Canberra tyre shops open on sundays

Car tyre shop Canberra

Flat tyre? No spare? Need it fixed before Monday morning?

Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Whilst most tyre shops are closed on Sunday, there are a couple in the Canberra region open for business.

Our commenters have recommended a few local businesses that operate on weekends, so you can get back on the road as soon as possible. Sound good?

What Makes a Reliable Tyre Service?

Before we get into our list, let’s first discuss what makes a reliable tyre service. After all, you will probably be forking out a couple hundred dollars – you don’t want to risk handing over your car and cash to a dodgy tyre shop.

So, what exactly makes a tyre service worth your business? Here are a few key criteria:

  • Prompt service. Changing your tyres won’t take 10 minutes, but it shouldn’t take all day either. The best tyre shops always run on time.
  • Variety of products. The best tyre shops stock a variety of good quality products that will meet the unique needs of their clients.
  • Experienced and skilled. Driving is dangerous, and the wrong product and a poor tyre service can have dire consequences. The best tyre services are done by experts with years of experience.
  • Honesty. You cannot rely on people who aren’t being honest. The people who fit your tyres should be upfront with you about the product you need, without trying to up-sell you at every opportunity.
  • Friendly. At the end of the day, customer service is important. While it probably isn’t your favourite thing to do, getting your tyres changed should be pleasant enough.

Do you agree with these criteria? Did we miss something important? Let us know what you look for in a tyre shop in the comments below.

Tyre Shops in Canberra Open on Sunday

RiotACT’s editorial team has combed through 19 years of on-site comments to compile a list of the most recommended businesses according to you.

To be listed in our Best of Canberra series, each business needs to have consistently received positive feedback on RiotACT and maintain a minimum average of 4/5 stars on both Google and Facebook reviews.

You’ve let us know which Canberra tyre shops are open on Sunday, and we’ve listened.

Next time you’re in a tyre emergency, check out our list of the best tyre shops open for business on the weekend.

Tyres on the Move

This isn’t your typical tyre shop – it’s a mobile tyre shop. Tyres on the Move come to you, anytime, anywhere in the Canberra region. Simply give them a call, and get your emergency flat tyre fixed.

Tyres on the Move is prompt and reliable. While a little pricier than your average tyre service, their team work quickly and thoroughly to get the job done outside of normal business hours.

One of our commenters, jennybel75, had a great experience with Tyres on the Move. “Similar thing happened to me a while ago and I couldn’t find a tyre place that was open so I used Tyres on the Move (0402 132 428),” she wrote. “A bit more expensive, but the guy was very good and turned up quite quickly.”

Bob Jane T-Marts Belconnen

Open 7 days a week, Bob Jane T-Marts is a chain tyre shop that is fast, friendly, and affordable. On Sundays, they are open for business from 9am until 1pm, so it’s best to come in early.

With a huge range of tyres, experienced staff, and high standards to uphold, you can rest assured your vehicle will be taken care of. According to locals, you can expect to be in and out within 40 minutes, and if you stick around to wait, the team might offer you a free coffee.

As a large franchise, Bob Jane T-Marts often runs discounts and promotions. It’s a good idea to keep an eye on this, so you can make the most of special offers.

North West Tyres and Mechanical (open Saturday only)

While this tyre shop isn’t open on Sunday, it does offer fast and reliable Saturday services with no booking required. It’s a good one to keep in mind, because many tyre shops are closed all weekend.

The selling point of North West Tyres and Mechanical is price. They guarantee the cheapest tyres in Canberra. With a huge range of imported European tyres, you’re bound to find a suitable set for your vehicle.

Another benefit of using North West Tyres and Mechanical is their fast service. They don’t mess around at this tyre shop. Even on Saturdays, you can expect to come in without a reservation, and leave within half an hour. If that isn’t convenience, we don’t know what is.

Commenter Danman has used North West Tyres and Mechanical in the past. Here’s what he had to say, “Northwest Tyres in Fyshwick- may not be close but I got 4x near new (90%tread) tires for the falco for $220.” Great deal.

Know Any Other Canberra Tyre Shops Open on Sunday?

Thanks to our commenters who have provided insightful feedback, if you believe we have got it wrong, please let us know.

Let us know in the comments below if you use a tyre shop that’s open on Sunday. If not, share your experience with any tyre shop in the Canberra region anyway.

