Jacqui Burke new Liberals deputy

Samuel Gordon-Stewart 14 November 2006 43

The ABC is reporting that Jacqui Burke is the new deputy leader of the ACT Liberals, replacing Richard Mulcahy.

Mr Mulcahy called a press conference this afternoon to announce Bill Stefaniak has chosen to replace him as deputy leader.

He says he was given no reasons for the decision and has refused to offer his own thoughts on why he has been pushed aside, other than to say former leader Brendan Smyth helped Mr Stefaniak make the decision.

Interestingly, 2CC were reading from a Liberal Party press release which said that Bill Stefaniak had opened all positions (including his own) for election, Bill was pleased to be reappointed by the party, and he thinks the party has its best and most experienced lineup. I seem to recall him saying something similar in an interview with Mike Welsh.

I suppose the conflicting stories back up this line from the ABC article

It is the latest issue to hit the Liberal Party, which has been racked by infighting for months.

[ED – One wonders if this was anything to do with the brewing hotels association scandal]

UPDATED: The Canberra Times has finally got into gear. It seems Mulcahy is considering throwing in the towel and getting out of politics, meanwhile Zed and Vicki are reported to have walked out of the meeting in outrage at their leader’s dumping. Brendan Smyth has been promoted back into the leadership team, taking up the whip. Bill thinks that if they all play nice Canberran’s will flock to his Southern Cross Club orientated policies, the RiotACT begs to differ. Aside from Vicki Dunne it seems there’s been a counter-revolution by the tired old hacks of the Liberal Party against the newer blood of Zed Seselja and Richard Mulcahy. Heads seem certain to roll inside the party organisation as well.

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43 Responses to Jacqui Burke new Liberals deputy
publius publius 3:43 am 23 Nov 06

Jacqui Burke is the Liberals third Deputy Leader in the last 7 months. They illustrate that disunity is indeed political death. The Liberals are a spent force and a turning on each other. They could well fall back to 5 MLAs in 2008. Their only hope is for Stanhope and his team to make a monumental blunder or two before October 2008 and, at the same time, for the electorate to develop amnesia about their recent internal squabbles. Stanhope has made some tough decisions this year to get the budget right by 2008. He is now looking a very safe bet. His challenge is the hubris factor – containing it.

shauno shauno 5:32 pm 15 Nov 06

Yep I think your right Thumper sad though it is. We could have moc funeral to bury the opposition parties in civic.

Thumper Thumper 8:03 am 15 Nov 06

I think your money is safe Shauno. Our esteemed, yet totally useless opposition have just about nailed the last nail in thier own coffin.

shauno shauno 12:43 am 15 Nov 06

Anybody wants to lay a bet say $5000 or maybe $10,000 that there is no way no matter what happens in Stanhope’s govt. The liberals will not get in.
I reckon my money will be safe.

gurunik gurunik 6:48 pm 14 Nov 06

i reckon he looks more like abe simpson….homers dad.

v_man_returns v_man_returns 2:59 pm 14 Nov 06

ACT Liberals do lack good policies. They’ve condemned all the school closures yet produced no other options. I guess the school closures were initially proposed by the Libs but nothing to the same extent ever eventuated. Only Liberals as incompetent as this bunch could “lose the unloseable.” Bill Stefaniak looks like the principal/wrestler on Billy Madison…

Absent Diane Absent Diane 2:50 pm 14 Nov 06

yeah its a tad hypocritical W_W.. given light of some other stories posted… but i don’t really care… i don’t pay to keep the servers on.

wagga_wagga wagga_wagga 2:47 pm 14 Nov 06

tsk tsk tsk

Johnboy has just started censoring posts……

wagga_wagga wagga_wagga 2:44 pm 14 Nov 06

Dear youshould_knowthis

You should know this …. I hate all fools,

not just Liberal fools

wagga_wagga wagga_wagga 2:37 pm 14 Nov 06

Hi seepi

lack of Lib cohesion just shows that factional blood does not make good glue.

All politicians want to build things, hire more cops, restrict liberty, and cry over public housing….

so what?

simto simto 2:33 pm 14 Nov 06

On the othe side of the coin, the labour party’s borrowed a few from the Libs – the school closures was something that Humphries was running when he was in the local libs, for example…

seepi seepi 2:28 pm 14 Nov 06

liberal policies:
Bill Stefaniac – build a dragway (same policy as labor)
Steve Pratt – more police (not bad)
– less civil liberties (his own hobbyhorse)
Jacqui Burke – beter public housing
(more like a labor policy)

I know they have policies, I’m just saying that as far as i have noticed, they don’t have a cohesive set of policies to unite allt heir members behind, and to mark them as different to labor.

youshould_knowthis youshould_knowthis 2:20 pm 14 Nov 06

Well, haven’t we been an active, Liberal hating newcomer, wagga wagga?

wagga_wagga wagga_wagga 2:09 pm 14 Nov 06

yea seepi;

The true liberals ‘with policies’ are in the ALP.

Absent Diane Absent Diane 2:06 pm 14 Nov 06

seriously if the libs get in power at any level.. you all might as well go kill yourselves.

Indi Indi 2:02 pm 14 Nov 06

seepi – perhaps you need to read press releases more closely (govt, opposition or crossbench) as those little things called policies appear all the time.

seepi seepi 1:49 pm 14 Nov 06

part of the problem for local libs is that they don’t have any policies to unite behind.

wagga_wagga wagga_wagga 1:37 pm 14 Nov 06

Good boy Thumper ….

Nats are hacks too (and sell wheat to terrorists).

wagga_wagga wagga_wagga 1:35 pm 14 Nov 06

Dear Evil

haven’t you been watching the news lately?

If Yanks can make America free – so can we.

Mr Evil Mr Evil 1:31 pm 14 Nov 06

“When we get to the next Federal election Australia will finally be Liberal-free.”

Are you off your fucking rocker? As if that is going to happen.

Federal Labor are just as useless as the ACT Liberal Party.

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