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Lady cyclists: please be killed politely

By poetix - 30 April 2013 68

cycle path

I very rarely have a rant.  But today, I ventured onto the road in Challis Street Dickson.  There are little bicycles painted on the road.  I was riding right over them on the left hand side of the road, near Dame Pattie Menzies House.

Suddenly a car passed me, pulled in ahead of me (that is, to the extreme left of the road) and started reversing towards me.  I managed to move slightly into a car parking spot to my left and stop.  Then he eventually braked.  The left hand side of his car was about 2 cm away from my right pedal. He unwound the window and said ‘Sorry love, but I need to park.’

In other words, he thought it was legitimate to start reversing into a park even if it meant possibly taking out a cyclist.  It’s only because I am so slow that I managed to stop my bike and move over into the car parking spots, and only because the rear of my bike was right in front of his intended park that he acknowledged me.

I told him he was a f***ing idiot, and he said ‘How very ladylike.  But I suppose you’re not a lady.’  So not only did he nearly kill me, but after calling me ‘love’ he followed it up with a little sexist homily.

Etiquette tips from a moron who thinks it is fine to endanger a life to get a park are my very favourite type of etiquette tip.

Now I feel so much better.  But I think I’ll probably stick to pavements and bike-paths for a while.

[ED – I went out and took this picture just to show how stencilling a bicycle onto the road now counts as building a bicycle path]

What’s Your opinion?

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68 Responses to
Lady cyclists: please be killed politely
Gungahlin Al 2:15 pm 30 Apr 13

knuckles said :

If I’m driving my car and the car in front pulls up at a car park and reverses in, I stop my car and wait for them to park or go around when it is safe to do so. That’s what happens when you use the road.

Don’t be a pratt. You don’t overtake another car and then park immediately in front of it. Not without expecting the same sort of abuse Poetix served up to this guy. You stay behind them for the 4 or 5 seconds it takes them to pass the parking space then get on with your business. Because your 5 seconds is not more important than the cyclist’s skin/life.

peebus 2:14 pm 30 Apr 13

So he pulled into a carpark on the side of the road near where you were – without a designated cycle lane – and wanted to park his car? Shock horror. I don’t see the problem if he was in a designated parking spot and you were mearly cycling on the side of the road. It would be different if there was a painted cycle lane and he was stopping in it, but from what you’ve described he was simply parking his car on the side of the road.
Also, was it too difficult for you to move away from the gutter and go around him like I’ve seen many other cyclists do?

I have patience for cyclists, but I’m growing tired of you/them thinking you/they own the roads when you’re always preaching for equality from car drivers – it goes both ways.

astrojax 2:10 pm 30 Apr 13

poetix in lycra? what could possibly rhyme with ‘lycra’?

and still awaiting the rant, btw… the op is an eloquent evocation of an incident in which you were [unjustly] slighted by a bogan buffoon… who nonetheless was quite nice about being a buffoon.

Aeek 2:09 pm 30 Apr 13

johnboy said :

It is not an offence to cycle on the footpath in the ACT.

It is still an offence. However, there are no footpaths in the ACT. They have all been declared to be shared paths.

KB1971 2:01 pm 30 Apr 13

“I told him he was a f***ing idiot,”


knuckles 1:57 pm 30 Apr 13

If I’m driving my car and the car in front pulls up at a car park and reverses in, I stop my car and wait for them to park or go around when it is safe to do so. That’s what happens when you use the road.

carnardly 1:50 pm 30 Apr 13

2 words – helmet camera…

buzz819 1:49 pm 30 Apr 13

Soo… Looking at your title and your tags it looks like you have thrown in a battle of a sexes vibe to this thread, I don’t understand this as there appears to be absolutely no reason for it?

It is quite clearly a bike v car v stupidity of government thread – it has nothing to do with the fact that you are female, the driver was male etc.

Cantabile 1:49 pm 30 Apr 13

How DOES one ride a bike like a lady? Side-saddle seems a little dangerous to me…

Martlark 1:45 pm 30 Apr 13

I’ve been almost run over because some guy wanted to beat the red light to get the last free car spot in the office car park. Drivers and car parks. Don’t get between them!

JazzyJess 1:43 pm 30 Apr 13

Was he implying your unladylike conduct was the swearing or riding a bike? Seriously though that’s an unbelievably rude and stupid thing he did.

HiddenDragon 1:41 pm 30 Apr 13

Even if it takes a long, possibly very long, time coming, I like to think that life eventually catches up with practitioners of spectacularly swinish behaviour – no consolation for those on the receiving end of said behaviour, but just a cheering thought to reflect upon after recovering from the shock.

DrKoresh 1:27 pm 30 Apr 13

Yeah, I realised as I wrote it that I wasn’t even sure where I’d heard it from. Cheers for the clarification JB

johnboy 1:12 pm 30 Apr 13

It is not an offence to cycle on the footpath in the ACT.

DrKoresh 1:09 pm 30 Apr 13

I think you’re assessment was pretty bang on, there’s not much more to be said. I’m not much of a rider, but even if I were I don’t think I could handle riding on the road/cycle lane, I’d be too worried about crap like this. I think it’s an offence of somekind to cycle on a footpath but I’ve never been pulled up for, nor heard of anyone who has so I prefer to take that risk to the risk of cycling on the road.

Hope you’re not too shaken up, Poetix.

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