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Goings on at parliament

By Kerces 28 November 2005 4

We knew there were at least two protests scheduled today at Parliament House, but it turned out there was a whole lot more going on in the nuthouse that is Federation Mall.

What follows boys and girls are a few of the reasons why the people who actually work in the big house on the hill have their own private entrances around the back of the building.

First up was the protest against IR reforms. Their press release promised a mock sweatshop, which I though sounded promisingly photogenic. When I turned up at quarter to ten (it was due to finish at 10am), there were two other photographers there taking pictures of the “sweatshop”, and I just managed to get this one in before they disbanded.

Sweatshop at IR protest

Yes, that’s right, that single sewing machine in the bottom right corner is all there was. I was thoroughly disappointed; I would have thought all 11 of the people there could have gotten involved too. Anyway, once I established my credentials (“Tell me again what this riot thing is?”), they gave me my own photo op.

IR protest

The banners they’re holding here were mounted on posts stuck into the ground, but they decided to move them around to face the other way for my photo. Just as they were taking them down, one of the Protective Services officers who had been lurking on the side came over and said he had forgotten to tell them before that they weren’t allowed to erect anything on Commonwealth land (I think) and that they would have to hold the banners.

The other thing I noticed this morning was the mobile blood bank had taken up residence on the forecourt of Parliament House, thus ruining the vista for all tourists. It was suggested that possibly the politicians had requested the van go there to block out the plethora of protests.

Mobile blood bank on parliament forecourt

As I was leaving from this first visit, I noticed some more protestors arriving with wooden billboards. These turned out to be the Falun Gong protestors, which may partly explain why I had a petition/form letter to Alexander Downer about the practitioners shoved into my hands at the IR protest. Anyway, here is a picture of them later in the afternoon.

Falun Gong protestors


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Goings on at parliament
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Maelinar 8:45 am 29 Nov 05

How many days before and after yesterday have occured protest-free ?

There was no reason for all of these protests to happen on the same day, and they have debased the complete argument.

I wouldn’t be surprised if a lot of the protesters who attended, attended the lot, and they’re not the kind of people that the government tends to listen to on a serious basis, Bob Brown included.

It’s ok to fall back on this being a byproduct of a government doing a lot of things at once, but considering these legislations have now been around for several weeks, the protesters could have at least talked with each other to arrange an appropriate time to conduct their respective protests.

Instead, they all look like asses. I’ve come up with a new term for them, it’s the Westfield Protest, where what happens is a heap of groups get together, to market their protests, just like westfields does shops.

simto 8:33 am 29 Nov 05

Every so often, it helps to actually read the text that accompanies the pretty pictures, Thumper.

As a reminder – a number of different protests took place during the same day (one of the byproducts of a government that decides to take a number of disputable actions at once is that a lot of people want to dispute a number of different things).

And, seeing as Bob Brown is elected, he’s entitled to be taxpayer funded. Get yourself elected, get some taxpayer funding. Not rocket science, Thumps.

Thumper 8:03 am 29 Nov 05

Um, what was the protest against? Just everything?

Pretty poor really given the level of support at the previous protest.

And surprise surprise to see everyone’s favourite taxpayer funded protestor Bob Brown.

Jey 6:37 pm 28 Nov 05

Ooh Im’ glad you caught the van.
I saw it on Lonsdale Street a few days ago and was gonna email you about it.
I really gotta start carrying a camera!
It would be useful to actually own one first.

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