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Images of Canberra – the bus safe rap

By johnboy - 21 August 2006 25

Bonfire has sent in a sterling example of the sort of bollocks ACTION can waste our money on in lieu of providing a basic bus service.

ACTIONs bus safe rap single

I saw this at the action 80th display at the canberra
museum and gallery.

has anyone ever heard it ?

its called the ‘bus safe rap’.

interestingly, written and produced by garth porter.

remember sherbet ?

not quite snow on the brindabellas, but interesting.

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25 Responses to
Images of Canberra – the bus safe rap
caf 10:17 am 22 Aug 06

They’re deliberately left beside the road as a warning. Whether to the roos or drivers, I couldn’t say.

Kind of like mounting your enemy’s head on a stick outside the castle gates.

Mr Evil 10:05 am 22 Aug 06

Ari, don’t joke: knowing Stanhope, that’ll be the next hare-brained scheme he’ll come up with!

Ari 9:27 am 22 Aug 06

They may have to set up a roohab centre to wean them off it.

Thumper 9:22 am 22 Aug 06

Ah, that makes sense…

Ari 9:17 am 22 Aug 06

Nah, Thumper, it’s actually a new party drug.

They’ve been using roos to deliver it around Canberra and a few have hooked into the stash too heavily.

Thumper 9:12 am 22 Aug 06

Why would you put lime on a dead roo on the side of the road?

Surely you want to pick him up and dump him somewhere before you put lime on him?

I have heard that urban services are too stretched these days to clean up dead roos, and from the amount of dead roos laying around it would seem to be the case.

snahon 8:57 am 22 Aug 06


I don’t think even that can regain your honour after listen to paris hilton.

Mr Evil 8:50 am 22 Aug 06

Maybe Bonfire can write us a light rail rap?

VYBerlinaV8 8:43 am 22 Aug 06

I think they put lime on the roo to make it decompose quicker.
Also, I want to know who took the ‘c’ out of ‘rap’…

Thumper 8:34 am 22 Aug 06

Because we don’t have a light rail rap….

Mr Evil 8:13 am 22 Aug 06

Why doesn’t Canberra have light-rail yet?

KaneO 6:08 pm 21 Aug 06

On a completely unrelated note, Paris Hilton has launched an album. If i ever hear it, I may commit sepukku.
I’ll take the bus rap over that any day.
This has been up nearly 4 1/2 hours and no-one has sqwawked about a monorail. Well done, I’m proud of you all.

And who put the icing sugar (or whatever that strange white powder is) on the dead ‘roo on Yamba Drive?

James-T-Kirk 3:24 pm 21 Aug 06


Talk about wasting money –

I *wish* that I purchased about 100 books of 10 tickets when they were made of the plasticised paper product (remember, after they got rid of normal paper).

Those little tickets didn’t have an expiry date, and cost about $0.08 each.

Wow, bus travel for diddly squat, and you get to piss the driver off by tendering a ticket that the system isn’t expecting, but has to accept.

Wo Hoo!

OzChick 2:23 pm 21 Aug 06

Yes, I remember this, it was a promo made by ACTION to encourage safe travelling on the buses to school kids. They used Neighbours stars in the video, like the kids that played “Toby Mangel” and “Katie Landers”. The “Bus Safe Rap” encouraged kids to sit down when the bus was moving and to give up your seats to adults. Each school kid got a ACTION show bag, that came with rulers and a cardboard model of an ACTION bus. I remember cos I was about 10 years old at the time.

simto 2:23 pm 21 Aug 06

Ah, JB, never let a small nostalgia piece rest without twisting the knife…

The exhibition is of paraphenalia relating to Action Buses from the 80 years they’ve been running. So, oddly enough, it features some faintly embarrasing material from earlier eras, including the bloke from Sherbert’s rap thing. So if they are wasting money, I’d guess they were wasting it back in the 80’s or so.

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