We want to know the best place to get our tyres changed.

What's Your Opinion?

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35 Responses to Canberra tyre shops open on sundays
zllauh zllauh 8:22 pm 27 Sep 15

it would be a treasure to find one on weekends.
still the search goes on

Skelinoz Skelinoz 1:58 pm 14 Sep 14

Meanwhile back on the subject, is the tyre place at Costco open on a Sunday? Got a good deal there on 215 low profiles.

Aeek Aeek 8:04 pm 16 Mar 14

Loquaciousness said :

I don’t know of a single tyre shop that is not open Saturdays – mostly mornings, but at least some are all day. The only reason people would require a tyre shop to be open on a Sunday is for a flat … if that’s the case, where’s your spare?

Just happened to me, Saturday night. My Spare is a space saver, so not the same.
So Sunday, I google – damn.

Many thanks to the young guy who reversed back to me on the Federal Highway,
I couldn’t shift the wheel nuts 🙁

Cameron Cameron 1:17 pm 26 Aug 08

I wouldn’t call Ant’s response to your first post hurling abuse.

MelonHead, I agree with you – but please don’t be surprised that this topic, like every other topic on RA, has evolved into a debate on one of the underlying issues found in the OP.

starry starry 6:49 am 26 Aug 08

My first post never said there wasn’t public servants who didn’t work hard just some who didn’t.

Oh and as for stalking id rather spend my 30 minutes outside in the sun than following you, but i read and remember quite a bit.

Well said MelonHead.

MelonHead MelonHead 12:04 am 26 Aug 08

What a complex, mudslinging, tyre deflating, business economic, sociology assuming, history re-interpreting time we seem to be able to have over two flat tyres! Well done ladies and gents.

There was this one time when I need to buy four tyres. They were an unusual size (possibly a 205R16LT, I can’t remember) that none of the 6 shops/chains I called on the phone had in stock. All said that I could order them and they would be here Tuesday. That’s the day the big red truck cruises over from the Wagga Wagga warehouse. The point of this story is that the price of these tyres varied from place to place, but we all knew they came from the samy warehouse.

None of the prices reflected anything in the service/hours/waiting rooms offered.

I concluded that selling tyres is a tough business, and that staying open on Sundays would not be a viable proposition.

As for “tradies hours” ….GET STUFFED whoever is trying to deride this. Shopkeepers and business owners have lives too!! It is the same for “tradies” I don’t see bank branches open on Sundays. Hell, WA supermarkets are barely open on Sunday. Try making an appointment to see your accountant on a Saturday afternoon?

So let’s keep well off the topic and let the rambling continue. . . ….. .

Cameron Cameron 11:33 pm 25 Aug 08

Link to your first post?

ant ant 10:50 pm 25 Aug 08

Starry, stalk much?

starry starry 10:34 pm 25 Aug 08

Wow i almost feel sorry for you ant but see i allegedly get 15 minutes for a break but am too busy to take one, so i wait until i go home.
I also don’t take sickies but if i need a day off to take kids to appointments i do but with no pay once again my choice and a understanding employer.

However, i forgot all retailers have to accommodate the office worker and work longer for them.
Didn’t stores have less opening hours years ago?..How would you have coped then?

On a side note ant, your a bit of a hypocrite when it comes to some of your posts.
“I’d probably (sadly) say that posters who stand and scream abuse and hurl dung at other posters and contribute nothing of worth, should have their posts nuked. Or else you’ll end up with a few old stagers who hang around, and anyone else who ventures to try and contribute will turn tail and disappear.”

ring a bell?
I distinctly remember you hurling abuse over my first post.
Practise what you preach.

Loquaciousness Loquaciousness 9:59 am 25 Aug 08

ant said :

I need to buy four new tyres, and my choice will have to be from a shop either walking distance to where I work, or one that’s open on weekends.

Most (if not all) open early on weekdays, and will gladly deliver you to work. They’ll even pick you up again afterwards.

ant said :

This concept of business hours and the working week was created when most workers were men, with wives who could go out and transact the family’s business during the week. Now we all work, and this set working week/business hours thing is stifling.

What rot! The main reason the standard working week exists is to achieve a little thing called work/life balance (very few women in the early days of the industrial revolution would have had anything to do with money matters – they would have done general food shopping, but certainly would not have organised things like banking, insurance and other more cerebral matters. They would have all come over with the vapours if they had to have dealt with anything resembling a tradesman).

