Humphries takes the Town Hall virtual

jennib 16 October 2007 14


Senator Gary Humphries has kicked off his election campaign with the launch of his great new website, which features an interesting experiment in online democracy: Gary’s Friday Forum.

The new website ( contains a link to Gary’s Facebook page, and he’s encouraging anyone with a question for him to post them on The Wall. Then, every Friday during the election campaign, Gary will sit down and answer all these questions on the Discussion Board, giving his thoughts on local problems, national policy, and the big issues of the day.

It’s a 21st century take on the old Town Hall Q and A sessions, so why not drop by the site and say hello. That address again:

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14 Responses to Humphries takes the Town Hall virtual
barney barney 12:30 pm 18 Oct 07

Androyd – I think A LOT of people got that. What an utter waste of money, paper and time. It was quite amusing, if not an insult.

bourke bourke 12:27 pm 17 Oct 07

Yeah Androyd, I also got to feel special when I received Gary’s “Important Election Information”. One of the documents was a postal vote application form (apparently from the AEC) which included an ad for Gary. I reckon it’s DISGUSTING to mix up official AEC material with campaign material from any party.

Pandy Pandy 10:57 pm 16 Oct 07

And John Howard has a Facebook entry. The comments on his wall are hilarious.

Pandy Pandy 10:49 pm 16 Oct 07

Nope. Not going to join so you can se who I am Gary.

But look at JR on Facebook, he is a friend of Gazza.

Androyd Androyd 9:03 pm 16 Oct 07

Not just the electronic Gary – we received today in the mail something official looking marked “Important Election Information” with a parliamentary logo as if it was from the AEC or something, but it was just Gary’s form letter to electors saying “Union bosses!! Union bosses!! Ooga booga!!”. They must have been hastily printing it off while Howard was driving up Dunrossil Drive on Sunday and posted it off first thing Monday morning.

VicePope VicePope 8:30 pm 16 Oct 07

vote below the line and Put Humphries Last, if for no reason other than to encourage the others ….

barney barney 7:43 pm 16 Oct 07

Gary is a Closet-Nazi. Was there something else ???

GnT GnT 7:39 pm 16 Oct 07

Sammy – I agree. Gary’s all right – pity he bats for Howard.

BeyondThought BeyondThought 4:42 pm 16 Oct 07

It’s an improvement on the last, certainly – and no beard!

I noted the local Lib in Fraser Troy Williams ( has a profile on facebook; along with an online campaign; a profile on myspace; plus you can get him on MSN Messenger. Then there are these bloody ads on RA.

McMuppet’s website is down again 🙁

Is this the face of online campaigning?

Cameron Cameron 4:06 pm 16 Oct 07

Wow. I checked out the previous site via google cache, images are gone but I get the gist.

This one is certainly richer in content and serves more of a purpose.

You can do some good things with FrontPage if you know you’re stuff backwards and are prepared to handcode it a bit afterwards – but generally you produce a nonstandard site that looks different or totally incorrect in different browsers, and that generally looks… horrible. This is one such site IMHO.

jacross jacross 4:01 pm 16 Oct 07

A big improvement on the last website. I like it.

Cameron Cameron 2:41 pm 16 Oct 07

Don’t get me wrong, I’m dissing his website, not him.

Sammy Sammy 2:39 pm 16 Oct 07

Gary is probably the only reason i’d ever consider voting Liberal.

Cameron Cameron 2:23 pm 16 Oct 07

Points for effort, but that really is an ordinary website. Though I’m not at all surprised given it was produced in FrontPage 98!!!!

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