone I know who went there, they bundled you all (or at least many classes) into the hall to watch it on a dinky B&W tv in the corner. Next time they walk on the moon, we’ll all see it on our big screen TVs as a CNN embeded reporter commentates. How far we’ve come.

caf caf 10:59 am 24 Sep 07

I reckon this image of Lonsdale St is pretty eerie.

Fluges Fluges 10:08 am 24 Sep 07

The building under construction is Bonner House. You can see Mawson and the Swinger Hill shops in the background. Construction of the Southern Cross Club, which was operating in 1972, has not yet commenced.

Snahons_scv6_berlina Snahons_scv6_berlina 9:41 am 24 Sep 07

ala brand depot of 70’s… large(ish) shopping centre built in the middle of nowhere.

Gungahlin Al Gungahlin Al 9:27 am 24 Sep 07

Red Hill Primary in 69 (watched Armstrong step on moon there and pies were 12 cents) and first intake at Scullin Primary in maybe 71. Irony of moving into a new suburb on the edge of sheep paddocks in the 70s is not lost now I’ve moved into a new suburb on the edge of sheep paddocks in the 00s…

Maybe a fun activity for RA people to post old Canberra photos from their way-back machines…?

Thumper Thumper 8:06 am 24 Sep 07

That is seriously cool.

I remember as a young tacker when I first came to Canberra, circa 74 or 75 and woden plaza was the only building within miles.

Of course, after I left and came back in the 80s we then had Belconnen Mall, Lake Ginninderra, etc, and the place was pretty much unrecognisable.

Fluges Fluges 7:11 pm 23 Sep 07

Hey, thanks for that. Brings back a lotta memories. Found myself in two photos: #2088 – Occupying an ANU-owned house in Officer Cres (July 75); and #2257 – Occupying ANU Chancelry in Sept 1974. See a connection there Cam?

I was involved in organising the Mr ANU Ball in August 1975 – the caption to #2057 doesn’t mention it, but standing behind Elizabeth Reid and Roland Manderson, is a young Michael Leunig. Don’t remember much of that evening … don’t remember much of the entire 1970’s.

asp asp 5:12 pm 23 Sep 07

photosearch is great, though sometimes has trouble with relevance. I use it often to find historic photos, but no matter how much I tweak the search terms, a lot of random stuff is included in the results. Photosearch is bigger, but ImagesACT is more focused.

futto futto 4:50 pm 23 Sep 07

Wow! its 1971 and i cant see a car park then either!

Growling Ferret Growling Ferret 3:48 pm 23 Sep 07

I found a photo of my dad, circa 1984. Bizarre!

Danman Danman 2:01 pm 23 Sep 07

I prefer photosearch on naa.gov.au but thats not to say there are heaps of other good sources.

Cameron Cameron 1:18 pm 23 Sep 07

That is fantastic, and quite freaky – just last night I was looking around for some old school Canberra pictures.

Thanks for posting this.

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