If your job is so terribly important that you can’t find ten minutes at 7am to drop the car off, then I think you need to have a very serious discussion with your boss.


Cameron Cameron 12:24 am 25 Aug 08

Also, I’m pretty certain you knew I meant 10 minutes to drop the car off. I’ve certainly never actually waited at the tyre joint while they fit my tyres.

Cameron Cameron 12:21 am 25 Aug 08

How nice for you.

I guess those that missed out will just have to deal with, you know, business from everyone else.

Fair chance that the fact most businesses aren’t open those hours in an indication of just how unrealistic an expectation it is that they should be.

ant ant 12:14 am 25 Aug 08

I did my “emergency” shoe shopping on Sunday. Doesn’t that tell you anything? I eat my lunch at my desk. I allegedly get 30 minutes for lunch, but in reality, it’s part of the day. 10 minutes to get tyres put on the car? I wish. If a shop offered that, it would help, but fact is I’d be there for hours. As fro chucking sickies, at my work you just can’t do that, because the day you get back, it’ll all be there waiting for you, piled up. It pays well though.

Any business that offers more than 8.30-5 Mon-Fri gets my business. One such got $329 today. The others missed out.

Cameron Cameron 11:57 pm 24 Aug 08

ant said :

Places could easily open on weekends or later at night, with some creative staffing or even having their “weekend” on different days.

I assume you’re entirely unfamiliar with the way pay structures work in this country? In most cases, weekends and later at night attract *penalty rates*. It isn’t worth it for the business to trade in those hours given the added wage costs. It could be made worth it if they were to charge extra for it being after 5pm or it being a weekend, but can you imagine the whining that would attract?

Business people are in business to make money, it is that simple. Being open outside of business hours often isn’t worth it, and thus there’s no point in opening to convenience the few that can’t be bothered doing what the rest of the western world does – go to places when they’re open.

We all get lunch hours. We all get days off. We all chuck sickies. We can all explain to our bosses that we need 10 minutes to drop the car off and get new tyres on it (or go and do some emergency shoe shopping).

Danman Danman 10:06 pm 24 Aug 08

oh and that price includes fit + balance

Danman Danman 10:06 pm 24 Aug 08

Northwest Tyres in Fyshwick- may not be close but I got 4x near new (90%tread) tires for the falco for $220..

They import near new tires from Europe and on-sell to us, the consumer… Cheap $$ but not quality…

iCanberran iCanberran 9:14 pm 24 Aug 08

Tyre shops I know of have very good hours Mon-Sat, work long hours and do good work. I’m happy for them to have a Sunday off. If you have a flat on a Sunday and there’s no emergency requiring you to have use of a car, just be patient or get a tyre repair kit from SuperCheap that plugs punctures.

ant ant 9:12 pm 24 Aug 08

I need to buy four new tyres, and my choice will have to be from a shop either walking distance to where I work, or one that’s open on weekends.

Places could easily open on weekends or later at night, with some creative staffing or even having their “weekend” on different days. Where I work doesn’t need to be open weekends, but I’d quite happily work weekends and have my weekend on Mondays and Tuesdays, or whenever. This concept of business hours and the working week was created when most workers were men, with wives who could go out and transact the family’s business during the week. Now we all work, and this set working week/business hours thing is stifling.

I went shoe shopping today, but two of the places I wanted to visit were closed Sundays. Kingston and Manuka were jumping, and the shop I ended up buying from was getting plenty of business, but the two closed missed out. All three sell expensive shoes, but the one that was open sells more, I’ll bet. It won a small business award, I notice.

Felix the Cat Felix the Cat 9:09 pm 24 Aug 08

RuffnReady said :

Whatsup said :

Some of the auto shops have some ‘green goopy stuff’ that is liquid and you put it into your flat tyre then blow it up. If the hole is not too big then it is able to put a thin rubber lining on the inside of your tyre and seal the hole. We have used that for slow leaks and its been great. It also seals new holes, we have got a nail in our tyre, after pulling it out and driving to the end of the street the hole had been sealed by the goop. Sorry I can’t remember the name of the product.

Anyone know the name of this stuff?

Finileak (may be slightly different spelling to this and there may be other brands that do the same thing).

skaboy12 skaboy12 8:21 pm 24 Aug 08

tyre sealant

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