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How well did you sleep last night?

Advertising Feature 5 November 2012 11


Sleep, we all need it, but the quality and quantity of your sleep is vital to your health!

If the odd night of poor sleep becomes a regular pattern of two or more times per week, the long term effects on your body are not just physical. The emotional and mental are far greater.

“The research is now showing that sleep deprivation leads to depression and weight gain. These are two of the most common reasons people come and see me” says Ms Tanya Gendle, from Strive Holistic Training.

As with all health concerns our nature is to over-complicate the problem and try and find a “medical” reason for the cause. And in some cases further investigation is needed.

Ms Gendle says that we need to look at ourselves first. Many of the clients she has worked with at some point have suffered sleep deprivation.

“Sometimes our lack of exercise is at the core of our sleep difficulties,” said Tanya.

Ms Gendle said that this was the case for Sue, a client who came to Strive for help and who was on medication to help her with her poor sleep. After only two weeks of exercise Sue has been able to halve her dose and is sleeping more soundly.

“While Sue has made a good start by increasing her exercise levels, she also has to address her night time food choices of cake and biscuits that are contributing to her poor sleep,” said Ms Gendle.

Ms Gendle said for better sleep health, increase your exercise levels and cut out caffeine, sugary foods and big portions sizes of a night time.

Tanya also recommends looking at our ife stressors and how many of them we take to bed with us at night.

“At Strive, I give my clients useful tools to switch the chattering mind off. One is as simple as telling your mind that this is not helping you right now, and it’s time to sleep. It might sound simple but it is very effective,” Tanya said.

But to many of Tanya’s clients their sleep behaviour is unique to them. It’s about working with them holistically and understanding their needs so they can achieve a good night’s sleep.

Conctact: Tanya Gendle

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11 Responses to How well did you sleep last night?
batmantrilogy batmantrilogy 4:44 pm 12 Nov 15

Exert your bodies lazy bones :p
Researches have shown that when your body is tired, it automatically hits its shutdown button .

zllauh zllauh 4:46 pm 29 Apr 15

its been a rough week for me with my sleep.
i keep changing sides for about an hour. It takes me an hour to sleep after i go to bed which totally disrupts my routine in the morning.
any suggestions?

bundah bundah 10:02 am 06 Nov 12

poetix said :

His hair looks disturbingly One Direction to me.

Hehe One derection has come up again.

bundah bundah 10:00 am 06 Nov 12

Alderney said :

Her roots are showing…

Perhaps she’s due for a touch-up.

Chop71 Chop71 9:58 am 06 Nov 12

He has some serious lipstick on

Alderney Alderney 9:47 am 06 Nov 12

Her roots are showing…

poetix poetix 9:38 am 06 Nov 12

His hair looks disturbingly One Direction to me.

KB1971 KB1971 9:21 am 06 Nov 12

Crap, between thirsty kids & pi**ing dogs it was terrible!

bundah bundah 8:47 am 06 Nov 12

Now that’s the ‘sort’ of sleep i wanna get.

Deckard Deckard 10:16 pm 05 Nov 12

Not as well as the guy in the photo.

DUB DUB 1:16 pm 05 Nov 12

“How well did you sleep last night?”- this was the exact question Wenatex dude asked me and my gf.

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