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Jacqui Burke new Liberals deputy

By Samuel Gordon-Stewart - 13 November 2006 43

The ABC is reporting that Jacqui Burke is the new deputy leader of the ACT Liberals, replacing Richard Mulcahy.

Mr Mulcahy called a press conference this afternoon to announce Bill Stefaniak has chosen to replace him as deputy leader.

He says he was given no reasons for the decision and has refused to offer his own thoughts on why he has been pushed aside, other than to say former leader Brendan Smyth helped Mr Stefaniak make the decision.

Interestingly, 2CC were reading from a Liberal Party press release which said that Bill Stefaniak had opened all positions (including his own) for election, Bill was pleased to be reappointed by the party, and he thinks the party has its best and most experienced lineup. I seem to recall him saying something similar in an interview with Mike Welsh.

I suppose the conflicting stories back up this line from the ABC article

It is the latest issue to hit the Liberal Party, which has been racked by infighting for months.

[ED – One wonders if this was anything to do with the brewing hotels association scandal]

UPDATED: The Canberra Times has finally got into gear. It seems Mulcahy is considering throwing in the towel and getting out of politics, meanwhile Zed and Vicki are reported to have walked out of the meeting in outrage at their leader’s dumping. Brendan Smyth has been promoted back into the leadership team, taking up the whip. Bill thinks that if they all play nice Canberran’s will flock to his Southern Cross Club orientated policies, the RiotACT begs to differ. Aside from Vicki Dunne it seems there’s been a counter-revolution by the tired old hacks of the Liberal Party against the newer blood of Zed Seselja and Richard Mulcahy. Heads seem certain to roll inside the party organisation as well.

What’s Your opinion?

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43 Responses to
Jacqui Burke new Liberals deputy
Thumper 12:32 pm 14 Nov 06

And who do you suggest as an alternative to a dictatorship?

The Greens?

The Democrats?


wagga_wagga 12:27 pm 14 Nov 06

Ol’ Thumper needs a reality check….

How on earth can he label these liberals as
“potential leaders”. Not in Australia, not every more. Thumping-bloody stupid thing to say.

When we get to the next Federal election Australia will finally be Liberal-free.

wagga_wagga 12:15 pm 14 Nov 06

Geez, there are no better liberals so there is no point dreaming about some magic liberal voter who’s gonna vote for better ‘ones’!!!

These backstabbing leakers, ex-spies, and disloyal factionalists are true Liberals.

The incomptenance of current Government is totally eclipsed by the incompetance of the Liberal stupid seven.

We need competent opposition from another quarter.

Bye bye Liberals, its been good knowing you….

Heavs 10:45 am 14 Nov 06

Phil Thompson is coming.

Thumper 9:58 am 14 Nov 06

Bit of a conundrum there JB….

johnboy 9:52 am 14 Nov 06

of course if you want better liberals you’ll need to vote for them

johnboy 9:51 am 14 Nov 06

I blame the liberal voters who sent this lot in there.

Thumper 9:28 am 14 Nov 06

I seriously doubt Jacqui Burke’s ability to do the job.

Thus far she has simply come across as a whinger with no real policies or ideas.

How she has become deputy is leader is a complete mystery to me except to simply replace Richard Mulcahy.

The factional in fighting is disgraceful. They are acting like spoilt children, not potential leaders.

barking toad 9:18 am 14 Nov 06

Jacqui Burke’s mother-in-law rang radio samuel yesterday arvo to give the host a serve (is it Mike Jeffries?) She wanted him to explain why he was so unkind about Jacqui.

He didn’t elaborate too much but it seems to have something to do with past airtime allowed but favours not returned. The feisty mum-in-law gave a good spray insisting that Jacqui was a nice gal.

Thumper 9:18 am 14 Nov 06

I’m just amazed that they can be so stupid.

They have a definite chance to knock Stanhope off and yet they continue to bicker and argue amongst themselves for their own petty little empires, egos and glory.

Have they not heard of the word ‘team’?

Stefaniac needs to show some real leadership and pull them all together. He attempted it last week with his stat dec stunt, but alas it does not seem to have worked.

maybe beating them all around the head would work?

barking toad 9:11 am 14 Nov 06

And so the incompetence of the local government will continue unchallenged because there is not an effective voice in opposition.

The mayor must be thankful for this gift that just keeps on giving.

wagga_wagga 9:05 am 14 Nov 06

Good to see dogs biting and snarling at each other.

This will all help to keep Australia clean – clean of Liberal fleas.

And all because a Liberal Pratt misused Australian Charity CARE Australia, and put his collegues in jeopardy (they are now suing CARE Australia).

Pratt and Burke should both go.

Thumper 8:37 am 14 Nov 06

‘There’, not their….

Geez… Wake up son…

Thumper 8:36 am 14 Nov 06

The local libs appear to either have huge ego problems, or are simply their to feather their own nests.

This does not bode well for the future of the ACT when the only viable opposition can’t get its act together.

blingblingbears 8:34 am 14 Nov 06


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