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Good coffee in Canberra

By peterthomas - 19 February 2008 45

It’s very hard to find a good coffee in Canberra. Does anyone know where can I get a cup of good coffee in Canberra (North)?

[Ed (Kramer) – you could always search RiotACT for previous articles on coffee, like:
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…but, as I’m a huge caffiene addict, I’m not going to stand in the way of a good debate about the best coffee in Canberra.]

What’s Your opinion?

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45 Responses to
Good coffee in Canberra
The Jas 10:26 pm 19 Feb 08

The small deli near the newsagents on the ground floor of Belconnen Mall is about the best I have had in belconnen, it also has very nice proscuitto as an added bonus, one of the few places that can slice it thin enough.

jemmy 9:21 pm 19 Feb 08

Where do you get your beans V8B? I’ve given up and now order online from Alan Frew, but I live in hope there’s a good local supplier I haven’t found yet.

V8 Berlina with a th 9:07 pm 19 Feb 08

G Potts,

“buying a one gruppa espresso machine”

I know of very few consumer and prosumer machines that have more than one. You are stating the obvious. Perhaps what you should be looking for (especially if you drink black a lot) is a quality Italian machine with an E61 head. I would also recommend a heat exchanger model (around $2500 vs $1200 for single boiler) if you need to do milk as well,especially if entertaining. La Vebiemme does some fine machines.

Also, you need a great grinder.

But for those wanting a fine cup, not a counter full of machines and a VISA bill to bite…

Also, Coffee Ole in Woden does some fine coffee (I know, not nth side). Nutty flavour and aroma that is very nice bu often absent from commercial blends.

gary 6:33 pm 19 Feb 08

Somebody told me there is a doggy bone cafe in Gungahlin which made a very good coffee. He said he tried all the coffee in Gungahlin and he recommended me to go there. He told me you can even bring your dog to have a doggycino. Has anyone heard about that?

el ......TECortina 2 5:46 pm 19 Feb 08

Essen + the tiny place on the corner of the Civic Interchange and Bunda St.

V8 Berlina with a th 5:25 pm 19 Feb 08

Michelle’s Patisserie ranges from good to excellent depending on which store. There are dozens of wonderful coffee places, thought I’d put forward a chain of stores that does a good job.

Ally-J 4:36 pm 19 Feb 08

Ive found Black Pepper on Emu Bank belco to be ok

Special G 2:49 pm 19 Feb 08

3 for bean in the city – its the same guys making it and its always consitently good.

Ricardos at Jamison make a good coffee as well.

Sammy 2:45 pm 19 Feb 08

Woolworths in Charnwood sell a great tin of International Roast.

OzChick 2:34 pm 19 Feb 08

Bean in the City

la mente torbida 2:29 pm 19 Feb 08

Here we go again!

Good coffee is so subjective. Simple suggestion: make a list of convenient coffee shops and try them one by one. When you reach a coffeee shop that makes it how you like it…stop hunting. Forget the opinions of others.

rossco 2:18 pm 19 Feb 08

Agree with the comment on Momos, when I used to work at Fern Hill, we check to see who was on the machine before ordering! Bean in the City is pretty good too.

caf 2:10 pm 19 Feb 08

Well for Belconnen, some of the staff at Momo’s (Fern Hill Park) can make a great coffee – but you do need to check who is behind the machine when you order…

Kramer 1:58 pm 19 Feb 08

I rate the Buzz smoothie (milk, bannana, espresso & gurana) at Essen as a favourite, and the coffee there is pretty good too.

As much as I hate to say it, I think McCafe makes the best coffee in Belconnen :-/ There’s a lot of ho-hum coffee in Belco, and McCafe at Lake G makes a pretty decent coffee.

caf 1:50 pm 19 Feb 08

Gods at ANU, Essen in the City.

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