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In defence of the Seears

By johnboy - 10 February 2007 41

New subscriber Boxy has leapt to the defence of the Seears Brothers while having a go at Simto’s knowledge of Bikies.

To Le Suede.Typical know all d*ckhead gobbin off with a load of crap without knowing jack about the facts.The disabled young man who’s bike was stolen reported it to the ACT’s finest over a week before his father and uncle stepped in and retrieved it about a day later.If you ever have something pinched it might be a good idea to ring the Seears boys when the cops fail to help.No wonder only 40% of Canberrans have faith in a police service that just doesn’t give a rat’s about a disabled kid without much money.

Comment by Boxy — 10 February, 2007 @ 1:33 pm

To Simto
And just what the f–k would you know about Bikies f–kwit

Comment by Boxy — 10 February, 2007 @ 1:40 pm

So there you go then.

UPDATED: No, wait, Boxy’s had a think about it and has some advice for Bonfire too:

To Bonfire,
Yeah you’d be the kind of f–ken hero who would bravely look straight past the pain in your kid.s eyes and stick your chest out and say “i’ve rang the police son i.m sure they will come and see us about it one day,that.s the best i can do”.A bit of ticker trouble eh c–t? I’m sure your kid’s gunna love the cops when he grows up.Why because his brave daddy lead him to beleive they would bring his toys back.When they walk you should show ya kid your not really the whimp he thinks you are and go give these lawless thugs a piece of your mind.(oops sorry superhero forgot about the ticker problem )

Comment by Boxy — 10 February, 2007 @ 2:23 pm

What’s Your opinion?

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41 Responses to
In defence of the Seears
vg 11:33 am 11 Feb 07

Batemans Bay Police get 3 jobs a day if they’re unlucky. Canberra Police are into the hundreds

Nemo 11:27 am 11 Feb 07

I watched ‘Missing Persons’on tv last night – I was appalled by the amount of police resources used to locate people who went missing of their own accord and did not want to be located. Imagine if the same resources were put into solving crimes.

Nemo 11:23 am 11 Feb 07

Policing in Canberra is terrible – I’ve had numerous items stolen – car, bike, BBQ – you report it and never hear from the police again. I even had witnesses to the thefts and could tell them who did it and they weren’t interested.

seepi 9:45 am 11 Feb 07

Pickle – same scenario in Canberra this year. Police would not attend, and would not even write it down. They advised to make better friends with the neighbours and watchout for each other…..

Pickle 9:42 am 11 Feb 07

Compare Canberra to Batemans Bay late last year.
Attempted Burglary several broken Windows. Police attend, finger prints taken. Police assume that offender did not get inside. Owners attend find blood inside, police return take DNA and about 2 weeks later kids are arrested.
Would police attend in Canberra???

lateralis 8:39 am 11 Feb 07

In a world without Crazy Chester and that other illiterate nutter, we need the likes of Boxy.

johnboy 8:19 am 11 Feb 07

Sadly some of Boxy’s comments have fallen afoul of our moderation.

LeSuede 2:46 am 11 Feb 07

Likewise. I didn’t even know what a monkey bike was, though I do now 🙂 Shame on you, boxy for ruining my early morning after I read your comments.

simbo 7:06 pm 10 Feb 07

I just love the fact that I’m getting randomly abused for making a cheap crack about monkey bikes…

Deadmandrinking 6:00 pm 10 Feb 07

Boxy may be a bit over the top, but he has a teeny bit of a point. Having been stolen from myself, I know it’s pretty useless to call the cops – whether it’s understaffing, incompetence, general apathy on the cops part or a mxture of the three, i don’t know. But something needs to improve in the AFP to prevent these types of vigilante acts happening again.
And hell, it is a little funny that the Seears were able to track down stolen property that the cops would have never been able to recover.

seepi 5:43 pm 10 Feb 07

I did the survey too and gave poor feedback.
Mine is from being fobbed off when trying to ring the police. And the woman who answers the phone is rude as anything – obviously her job is to get rid of people.
Noise – ring EPA, police are too understaffed.
Broken Window – not worth writing up.
Trespassers in backyard – not worth writing up.
Number plate theft in action – couldn’t get thru.
Report hard drug sales via a business – they couldn’t hang up fast enough.
(these two were a while ago – the rest are the last few months).
these are all minor things (not life threatening). But it doesn’t give me any confidence that anything will be done about more serious issues.
I’d prefer a zero tolerance approach, and more police around.

smack 4:56 pm 10 Feb 07


Just wondering.

What dealings have you had with Police that you are so unsatisfied with?

Is it the individual Police or the organisation as a whole?

Is it personal dealings or a perception?

Do you think/know it is better in the other states?

vg 3:57 pm 10 Feb 07

So you know the results of the survey already?

Can I borrow your crystal ball?

What happens if 60-70% of people disagree with you?

bigred 3:54 pm 10 Feb 07

I just participated in the Roy Morgan survey on Police Satisfaction. My contribution will assist in sending the results towards the “highly unsatisfied” end of the spectrum. As a community we need to stop denying the facts: we are very poorly served by the plods.

vg 3:06 pm 10 Feb 07

Dear Boxy

I have plenty of ticker. There are ways and means of recovering property. Aggravated burglary is not the way to do it. I know a lot more of the actual facts than yourself.

You may also care to correctly read the recent statistics regarding the approval ratings of ACT Policing.

I know exactly the sort of person you are. Big mouth, but all piss and wind. So just blow away and leave the discussions to the adults

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